Experts Say Food Labels Should Come With Energy-Burning Calculations

That traffic light nonsense on the crisps should be replaced with a better system that's both scarier and easier to comprehend, with health experts finding that a more human explanation of how much exercise you have to do to burn off a food's calorie content works to reduce a person's chomping of the nice things. Read More >>

Ancient Humans Didn’t Eat Each Other For the Calories

Humans have been eating other humans since the beginning of time, but the motivations behind this macabre practice are complex and often unclear. Some anthropologists say prehistoric cannibals were just trying to grab a nutritious snack, but new research shows that human flesh—as tasty as it is—doesn’t pack the same caloric punch as wild animals. In other words, cannibalism wasn’t worth the trouble given alternatives. Read More >>

UK Fish and Chip Shops Should Sell Standard Portion Sizes, Say Lobbyists

A pressure group that speaks on behalf of the UK's fishing industry has said that portion sizes in our fish and chip shops should be regulated and standardised, to make fish and chips more of an acceptable and predictably sized lunch time snack. Read More >>

Restaurants Told to Reduce Sugar in Their Puddings or Else

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is reported to have chaired a meeting of around 100 bosses of the UK's largest and most important restaurant and pub chains, in which he asked/told them to reduce pudding portion sizes and lower sugar content across the board to help tackle the UK's obesity epidemic -- or face a possible future public shaming. Read More >>

Why Your Old Exercise Routine May Stop Making You Lose Weight

A new gym-goer finds an exercise routine, sticks with it, and the weight started coming off at a regular clip — until something changes. Not the person; they’re still exercising as hard as ever, sometimes harder, but the weight loss has stopped. What happened? Read More >>

How Long It Takes to Burn Off Your Christmas Dinner in Eight Different Ways

For once, let's not lie to ourselves about how we're going to "take it easy" this Christmas. Most of us are going to give thanks by indulging like gluttonous pigs and that's okay. Look, we all give ourselves a pass every now and then, but let's face facts: if we don't want to have more chins on our chin's chins by the time we're having to head back into the office, we're going to have to work it off. Read More >>

GE’s Made a Microwave That Can Measure the Calories on Your Plate

Health and fitness monitoring is helping us all look after ourselves a little better, but there's one stumbling block: calorie intake is still self-reported, making it laborious and often inaccurate. GE, however, thinks it has a way to change that. Read More >>

A Calorie Tracking Image Recognition App Keeps Portions Under Control

Worried that you've piled your plate too high at the buffet? Researchers at SRI—the folks who created Siri before Apple bought it—are working on a new app that uses image recognition and clever AI to provide a fairly accurate estimate of the calories you're about to consume. Read More >>

Want the Most Booze per Calorie? Skip Liquor and Go for Champagne

In surprising booze news, Wonkblog's Christopher Ingraham gives a surprising (and classy) spin to conventional drinking wisdom: if you're looking to get the most alcoholic punch per calorie, don't reach for "the hard stuff." You're better off drinking champagne or sparkling wine. Read More >>

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The Most Random Ways to Burn 200 Calories

Calories are pretty nebulous. We've taken a couple of looks of what 200 of 'em actually look like in terms of real food, but there's a more important question: what do you have to do to get rid of them? You know all the classic answers, but ASAP Science has a couple of stranger alternatives for you to consider. Read More >>

What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

The answer to the question of how much can you eat of different foods before you hit 200 calories varies, depending what you're consuming. Two hundred calories is a whole lot of apples, but less than half of a Big Mac. It's a plate full of broccoli, but more like a spoonful of peanut butter. But it's a lot easier to understand what that really means when you actually see the food in front of you in this video from ASAP Science. Read More >>

How Much Sugar Really Is in Food?

Sugar is sweet, sugar is delicious, sugar is lovely but sugar can be so terribly bad for you. How much sugar is in foods and drinks you love? Like a soda or orange juice or cereal or even baked beans? Sugar is everywhere! That white cocaine powder adds up. BuzzFeed made a video visualising the actual grams of sugar in each food and to see the actual snuff is dizzying. Fruit Loops over "healthy" cereal everyday now! [BuzzFeed] Read More >>

What 2,000 Calories of Food Actually Looks Like

Inspired by WiseGeek's what 200 calories of food looks like, BuzzFeed made a video that extrapolated those calories into 2,000. Which would roughly be the amount of calories you should be eating on a given day plus or minus a few hundred (though who the hell would eat 2,000 calories of the same food, right?) Read More >>

How Many Calories Does a Mouse Click Burn?

For those of us who spend the best part of our day hunched over a keyboard staring at a computer screen, any physical exertion — however small — has to go some way towards constituting exercise. So how many calories does a mouse click burn? Read More >>