Amazon Killing Ads for Unprofitable Items Is Its Latest Ruthless Money-Grab

Looking to boost its already massive profits, Amazon is reportedly hitting vendors of unprofitable items where it hurts: their ads. Read More >>

I’m Going to Buy the iPhone X, and I Hate Myself for It

I already knew what was going to happen before the iPhone event started. Apple was going announce this new phone I’d reported on for months, and it was going to feature all the cool new stuff I’d read about for months. And for every time I said “Oh wow that’s cool” during the big reveal, Apple would gently extract a one hundred dollar bill from my pocket. I said “Oh wow that’s cool” ten times during the event, and do you know what that means? I’m buying the iPhone X next month. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Day Bigger Than Black Friday, Cyber Monday And Jesus

Amazon Prime Day was a massive success for the retailer, it transpires. Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday where Amazon must compete with hundreds of other stores offering discounts, Prime Day is a chance for Amazon to shine. According to numbers from the company its best seller in the UK was the Amazon Echo, which was being offered at a £70 discount. Read More >>

Tesco Clubcard Goes Contactless, Adds Uber and Rewards

The Tesco Clubcard has had a makeover. The new cards, being sent out to customers soon, are contactless, and controversially, the supermarket giant has added Uber to its rewards partners. Why is the move controversial? Well because London's 21,000 black cab drivers are livid again, that's why. Read More >>

Prime Day Is Back On July 11th And It’s £59 For a 12 Month Membership

Amazon's bringing back its suite of deals to support and promote Prime Day (aka 11th July) with a £20 saving on the yearly Prime membership - usually £79, down to £59 - until July 3rd. The company is also going to delight your eyes with a season two teaser for The Grand Tour. Read More >>

The Saddest Facebook Live Video Is 20 People Kissing a Car

People will do weird things for free stuff. People will also do weird things on public streaming platforms. And sometimes they’ll do both, such as voluntarily kissing a car for hours on end, in hopes of winning it, on Facebook Live. Read More >>

RZA’s Got a Great Attitude About Selling Wu-Tang’s $2m Album to a Sinister Creep

A very sharp-looking RZA recently sat down with Bloomberg Business to share his feelings about Martin Shkreli buying Wu-Tang’s ultra rare record, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Suffice it to say, he doesn’t really give a shit who bought it. It’s art. Read More >>

Sad Supervillain Martin Shkreli Bought That Top Secret Wu-Tang Album

I offer my deepest apologies to Wu-Tang fans. The buyer of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, a record-slash-art-project of which only a single copy will ever be sold, is now owned by pill price gouger Martin Shkreli. Read More >>

This Play Can Turn Lefty Hipsters Into Capitalist Swine

It's very easy to be magnanimous towards your fellow man when you're sipping a craft beer with your beret-wearing mates. It's a little different when you're sitting in a boardroom and you're staring down the barrel of the next shareholders' meeting. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Dash Buttons: Just Push to Buy

Just when you thought capitalism had reached its peak, Amazon is announcing the Dash Button. The idea is simple: You push a branded button, and Amazon ships that brand’s products to your home. The Dash Button is free for Prime Members (but only in the US). Read More >>

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Forget the Deals, Black Friday Looks Like the Apocalypse

OK, so we don't get quite the bargains that our American counterparts do over the Black Friday weekend but, when you consider the horror that is 200 people stampeding to get a 10% discount on a microwave, I'm pretty sure it's something we can live without. Read More >>

Yup, Apple’s Sold Shitloads More iPhones and iPads

Apple sold 33.8 million iPhones, 14.1 million iPads, and 4.6 million Macs in the last three months, on the way to earning $7.5 billion (£4.65bn) of pure profit. Both revenue and earnings were down from the same quarter last year but... uh... yeah. That is still a huge chunk of dough. Read More >>