This Unbreakable Racing Drone is Perfect for Terrible Pilots

There’s a reason nature uses eggs to protect offspring who develop outside their mothers. Domes are inherently strong and durable, so it also makes sense to build a drone with a similarly bulbous shape to help it survive crashes, collisions, and other accidents when an amateur pilot is at the controls. Read More >>

Plastic Gears Reinforced With Carbon Fibre Could Replace Metal in Cars

Given the sheer amount of torque and power needed to propel a car that weigh tonnes, you’d think that parts made from plastic would disintegrate in minutes. But researchers have developed a plastic gear reinforced with carbon fibre that’s strong enough to actually be used as a replacement for metal parts in a vehicle. Read More >>

Scientists 3D Printed Self-Assembling Wood and Carbon Fibre

For the most part, our wood and carbon fibre objects are solid, inert, and boring lumps. They don't bend or curl. Or at least, they aren't supposed to. But MIT researchers have created wood and carbon fibre specially designed to be dynamic, conjuring up visions of wood furniture that self-assembles out of the flat pack or carbon fibre that morphs with the temperature. Read More >>

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Watch GE Torture-Test Supermaterials in the Most Vicious Ways

The heat of an active volcano. A 5,000 lb weight dropped from above. A sandstorm that lasts ten years. These are just some of the ways GE torture-tests the super-strong materials that go into jet engines, wind turbines, and more. And thanks to the company's fascinating YouTube channel, we get an up-close view of the process. No safety goggles required. Read More >>

Watch a Chunk of Lava Stone Get Grafted Onto a Carbon Fibre Bench

The making-of video for Peugeot Design Lab's latest project contains no words—it doesn't need any, since it shows every step of the process: from blasting a huge chunk of volcanic stone from its resting place to crafting a piece of carbon fibre to perfectly fit the rock's jagged profile. The resulting bench looks like like something that might've emerged from the sand in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Read More >>

This Insane Carbon Fibre Hammock Bathtub Is the Epitome of Relaxation

The eternal debate — of whether to soak in the tub or lounge in a hammock — has just been rendered moot, thanks to this stunning carbon fibre hammock tub that lets you do both at the same time. Made by SplinterWorks in the UK, it's called the Vessel, and it makes for an awesome centrepiece for your bathroom, assuming you've got the room for it (and the cash). Read More >>

A Gorgeous Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bike Designed Exclusively For Kids

Children are impossible to please, no matter now many Lunchables you ply them with. But even the most ungrateful tykes will appreciate getting one of Mores stunning Petitpierre kids bikes, crafted from carbon fiber so they're easier to ride and maneuver. Read More >>

If Batman Played Golf, This Is Probably What He’d Drive

As badass as the various Batmobiles have been over the years, no self-respecting golf club would ever let one of them onto their courses. So if the Dark Knight were to ever slip away in the middle of the night to relax with a round of golf, the Mansory Currus is definitely what he'd be driving. Read More >>

18 Places Carbon Fibre Doesn’t Belong

Carbon fibre is one of mankind's greatest engineered materials. And because it's lighter and stronger than most metals, it has revolutionised everything from the aerospace industry, to auto racing, to artificial limbs. And while its distinctive woven appearance makes it even more appealing, that doesn't make it ok to use everywhere. Read More >>

Parachute Bag Collapses With a Tug of Its Ripcord

Collapsing the average reusable bag into its compact form is more challenging than most MENSA puzzles. So save yourself the frustration with Michael Pappas' brilliant Chute bag that automatically collapses as you yank on its built-in ripcord—like a bizarro world parachute. Read More >>

This Blade-Thin Carbon Fiber Table Looks Like It Might Fall Over

If you want to make your guests feel very uncomfortable sit them down at this absurd dinning room table. The 3.7-metre-long carbon fibre table only stands up on one leg. How is that even possible? Read More >>

This All-Carbon Fibre Ultrabook Weighs Just 975g

Carbon fiber has, without doubt, got to be one of the most exotic materials you can choose to build things out of: race cars, road bikes and, umm, laptops? It seems that the Dell XPS 13 has started a trend because now Gigabyte is hot on its heels with an all-carbon fiber notebook which is, as you'd expect, insanely light. Read More >>

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Carbon Fibre Bookshelves Are Novel Objects of Lust

You don't see it used in furniture very often, but Davide Anzalone's Aliante bookshelf, which took the top prize at Olympus RFP's 2012 Carbon Fibre Design Contest, makes a strong case for using carbon fibre everywhere. Read More >>

Ride This Stealth Bike Wherever You Want Without Being Seen

So it might not be the best idea to try and pedal your way onto a secure military base, but engineer Brano Meres' experimental X-9 Nighthawk bike frame looks like it would be as invisible to radar as the old F-117 stealth fighter was. Read More >>

Carbon Fiber Mobile Phone with Embedded Pocket Watch is Fuuuuuugly (and Expensive)

The Celsius LeDIX Eternal is strange hybrid of clamshell mobile phone and pocket watch. The outside of the titanium and carbon fiber body houses an elaborate mechanism of 600 moving parts, visible through sapphire crystal glass. Launched at Baselworld with an eye-watering £206,000 dollar price-tag, it's the most flagrantly ostentatious gadget of 2012. Read More >>