This Bike Frame Weighs Just 680 Grams

You'll never see the SuperSix EVO Black Inc. on the street. You probably won't even see it in a local road race. This is Cannondale's chef d'œuvre, built with only the best components, top to bottom—it's a £7,300 piece of carbon ridden by the fastest humans on Earth. Read More >>

A Cannondale SL1 Mountain Bike Is Your Skip-Sweltering-Public-Transport Deal of the Day

As we're in the grips of a heatwave, what could be better than clambering atop a bike and heading off out, possibly pedalling your way to an early grave? Exactly -- nothing. Read More >>

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This Ridiculous Bike Mutates While You Ride It

There are a million different bike designs out there, each suited to a different terrain. The Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle—Or CERV—is Cannondale's attempt at making a single bicycle that can adapt to the course you're on. It's a bonkers concept that looks just as crazy as it sounds. Read More >>