Captain Marvel Gets an Unexpected Tie-In to MCU’s Ant-Man

Captain Marvel, the upcoming Marvel film starring Brie Larson, has largely been shrouded in mystery. Mainly, what will it be about, and how will Carol Danvers get her superpowers? We might finally have an answer—or at least a hint of one. And it’s all about a surprising connection with Ant-Man. Read More >>

Report: The Captain Marvel Movie Has Its Directors

Over the past few days, there’s been speculation—thanks to an offhand comment at a recent press tour of Marvel Studio’s offices—that a director for the Captain Marvel movie had been found. Now, a new report indicates this is indeed the case: but it’s not one director, but two: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Read More >>

Carol Danvers Will Have a New Origin for the Captain Marvel Movie

Carol Danvers has a long and peculiar history as first Ms. Marvel, and later Captain Marvel—one that’s strange even by comic book standards. So it should be no surprise that for her upcoming movie, the hero will be given a new and updated origin. Read More >>

It’s Official: Brie Larson Is Captain Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe finally has its first female solo lead. It’s Brie Larson, who’ll play Captain Marvel in a movie that’s coming out July 2018. It’s news we heard rumoured months ago but Marvel waited until Comic-Con to officially confirm it. There's also a logo: Read More >>