Cambridge Plans £4bn Futuristic Tram Network

The mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough seems to think him and his mates can rustle up £4bn to create a local tram network linking the city centre to surrounding towns, and he has the numbers to prove it's a good idea. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Raspberry Pi’s First Physical Shop Is Now Open

Among all the Sports Direct buyouts and store closures, it's refreshing to hear of a brand opening a high street shop for the first time. Tiny computer specialists Raspberry Pi have done just that today, with their first retail shop in the Grand Arcade, Cambridge. Read More >>

Amazon’s Cambridge Office Has the World’s Saddest Mini Golf Course

Silicon Valley quirkiness is about to arrive in Cambridge, with Amazon preparing to open a new office there for around 400 people. The tech giant is so proud of its quirky internals it's invited locals in to have a look ahead of the grand opening. Read More >>

500 Bikes Will Soon be Dumped on Cambridge

A new bike sharing scheme is about to launch in the gently undulating bike nirvana of Cambridge, with Chinese firm Ofo soon to test our national sense of honesty by leaving 500 rental bikes undocked for riders to casually tool about on. Read More >>

Watch the First Graphene-Based Flexible Display Get Bent Out of Shape

Graphene is one of those material science breakthroughs that's so frequently described as a harbinger of technological revolution, it almost feels hackneyed. Almost, until an update like this rolls around: Scientists at Cambridge today demonstrated the first graphene-based flexible display. Read More >>

“Not Very Bright” Cambridge Students are No Match for Homeless Man’s Chess Game

Homeless man Slide Martins has come up with a clever way of getting around begging laws, offering to play Cambridge locals at chess in return for a donation. Claiming that he wins most of his games, Slide says: "They are not very bright in Cambridge -- they wouldn't have to go to college if they were." [Metro] Read More >>

Prince William’s “Free Pass” to Study at Cambridge Despite Mediocre Grades is an “Insult”

Prince William's off to study agricultural management at Cambridge. No big deal -- we want our royals smart, right? Except William didn't get the grades everyone else would need to study there. Read More >>

Police Filmed Trying to Recruit Cambridge Student as Undercover Supergrass

Cambridge police have been rumbled trying to spy on the "student-union type stuff" that goes on within Cambridge University, after a student secretly filmed a policeman trying to recruit him to grass on his political student friends. Read More >>

Student Gets Go-ahead For Lady Gaga Dissertation

Forward-thinking lecturers at Cambridge University's Corpus Christi college are allowing student undergraduate Amrou Al-Kadhi to indulge his innermost desires, saying it's OK for his 10,000-word dissertation to be based around the life and times of Lady Gaga. Read More >>

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How a Plane Wing Really Works

The power of flight is an amazing and beautiful thing to get your head around, but apparently we've all been taught wrongly. We know a wing blazes through the air with a shape that causes lower pressure on top of it and higher below it, which affectively sucks the wing upwards. However, it’s the shape of the wing not the time it takes the air to travel around it that produces flight. Read More >>

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Made to Order “Test Tube” Blood Vessels On the Way After British Medical Breakthrough

Boffins from the University of Cambridge have managed to grow blood vessels in the lab from a patient’s own skin cells, which could mean veins and arteries could be grown for life-saving surgery on an industrial scale. Read More >>

Cambridge University puts Sir Isaac Newton’s Notebooks Online

The Cambridge Digital Library has been busy digitising the original notebooks of our famous mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton, which are now available to browse online. Read More >>

Dyson Puts £1.4m into British Engineering Fund

Sir James 'Vacuum Cleaner' Dyson has launched a £1.4m professorship development fund with Cambridge University, hoping to come up with the inventions and technologies that may make future vacuums suck even better. Read More >>