The First App-Connected Sofa Can Transform Into Any Piece of Furniture You Need

Sometimes you want to sit up. Sometimes you want to lie down. Sometimes you need a place to put your computer, or perhaps a drink. A single piece of furniture rarely fulfills all these desires. This shapeshifting sofa can reconfigure itself into a seat, a couch, a bed, or even an end table, all with a few flicks of your iPad. Read More >>

This Photosynthetic Algae Roof Filters the Neighbourhood Air

Let's take rooftop farming to a whole new level—a microscopic level. Unveiled at Expo Milan this week, the Urban Algae Canopy is a living, breathing alternative to our inert roofs and façades. Could algae be the next hip trend in urban agriculture? Read More >>

Agricultural Printing: A Rooftop Farm Culled By Autonomous Tractors

The World Expo Milano 2015 is still a few years years off, but details about the pavilions are starting to emerge. Today, we learn that a building sponsored by Dutch agricultural machinery company New Holland will feature a sloping rooftop field farmed by two "zero-emission, robotised, self-driving tractors." Read More >>