NASA’s Operation IceBridge Is Monitoring Ice Loss in Canada and Greenland

They're some of the most remote parts of the world, but they're slowly melting into the sea—and NASA is hoping to figure out a way to stop that from happening with Operation IceBridge, a six-year research project that involves a series of eight-hour research flights over the affected areas. Read More >>

Delicious Maple Syrup Enlisted in Bitter Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

April Fools' Day is over so you can believe me when I say: Scientists are trying to see if maple syrup can be used to help fight antibiotic resistance. Sweet. Read More >>

Canada is Finally Getting Its First Spaceport

Halifax-based Maritime Launch Services has confirmed its plans to build a $148-million rocket spaceport near Canso, Nova Scotia. Scheduled for completion in 2020, it’ll be Canada’s first and only site where rockets can be launched into orbit. Read More >>

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I Lost Track of How Many Car Crashes Happened in This One Snowy Intersection

It snowed in Montreal today and, well, things got kind of crazy on the road. I don’t know how many car crashes happened in this one wild intersection, but from what I can gather, the icy roads basically turned all the cars, trucks, and buses into giant sleds that all somehow crashed into each other. Read More >>

24 Countries Where the Money Contains Meat

This week, some people in Britain and Canada were shocked to learn that their money contains trace amounts of animal fat. The new banknotes use animal byproducts that are found in everything from credit cards and crayons to glue and soap. But We have confirmed that Britain and Canada aren’t the only ones. Read More >>

Houseboat Gifted to ‘Homeless Youth’ Washes Up Empty on Other Side of Atlantic

This weekend, a mysterious, tar-covered houseboat apparently built by a Canadian adventurer was discovered unoccupied on Irish beach — some 3,000 miles from where it was last seen. Read More >>

Canada Confirms a Stampede of Americans Crashed Immigration Website on Election Night

On Tuesday night, following the ascendance of a sentient bottle of fake tan to the most powerful office in the world, so many people visited Canada’s informational immigration website that it crashed. Now, officials have confirmed what some already suspected: A large number of those people were desperate Americans presumably plotting their escape. Read More >>

Escaping Americans Crash Canadian Immigration Site

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada web portal is taking ages to load right now and was offline for large chunks of this morning, with the outage most likely to have been caused by anxious liberal Americans inadvertently DDoS-ing it by seeing if they're allowed to move there permanently this afternoon if they print out the forms and get a passport photo taken right away. Read More >>

‘Lost Nuke’ May Have Been Found Off Canada Coast

A commercial diver working near Haida Gwaii off Canada’s west coast has spotted a strange object on the seafloor that bears a striking resemblance to a nuclear device lost from a US B-36 bomber that crashed in the area 66 years ago. The Canadian government is sending naval ships to investigate. Read More >>

Park Denies Allegations That it Starved Walrus After Video Emerges Online

Marineland is an amusement park in Niagara Falls, Canada. It has come under fire this week after a former employee posted a video that appeared to show one of the park’s walruses in an emaciated state. Read More >>

Watch a Massive Sinkhole Swallow a Minivan

Downtown Ottawa – Canada's southeastern capital – is the latest city to remove cars from its streets. Actually it’s just a single minivan. That got sucked into the bowels of the Earth. Read More >>

Terrifying Wildfires Prompt the Evacuation of an Entire Canadian City

Residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta — home to 83,000 people — have been ordered to leave as an out-of-control wildfire swept into the city. It’s the largest fire evacuation in the province’s history. Read More >>

Canadian Mobile Network Will Give Syrian Refugees Free Phones

Canada’s new Liberal government is committed to accepting thousands of Syrian refugees into Canada by the end of the year. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for a “whole of Canada effort” to integrate “10,000 new Canadians”, and a mobile network has answered that call. Read More >>

On These Unusual Construction Sites the Roof is Built First

Conventional construction logic says that you have to build foundations first, roofs last. Montreal, Canada, home to gravy-laden snacks and twisted logic, disagrees. Read More >>

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Watch a Totally Stunning Aerial Tour of Forests and Mountains

I’m a city person. I like buildings and bridges and streets and corners. I like angles and materials and signs and lights. But even I can let my jaw hang throughout this entire video about forests and mountains. The aerial video filmed by Earth Porn Films starts with the greenery of Alberta, Canada and transforms into the winter wonderland that is Alaska. It is truly stunning. Read More >>