Canon Hits Back Hard Against Nikon and Sony With the New Full Frame Mirrorless EOS R

It’s been a busy summer for camera aficionados with Nikon recently announcing its first high-end mirrorless camera. But now, things are about to get even more hectic thanks to the new Canon EOS R. Read More >>

Genius Photography Hacker Makes Adapter to Attach Giant Zoom Lenses to the Game Boy Camera

When it was released 20 years ago, it didn’t matter that the Game Boy Camera took terrible, low-res, black and white images. It was a digital camera kids could buy if they saved up enough pocket money, and the fun factor far outweighed the device’s technical limitations. Even today there’s still a rabid fanbase for it, including designer Bastiaan Ekeler, who managed to hack together a Canon EF lens mount adapter for the toy. Read More >>

Canon Kills Film Because Apparently Digital is In

Most kids today don’t even know what a film camera is, so to get with the times, Canon is finally ending sales of its one remaining 35mm SLR: the Canon EOS-1V. Read More >>

Canon’s Next Flash Is Trying to Be Idiot-Proof

Using a flash is what separates photographers from people who got a good camera deal on Black Friday. Flash photography can be hard. There’s light theory and mathematics at play. Use a flash incorrectly and the images you’re making are often uglier than if you’d never used a flash at all. Canon’s hoping its new 470EX-AI flash unit changes that. Read More >>

Canon’s EOS M100 Is Another Apathetic Attempt at a Mirrorless Camera

Interchangeable lens shooters like the Sony A9 are evidence that mirrorless cameras can not only compete at the highest levels of photography, but they’re probably also the eventual successors to DSLRs. So you’d assume that a company like Canon would have made strong inroads into the mirrorless market by now, but with cameras like the new EOS M100, the company is still treating the mirrorless market as an afterthought, not the future. Read More >>

Canon’s EOS 5D Micro-Satellite Preps For March 2017 Launch

It’s not unusual for large companies such as Canon to diversify their business, in fact, last year Canon itself decided it wanted to get into the micro-satellite game, specifically ones armed with Canon’s own photography gear. Those plans have now come to fruition, with the company preparing for a test launch in March. Read More >>

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Plastic Junk You Don’t Need Melts in Gratifying Macro Glory

You’ve never truly known what kind of gunk lives beneath the keys of your keyboard until you’ve seen them melted off in hi-def macro photography. Read More >>

Canon’s Latest Stab at Mirrorless Cameras Could Actually Be Great

Canon has completely failed at mirrorless cameras. Meanwhile, competitors like Olympus and Sony have both embraced and excelled at the format, which gives you DSLR quality images in a significantly smaller and mirror-free body. Can the new Canon EOS M5 turn a corner for the company? Read More >>

Just Look at All the Gorgeous Guts Inside This Massive Canon Lens

When you’re trying to convince photographers that a £7,000 camera lens is a worthy investment, sometimes you need more than a list of specs. To that end, Canon has created a short stop-motion video of its EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM lens disassembling itself and revealing all of its wonderfully complicated internal components. Read More >>

Leaked Canon Lens Has Some Bright Ideas Built in

Properly lighting a tiny subject when doing macro photography is tricky since your camera ends up so close to it. A ring light surrounding the lens is one solution to the problem, and it looks like Canon might soon be releasing a macro lens featuring an LED ring light built right in. Read More >>

Canon Chases Film-Makers With the Slick New 80D DSLR

Canon’s very happy with all the people clamouring to buy their cameras for filmmaking despite not necessarily knowing what words like “rolling shutter” and “aperture” mean. Its latest DSLR is perhaps more explicitly geared towards film-makers than any camera it’s released made before. Read More >>

Canon’s New 1D X Mark II Shooting at 16 FPS Makes a Wonderful Sound

You probably really want Canon’s new £5,200 flagship DSLR. But if you were on the fence, the beautiful noise it makes as its shutter flicks open at 16 frames per second — like a kind of soothing machine gun rat-a-tat-tat — might just convince you. Read More >>

Canon 1D X Mark II: An Epic DSLR That Shoots 4K Video, For a High Price

Hot on the heels of Nikon with its D5, Canon has announced its new flagship DSLR. Say hello to the 1D X Mark II, whose overkill will surely be embraced by professional photographers everywhere. Read More >>

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Canon Smashes out New IXUS, LEGRIA and PowerShot Cameras at CES 2016

Clearly thrilled by the arrival of CES 2016, Canon has gone camera mad, launching no less than nine new models today. First up, there’s a trio of cute new IXUS point-and-shoot models: the 285 HS, the 180 and the 175. All three will hit the market this month, with the 20.2-megapixel IXUS 285 HS retailing for £169.99, the 20-megapixel IXUS 180 up for £129.99 and the 20-megapixel IXUS 175 listed at a very affordable £99.99. Read More >>

Canon G9 X and G5 X Review: Cameras That Feel So Nice, But Have a Speed Problem

What makes a great small camera? For some, it must have comfortable controls. For others, it must actually fit comfortably in a trouser pocket. So picky! Canon’s two new high-end compacts have two different beautiful exteriors that almost make me forget their few key shortcomings. Read More >>