The Flavouring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes May Harm Blood Vessels

The wide assortment of flavourings used to spice up your vaping experience could be damaging your cardiovascular system, suggests new research released today. The study, published in the journal of Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, found that several common e-cigarette flavourings can directly harm blood vessels. But, as with so many similar studies, it’s hard to tell how relevant the findings are to a typical vaper. Read More >>

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These Amazing Cardio Images Will Make Your Heart Race

Every year the UK's British Heart Foundation runs a competition to find the most interesting images produced by its researchers—and 2013 is a good, good year. Here are some of our favourites. Read More >>

Good Cholesterol Isn’t as Good as We Thought

Over the past few decades, scientists have suggested that high levels of HDL—which has come to be known as "good cholesterol"—can reduce the risk of heart attack. New evidence, however, suggests that might not be the case after all. Read More >>

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Made to Order “Test Tube” Blood Vessels On the Way After British Medical Breakthrough

Boffins from the University of Cambridge have managed to grow blood vessels in the lab from a patient’s own skin cells, which could mean veins and arteries could be grown for life-saving surgery on an industrial scale. Read More >>