Holding the World’s Breath at 11,135 Feet

There are just a few moments from my past that, having left an indelible mark on my life, I can now return to in an instant. My first dance at my wedding to “I Only Have Eyes for You.” The phone call I received, as I dressed to go to work, telling me my mother had died. Opening my college acceptance letter with a crisp rip of the envelope. Read More >>

carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Reached a New High in Humanity’s Existence

We’re not even through the first month of 2020, and we already broke the record for the day with the most carbon dioxide in all of human history. Read More >>

Carbon Dioxide Could Make it Harder to Think

Climate change is ruining our air quality and contributing to a public health catastrophe. But there’s more. Researchers are warning in a new paper that the very greenhouse gas that’s driving most of our global warming – yes, carbon dioxide – is also diminishing indoor air quality. And it may be messing with our ability to make decisions and think strategically. Read More >>

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UN Report Says This is Our Last Shot to Take Action on Climate Change

World leaders have wasted a ton of valuable time not pursuing climate action – so much that our only hope now is curtailing greenhouse gas emissions at an unprecedented rate. Read More >>

Natural Gas is Now Called ‘Freedom Gas,’ According to the US Department of Energy

Jingoistic nationalism and promoting fossil fuels go hand in hand for the Trump administration. But the Department of Energy took that connection to a new level on Tuesday with a press release touting natural gas as “freedom gas” full of – I feel stupid even typing this – “molecules of U.S. freedom.” Which I guess means we now definitively know the cost of freedom: According to the global market, it’s $2.64 per million BTUs as of Wednesday late morning. Read More >>

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Etsy Will Offset 100 Per Cent of Carbon Emissions For Posting Its Purchases

The rise of shopping online means lots of products are constantly moving around the world, which can have significant impacts for climate change. Read More >>

We’re Just 140 Years Away from the Climate That Caused a Planet-Wide Extinction

Humans have pushed atmospheric carbon dioxide to heights unseen in our short (geologically speaking) existence. But give us another few generations, and our geologic impact on the planet will be clear. Read More >>

‘Horrific Accident’ Involving Dry Ice May Have Killed 77-Year-Old Woman

An ice cream delivery driver smashed the window of his car with a rock early Friday morning last week after seeing his wife and mother unconscious inside the vehicle. He found his spouse was in critical condition and his mother was dead. Read More >>

Wisconsin Cows Go Hungry After Their Meal of Skittles Spills All Over the Highway

I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Don’t know where it goes, but it’s fucking littered with red Skittles that fell off of a truck en route to feed some cows. Read More >>

Disturbing 3D Visualisation Will Change the Way You Think About Carbon Emissions

Scientists at NASA have created a stunning high-resolution 3D visualisation showing the complex ebbs and flows of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere over the course of an entire year. It’s a unique perspective that’s sure to change the way you think about this problematic greenhouse gas. Read More >>

Researchers Just Found a Way to Convert CO2 into Ethanol Fuel, Completely by Accident

The best science happens by accident. Like penicillin, the microwave, velcro, and so on. Now there's been another potentially world-changing event discovered by pure chance: a method of easily (and cheaply) turning carbon dioxide into ethanol fuel. Read More >>

The US and China Have Officially Ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement

In what’s being seen as a huge step forward in the effort to curb climate-warming emissions, the United States and China have ratified the Paris global climate agreement. Other countries are now expected to follow suit. Read More >>

Solar Capture Technique Turns CO2 Into Burnable Fuel

Engineers at the University of Chicago have created a new kind of solar cell that efficiently converts atmospheric carbon dioxide into usable hydrocarbon fuel—and it does so using only sunlight for energy. Read More >>

London Buses Will Run On Waste Meat and Animal Fats Next Year

As of March next year, one in three London buses will run on fuel blended with waste meat, animal fats and cooking oil. 3,000 Stagecoach and Metroline buses will guzzle down B20 green diesel, a modified fuel that sounds like the favourite foodstuff of an evil robot gone wrong. In fact, it's designed to help lower our impact on the environment. Read More >>