The World Is on Track to See Its Biggest Yearly Drop in Carbon Pollution Ever

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is in sleep mode. We already knew that this has resulted in air pollution dropping dramatically, but several analyses are now showing that our greenhouse gas emissions are dropping, too. In fact, the pandemic may lead to the largest annual fall in emissions ever recorded. Read More >>

The Promise and Peril of Nuclear Power

Temperatures are rising, the Antarctic is melting, and a million animal and plant species face the risk of extinction, all driven by the climate crisis. To save us from the coming climate catastrophe, we need an energy hero, boasting limitless power and no greenhouse gas emissions (or nearly none). Read More >>

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Prototype Hydrogen Boiler Could Help the UK Reach Its Net Zero Emissions Target

Worcester Bosch has developed a prototype boiler that can run on both natural gas and hydrogen, to future-proof it against what the company sees as an inevitable outcome of cutting down on carbon emissions. Read More >>

Australia’s Bushfires Have Likely Doubled the Nation’s Carbon Emissions

A month ago, NASA estimated that Australia’s recent bushfires released 250 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, which is almost half of the country’s yearly emissions. The fires have raged on since then, and shit is getting worse – way worse. New research from scientists with the Global Fire Emissions Database shows that the bushfires likely contributed 900 million metric tonnes of carbon, Bloomberg reports. Read More >>

Global Carbon Emissions Are Headed For a New High in 2019

Natural gas, which fossil fuel companies market as a clean bridge fuel to renewables, is the fastest growing energy source. Renewable energy is on the rise, too, and the U.S. and Europe are using less coal. But according to new research, the world’s carbon emissions will still reach an all time high this year. Read More >>

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UK Government Ramps up a Gear to Decrease Emissions in Transport Sector

In an effort to meet its net zero emissions target by 2050, the government is planning on cracking down on the transport sector. Read More >>

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Zero Emissions Hydrogen Plane Test Gets Over £2M in Government Funding

The HyFlyer project based in Orkney is setting out to make zero emission flights a reality. Read More >>

These Are The Most Geographically Stupid World Cup Matches

Last Thursday, England played a football match against Belgium, one of our closest friends and allies. In fact, Belgium is so close that you can get from London to Brussels in less time than it takes to get to York. You don’t even need to catch a plane. So… isn’t it a bit weird that both teams, hundreds of officials and thousands of fans had to trek all the way to Kaliningrad - a Russian exclave you were only dimly aware actually existed - in order to play each other? Read More >>

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UK Carbon Emissions Are Now Lower Than In 1894

UK climate website Carbon Brief has declared after a thorough analysis of UK data that CO2 emissions fell by almost 6% in 2016, putting us at the lowest level since 1894 (not including strikes). Read More >>

Disturbing 3D Visualisation Will Change the Way You Think About Carbon Emissions

Scientists at NASA have created a stunning high-resolution 3D visualisation showing the complex ebbs and flows of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere over the course of an entire year. It’s a unique perspective that’s sure to change the way you think about this problematic greenhouse gas. Read More >>

The US and China Have Officially Ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement

In what’s being seen as a huge step forward in the effort to curb climate-warming emissions, the United States and China have ratified the Paris global climate agreement. Other countries are now expected to follow suit. Read More >>

Researchers Just Figured Out How to Turn Carbon Emissions Into These Rocks

This may look like just another rock, but its so much more than that. It’s also a storage unit for carbon emissions—and it could finally give us a way to backtrack a bit on what we’ve done to our climate. Read More >>

Here’s How Many Resources We Burn on Food No One Eats

Whether you’re counting by calories, kilograms, or monetary pounds, the world is wasting a huge amount of food. But there’s also another way to measure it: The quantity of resources we burn up for nothing at all. Read More >>

Beating the Congestion Charge: 10 Planet Friendly Cars

Transport for London has recently announced plans to increase the congestion charge to £11.50. Combine this with the fact cars now have to produce less than 75g/km of CO² and commuting by car could get pretty expensive. Compiled below is a list of the greenest, cleanest running cars to help beat the congestion charge and save money in the long run. Read More >>