Cardiff Joins Urban War on Cars With £2 Congestion Charge Plan

Members of Cardiff council are pushing a plan to introduce a congestion charge to the city, with the current concept looking at introducing a £2 fee on non-residents driving into the city to fund various public travel and environmental enhancements. Read More >>

There Are Now Lego Nifflers All Over The Country

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is out now, and to celebrate, the excellent humans at Lego have built some massive brick Nifflers. Read More >>

Matt Smith’s Trousers Appearing at Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience This July

BBC Worldwide is bringing a real-world Doctor Who exhibition to Cardiff, giving fans of the Doctor's many faces and phases a chance to check out some artefacts from the show's occasionally glorious history and watch some all-new clips of the space-based mayhem. Read More >>

100Mbit broadband
100Mbps Broadband Might Be Coming Your Way as the UK is to Get 10 “Super-Connected” Cities

We’ve heard the government mull over the idea of “super-connected” cities before, but this time the Chancellor has made it part of the country’s budget. He’s allocated some £100 million pounds from the Treasury to force-up broadband speeds to at least 100Mbps in 10 of the UK’s major cities including the capitals, plus Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. Read More >>