DJI’s New Ronin Is a Remarkably Cheap Way to Shoot Like a Pro

The concept behind a gimbal is surprisingly ancient—like Byzantium ancient. But in recent years, DJI has been building an increasingly useful arsenal of gimbals that stand to upend the traditional hierarchy of cinematography. The newest addition is the Ronin-SC, a handheld gimbal designed for mirrorless cameras. Although it’s really just a variation on an already popular model, its accessible design and price tag make it a lot more significant than that implies. Read More >>

Why Is Apple Flexing on High-end Camera Company Red Over Vague Patents?

Apple isn’t afraid of beef, and the latest company on its bad side is Red Digital Cinema. The two companies are currently locked in a lawsuit over one of Red’s RAW codec patents, which Apple is trying to get invalidated. The big question, however, is why Apple is going through the trouble in the first place. Read More >>

Panasonic Hid a Security Camera Inside a Lamp That Will Stand Out Like a Sore Thumb

There’s certainly something to be said for cleverly hiding an object in plain sight, but Panasonic’s new incognito wireless security cameras are camouflaged inside a conspicuously tall floor lamp that doesn’t really look like a floor lamp, inevitably leading to visitors taking a closer inspection to figure out what it is, and discovering its secret. Read More >>

I Turned My Flat Into a Surveillance State With These Petcube Cameras

All pet owners wonder what their furry little babies get up to while the humans are gone. That’s been especially true for me lately. While my partner’s sassy cat Pablo and my derpy, elderly Yorkshire Terrier Daisy mostly ignore each other, they do get into the occasional tiff. Recently, Daisy’s taken to hiding under the bed – a habit I noticed she picked up only when we leave for work and she’s left alone with Pablo for hours at a time. I couldn’t say for certain Pablo was bullying her, but that’s where the Petcube Bites 2 and Petcube Play 2 come in. Read More >>

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Might Be the Perfect Smartphone Gimbal

Between devices like the Osmo Mobile 2 and the Osmo Pocket, DJI doesn’t really have any competition when it comes to making portable gimbals. But that hasn’t stopped DJI from trying to make its gadgets even better with the new Osmo Mobile 3. Read More >>

If You Value Your Photos, Here’s a Good Reason to Turn Off Your Camera’s Wifi

By now, most people who spend any time online know the importance of ensuring their software is up to date, using an antivirus app, and avoiding the darker corners of the internet to avoid getting infected by malware that locks your files until a ransom is paid. But don’t assume it’s just your computer being targeted; your fancy digital camera and all your precious photos could be at risk as well. Read More >>

A Mexican Physicist Solved a 2,000-Year Old Problem That Will Lead to Cheaper, Sharper Lenses

It’s a problem that plagues even the priciest of lenses, manufactured to the most exacting specifications: the centre of the frame might be razor-sharp, but the corners and edges always look a little soft. It’s a problem that’s existed for thousands of years with optical devices, and one that was assumed to be unsolvable until a Mexican physicist developed a mind-melting formula that could revolutionise how lenses are manufactured. Read More >>

Doomed Throwable Camera Ball Now Wants Owners to Pay an Extra Fee Every Time They Use it

It’s been almost eight years since a younger version of myself first reported on the Panono: a camera covered ball that snaps 360-degree photos when tossed in the air. It’s been a bumpy ride for the Panono since then, and even a bumpier one for those who purchased and actually received their cameras as yesterday the company announced new fees for anyone actually wanting to use it. Read More >>

Sony’s RX100 VII Is Finally a Tiny Video-Shooting Powerhouse

Despite now requiring a mastery of Roman numerals to tell each iteration apart, Sony’s new RX100 VII introduces some important upgrades to bolster the camera’s capabilities as a compact video shooter including real-time eye-tracking autofocus while capturing footage, and for the first time, a dedicated connector for an external microphone. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Day Glitch Let People Buy £10,000 Camera Gear for £75

If you’ve been bragging to your friends about the excellent deal you scored during Amazon’s Prime Day stunt, don’t. There’s little chance you did as well as many members of the Slickdeals forum did. Thanks to an error on Amazon’s website, several users in the US were able to score some very expensive photography gear—including lenses and camera kits—for just $94.48 (£75.60) apiece. Read More >>

Sony’s 61-MP A7R IV Looks Like the New Mirrorless Champ to Beat

It’s been a wild past year for the camera industry. After years spent focusing on DSLRs or Micro Four Thirds shooters, Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic have finally all entered the full-frame mirrorless market with their EOS R, Nikon Z, and Lumix S1 camera lines. However, despite all these new challengers, Sony remains the leader in the full-frame mirrorless segment, with the A7 III outselling both the EOS R and Nikon Z combined in Japan. Now, with the new A7R Mark IV, it looks like Sony could extend its lead even more. Read More >>

Canon Stabs Tradition in the Back With Camera That Supports Vertical Video

Canon’s G7 X line has long been a favourite of photographers who wanted a travel-friendly camera that could still capture high-quality images. But with the rise of smartphones and the decline of point-and-shoots, Canon began pushing its compact cameras towards vloggers, who I’ve seen use cameras like the G7 X and Sony’s RX100 line as a backup or more portable alternative to a big mirrorless or DSLR cam. After all, when you’re attaching a camera to a gimbal or the end of a GorillaPod, every extra bit of lightness make a camera easier to handle. Read More >>

Canon Stuck a Smartphone Lens Into a Flash Drive For This Tiny Clip-on Camera

Now that the optics and sensors in smartphones produce images on par with what you’d get from an affordable point and shoot camera, Canon has decided to just go with the flow and build a tiny barebones shooter that looks about as small as a USB flash drive that it’s decided to bring to life via crowdfunding. Read More >>

Instagram Is Ruining Instant Photography – The Instax Mini LiPlay Is Proof

There’s a reason instant cameras died the first time around: They’re unwieldy, the film is expensive, and even if you’re a great photographer, you’re going to have a tonne of overexposed or blurry snaps in which no one looks good. Their recent resurgence is as much about nostalgia as it is about looking cool when you post a pic of your crappy-yet-artful shots on Instagram because let’s face it, while instant photography kind of sucks, the unpredictability is part of what makes using instant cameras fun. Read More >>

Is It Really an Instant Camera if I Can Choose Which Pics to Print?

Nostalgia sells – that’s abundantly clear when you look at how instant cameras went from rotting in a tech graveyard to gracing the shelves of seemingly every Urban Outfitters. Despite how far technology has come, instant cameras have stayed delightfully low-tech, for the most part. Fujifilm’s latest Instax Mini series camera, the LiPlay is probably the most advanced out there with Bluetooth, the ability to record audio, and print photos from your smartphone. Yet it also lets you choose which pics you take actually get printed. So is it even an instant camera? Read More >>