A Guide to Apps That Make Your Photos Look Shitty

There are thousands of photo apps to download in the App Store. Some are great and some are terrible. But it seems apps that’ll make your photos look like a 3-year-old took them are sometimes the most popular. Read More >>

Shooting With Sony’s Killer A9 Almost Feels Like Cheating

If you’ve ever wondered how a photographer managed to capture the exact moment of an incredible end zone reception or the instant a bird takes flight, the answer, in part, is that the photographer’s camera also captured the garbage moments directly before and after that golden frame, with a very expensive camera rattling off photos at tommy gun speeds. For these professional sports and nature photographers there are two widely accepted options: The tippy top cameras from Canon and Nikon, with their big bulky bodies, incredible power, and the most advanced image sensors. Well, Sony finally has an answer to the incumbents in its A9. Not only is this full-frame, mirrorless camera smaller, lighter, and cheaper than the Nikon and Canon competition, it absolutely blows their doors off when it comes to speed. Read More >>

Slapping a Fancy Name on Nokia’s New Smartphone Cameras Won’t Make Them Good

Nokia’s smartphones have long been known for having great cameras. Classic devices like the N95 (2007), 808 PureView (2012), or Lumia 1020 (2013) all had industry-leading camera tech on board. But will Nokia’s upcoming Android smartphones be just as great now that HMD Global is manufacturing them? Read More >>

Cursed Throwable Camera Is Finally Dead After Six Years of Toil

In a time when your average smartphone can capture immersive 360-degree photos using a clever app, how can consumers justify spending £460+ on a spherical camera that does the same thing? It turns out they can’t, which is why the creators of the Panono have filed for bankruptcy, and are in the process of selling off the company’s assets. Read More >>

Canon Might Finally Fix All the Problems In Its Cheapest Full Frame Camera

Canon is finally launching a new full frame camera. The Canon 6D Mark II is the first ever refresh to Canon’s cheapest full frame camera, the Canon 6D (now Canon 6D Mark I), and it might actually fix all the Mark I’s problems. Read More >>

Let’s Count The Ways Phone Cameras Have Changed Over The Years

Phone cameras have improved over time, that's a fact. But manufacturers don't always improve them in the same way. Megapixels aren't everything and a large noisy shot is usually worse than a smaller, cleaner one. Over at PetaPixel, Sven Skafisk decided to chart the changes over the years, starting all the way from 2008 to now. Read More >>

This Clever Camera Trick Lets You Photograph the Invisible World Around Us

When you rub your hands together to create friction and warmth, heat energy radiating off your hand creates air currents. They’re completely invisible to the human eye, but with a simple setup, it turns out your digital camera can reveal this invisible world around us. Read More >>

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A Gigantic Six-Foot-Wide Water Balloon Will Instantly Drown Your Victim

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that everything is cooler in slow motion, and bigger is always better. So if you’re going to the trouble of making a monstrous water balloon measuring six feet across, you better make sure you get some awesome high-speed footage when the whole thing goes kaboom. Read More >>

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Sticking a Camera Under a Faucet Feels Like Hurdling Down a Hypnotic Water Tunnel

The next time you have to visit your dentist to get a cavity filled, or a dreaded root canal, you might not need any anesthesia if you’re able to watch the incredibly hypnotic footage from a waterproof camera pointed up at a running faucet. Read More >>

Slo-Mo Footage Reveals Exactly How a Giant Firework Shell Goes Kaboom

There’s no better way to celebrate a long weekend, or America's birthday, than by blowing up giant paper shells packed with explosives. It’s not hard to understand how the firecrackers you played with as a kid worked, but YouTube’s BeyondSlowMotion channel reveals how those gigantic fireworks that fill the night sky with colourful sparkles actually work. Read More >>

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It Took Three Years to Film This Spectacular Timelapse of Hundreds of Blooming Flowers

As a follow-up to his short film entitled Fall that we shared almost five years ago, filmmaker Jamie Scott spent the past three years filming a sequel called Spring, which features incredible timelapse footage of hundreds of flowers blossoming as they usher in warmer weather. Read More >>

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Skier Captures Awesome Aerial Footage of His Stunts By Just Throwing His GoPro 

Despite what drone makers want you to think, you don’t need to buy an expensive camera-equipped quadcopter to capture awesome aerial footage of your adventures. GoPro sells an $800 drone just for this, but skier Nicolas Vuignier discovered he could get similarly impressive results by just chucking his GoPro camera in the air. Read More >>

The World’s Fastest Camera Shoots Five Trillion Photos Every Second

Everything’s cooler in slow motion, but high frame-rate photography is an essential tool for scientists studying phenomena that occur in the blink of an eye. Researchers at Lund University have just revealed the fastest high-speed camera ever developed that can capture the equivalent of an astonishing 5 trillion frames every second, fast enough to visualise the movement of light. Read More >>

Watching Someone Make a Camera Lens From Scratch Explains Why No One Makes Camera Lenses From Scratch

The next time you complain about spending thousands of pounds on a precision camera lens, stop and think about all the all hard work that went into its design and creation. As camera maker Mats Wernersson reveals, were you to make a lens yourself, you’d be spending days ensuring every last component was flawless. Read More >>

Sony Rivals Canon’s Best Camera with the Badass A9

For a few years now, Sony’s been the most innovative name in the camera game, besting incumbents like Nikon and Canon in several categories with awesome point-and-shoots, like the RX100 line, and the truly game-changing A7 full-frame mirrorless line. Far from just an innovator, there are now signs the company’s efforts are finding an audience. Read More >>