Canals May Contribute to Heating Public Spaces

The government has pledged £20m to a handful of local renewable heat generation schemes, the most baffling collection of keywords being one that'll use the canal system to somehow generate warm air for hospitals and council homes in the West Midlands. Read More >>

What Lies Below: A Look at Secret Subterranean Manchester

Last week we looked at what lies below our nation’s capital, this week it’s time to peel away Manchester’s tarmac and explore the labyrinthine tunnels, underground architecture and caverns that reside up north. Read More >>

This Hydraulic Bridge Opens and Closes Like a 30-Tonne Steel Fan

More than 200 years ago, this canal in London was a critical vein in the city's industrial infrastructure, carting goods between Birmingham and London. The bridge that spans it today would have seemed utterly bizarre, but a lot has changed since 1801. Read More >>

This Canal in the Netherlands Will Soon Be a Water-Purifying Wave Pool

Starting in June 2015, you'll be able to surf a place you never thought you could surf before: the canals of Rotterdam. The city is building RiF010, a one and a half metre, 14-second wave pool in the middle of the city. Hang ten, bro. Read More >>

Google Street View Tech to Map the UK’s Canals

Our famous old waterways will soon be appearing on Google's Street View virtual holiday system, thanks to a deal to provide the UK's Canal & River Trust with its portable mapping backpacks. Read More >>

Would You Paddle to Work In the Proposed London Lido Line?

If you're bored with the bus, terrified by the tube, and petrified by the idea of peddling to work, there may be hope for you yet. The runner-up of a recent urban design competition has proposed a commuter swimming lane along London's Regent's Canal. Read More >>