Disused Police Station Turned into Cannabis Farm

Some hardworking young business people have been at it again with the drug-growing paraphernalia in public spaces, this time ironically taking over a former police station to turn into a cannabis production factory. Read More >>

Kettering Bingo Hall Repurposed as Cannabis Factory

Criminals of the gardening variety have been caught operating a massive cannabis growing operation in the very heart of Kettering town centre, where a closed bingo hall formerly operated by the Gala chain was found packed to the rafters with healthy looking specimens of the plant, almost ready for picking and hand-rolling into the finest of locally sourced cigars. Read More >>

CBD Might Help People Struggling With Opioid Addiction, Small Trial Shows

A new study published this week is the latest to suggest that cannabis – or at least a key ingredient of it – might help people struggling with addiction. It found that people with opioid use disorder experienced less symptoms of craving when given cannabidiol, or CBD, over a placebo. CBD also helped them calm down and reduced their anxiety. Read More >>

Scientists Had Volunteers Get High to See How CBD and THC Affect the Brain Differently

Cannabidiol—the ingredient of cannabis that doesn’t make you high, commonly called CBD—might be the angel to THC’s devil, a new study of people’s brains suggests. The research found that 17 people who smoked cannabis with mostly THC had worse brain function in certain regions than those who smoked cannabis with roughly equal levels of THC and CBD. Read More >>

Should You, Your Mum, and Your Dog Be Using CBD?

They’re everywhere – in your supermarket, at the chain pharmacy, even in your local pet shop. The latest over-the-counter health fad for cannabidiol, or CBD (the main ingredient of cannabis that won’t make you high), has spawned a seemingly infinite stream of new products and dubious health claims. Read More >>

The Wrong Kind of Cannabis Restaurant is Coming the UK

A complicated kind of modern restaurant proposition is opening in Brighton soon, going by the name of The Canna Kitchen. It's a veggie and vegan restaurant with a twist. The twist being it's serving food flavoured with cannabis products, seeing as we're all permissive about that sort of thing now. Read More >>

NHS Doctors Can Prescribe Cannabis Products From November

A really tiny good thing has happened. In 2018. Seriously. After the heartbreaking cases of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley – boys whose epilepsy would only calm down when treated with cannabis oil – hit the headlines, special measures were introduced to make their cannabis products available on a case by case basis. That's now about to change again, with the NHS able to widely prescribe cannabis-derived medicines from November 1. Read More >>

Lib Dems Win Student Vote With Cannabis Legalisation Promise

A future Liberal Democrat government is something you can only really imagine when enjoying loads of drugs, which is quite a coincidence as the party has said it would legalise cannabis in the UK -- should it somehow manage to win enough votes to get its ideas past the hopeful whiteboard stage. Read More >>

Cannabis Should be Legalised and Only Sold Online to Kill Off the Dealers

A think-tank, or just some men having ideas on a chain email, has come up with an idea that could make cannabis legalisation more palatable to the UK -- selling it online. But only online, so it comes neatly in packages through the letterbox and there's no more worry about getting mugged at knifepoint for your phone by a dealer in the Iceland car park. Read More >>

Oxford Uni Invests £10m in Marijuana

A new investment fund to find more good things about marijuana is coming to Oxford University, with the researchers winning a £10m pot to find other ways cannabis plants can be turned into nice medicines. Read More >>

Cannabis Shown to Protect Brain Cells From Alzheimer’s

A new study suggests that compounds found in cannabis can stave off the brain damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a promising discovery, but claims that pot can prevent this age-related brain disorder are premature. Put the pipe away, man. Read More >>

Scientists Can Now Make THC from Yeast

Yeast is an incredible organism — you can thank it for booze! — and thanks to the marvels of modern genetics, we’ve made it incredibly versatile. Just a month after announcing a method for hacking yeast to produce narcotics, researchers just announced that the creation of yeast that produces THC and cannabidiols – the psychoactive ingredients in cannabis. Read More >>

Cannabis Breathalysers Are Coming Soon

The race is on to build a viable pot breathalyser, as cannabis is becoming increasingly legally available around the world. Read More >>

Satisfy Your Spliff-Fuelled Hunger at the Cannabistro Pop-Up Restaurant

Have you ever smoked a spliff? Did you inhale? Did you then become consumed with the idea that a truckload of popcorn would satiate the hunger cravings you had? Did you then sally forth into the night to find said popcorn only to find that your local corner shop had only Doritos? And no popcorn? Read More >>