EasyJet Rumbled Begging the Government Not to Introduce Environmental Taxes

EasyJet ruffled a few feathers when it was handed an unconditional £600m government loan package to stop it financially exploding in the wake of the coronavirus restrictions on travel, prompting environmental investigators to examine communications for embarrassing emails. And they have found a few. Read More >>

British Airways and easyJet Laughably Pretend They’ll be “Net Zero” by 2050

A new international oxymoron has been formed, with the members of the Sustainable Aviation consortium promising to effectively decarbonise air travel by the year 2050. The key word in the net-zero plan being net, as the plan is to run the mother of all offsetting schemes rather than pray for any massively radical new plane tech or fuels – or to take the wings off them, put them on bogeys, and roll them along the ground. Read More >>

Petrol and Diesel Car Sales Ban Brought Forward to 2035

Life for the Sunday Times' car reviewer is going to become significantly more painful should he still be employed in the year 2035, as that's the new and improved deadline for the UK's great petrol and diesel car retail switch off. Read More >>

BA Starts Offsetting Carbon From All UK Domestic Flights

Anyone mad enough to take an internal BA flight yesterday may proudly tweet about it today without shame, as the airline is celebrating 2020 by beginning to offset all carbon generated by internal flights. Read More >>

Deep-Sea Vents Might Solve Mystery of Ancient Ocean Carbon

Scientists have found deep-sea graphite that might help solve a deep-sea carbonaceous mystery, according to a new study. Read More >>

Wales Agrees to Build New Gas-Burning Power Station

The Welsh government has granted planning permission for Drax – yes the same Drax that wants to capture carbon – to build an entirely gas-burning new power station outside of Swansea. The initial plans appear to show the chimneys pointing at the sky. Read More >>

Rewilding Britain Says “Rewild Britain” Funnily Enough

Everyone likes trees, right? That's the concept behind pressure group Rewilding Britain, which says we should come up with a strategy to cover as much as a quarter of the country in trees to offset climate change and ensure we can still fly to warmer places on aeroplanes without feeling too much guilt at drinking a £2.75 Diet Coke as we punch holes in the sky. Read More >>

Glasgow Aims for Net-Zero by 2045

Net-zero is the new ULEZ in urban planning terms, and it's what Glasgow and backer Scottish Power is hoping to achieve by 2045 – a neutral impact on the world via offsetting and replacing all polluting sources with green energies. Read More >>

Streaming Music Shamed for its Inadvertent Carbon Output

Just when you think you're doing the right thing by not buying lumps of plastic that say "Foo Fighters" on them, it turns out that modern streaming is every bit as polluting as legacy forms of physical music. Read More >>

Pumped-Out North Sea Gas Fields Could be Refilled With CO2 by the Mid-2020s

Scientists are about to try to make new use of the sucked-out spots under the North Sea we've created by piping out gas to warm our homes, with a new carbon capture and storage project hoping to use existing undersea pipework to pump our unwanted CO2 into long term storage where the gas used to live. Read More >>

Biomass Generator Tries to Science-Away Carbon Dioxide

UK power generator Drax is attempting to use the magic of science to offset concerns about the smokiness of its wood pellet burning processes, with a £400,000 trial to start using a new type of carbon capture process. Read More >>

Here’s How Scientists Bent Diamonds

A team of physicists has figured out how to bend diamonds, according to a new paper. Okay, we’re talking about nano-scale diamond needles here. But it’s an impressive feat, because while diamonds are known for their hardness, these rocks will break if they are bent even a tiny bit. Read More >>

Scientists Carbon-Shame Your Meat Sandwich

Researchers at the University of Manchester have some more bad news for you and that soggy assembly of low-grade meats you're about to consume -- it's bad for the environment as well as your insides. Read More >>

Washing Machine Redesign Could Help Save the World

The reason you need to ask for help when wheeling a new washing machine home from the shops is that there's a huge lump of concrete in there to weigh it down so it doesn't drill through the earth's crust on a spin cycle. This extra weight contributes to carbon-spewing during the delivery process, so let's take it out, says a team from Nottingham Trent University. Read More >>

A Promising New Method For Cleaning Up the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive water remain sitting around the site of the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan. But scientists can’t simply dump the liquid into the ocean, and if it continues sitting around, it could seep into the soil. Read More >>