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Great, Soon You’ll Have to Mow the Bloody Smart-Carpet

A carpet that connects to your Wi-Fi so it knows the time of year and temperature and can adjust the length of its fibres accordingly is but one idea dreamed up by a group of forward-thinking, beige-sky carpeting engineers, men and women tasked with the idea of thinking about ways in which floor coverings might one day be gadgetised. Read More >>

A Bike Made From Carpet Doesn’t Sound Like it Should Work

Sure, bicycles get made from all sorts of unlikely-sounding materials these days — bamboo bikes are a lot more common than you'd imagine. But making a working bike from recycled carpet definitely sounds like it's taking things too far. Read More >>

Rugs That Look Like the Earth, as Seen From Your Window Seat

There's something about seeing the developed world from 20,000 or so feet that's absolutely mesmerising—like a fascinating map you can't stop pouring over, despite knowing it by heart. Architect Florian Pucher has taken those magical views and recreated them as hand-tufted wool rugs. Read More >>

This Clever Carpet “Printer” Brushes Pictures Onto Your Rugs

You know that incredibly satisfying feeling of seeing a freshly vacuumed carpet with the fibres all perfectly upright and unmarred by footprints? Designer Yuta Sugiura has found a way to take advantage of that effect to print detailed images on a rug or carpeting using a handheld machine he developed and built. Read More >>

Turn Google Earth Images Into All-Terrain Area Rugs

We've seen rugs that let you cruise through the cosmos in your slippers, but these lovely floor coverings take a more terrestrial approach. Each of the one-metre-square samples is hand-tufted to depict a small glimpse of the world as viewed from Google Earth. Read More >>

Skywalk Through Outer Space with These Celestial Rugs

Hey stargazers and celestial daydreamers: Here's your chance to walk barefoot above the heavens. Spacecrafted is a new collection of rugs from German designer Jan Kath that takes hi-res satellite images of the great beyond and turns them into super detailed wool and silk patterns. Read More >>

LED Carpets Guarantee You’ll Never Get Lost In an Airport Again

With a development that will surely appeal to airports, Philips has announced a partnership with flooring manufacturer Desso to produce a light transmissive LED-powered carpet that can be used to display warning messages, directions, or even fancy glowing designs. And airports are just the tip of the glowy-floor iceberg. Read More >>

Humourless Carpet Maker Sues Over Amazing Floor Camouflage Cosplay

Guess what? People who design carpet patterns are really protective of their intellectual property on the internet too, as the maker of the above (amazing) carpet-inspired cosplay costume discovered to his cost. Read More >>

Memory Rug Puts a PC’s Guts On Your Floor

Had the Persian Empire had access to modern electronics, particularly the intricately etched circuit boards found in most devices, their famous woven rug designs might have ended up looking more like Lukas Scherrer's Memory Rug. Read More >>

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Photorealistic Nature-Inspired Carpets Bring the Outdoors Inside

If you like the look of hard wood floors but prefer the comfortable feel of carpet underfoot, Danish rug maker Ege has created a whole collection of photorealistic floor coverings inspired by natural finishes like stone blocks and wood panels. Read More >>

Walk All Over Major Cities Without Leaving Your Family Room with Google Maps Area Rugs

Who has time to actually visit places anymore? Not me. Too much stuff to do that doesn't involve curiosity or exercise. That's why these Google Maps "Worldwide Carpets" area rugs are so perfect. Read More >>