36 Undiscovered Flaws in 4G LTE Revealed by a New Security Tool

While carriers continue working on building out 5G infrastructure before networks officially go live later this year, a team of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have been looking for flaws in existing 4G LTE wireless networks. And by using a tool dubbed the “LTEFuzz,” the team managed to find more than 50 different vulnerabilities, 36 of which were previously undocumented. Read More >>

5G is Going to Be an Incredibly Tough Sell in 2019

Mobile World Congress 2019 is currently in full swing, and aside from all the ambitious, weird, and sophisticated new handsets on display at the show, without a doubt the other big topic for the show is 5G. Read More >>

5G Networks Being Tested in the US

The fifth generation of mobile networks — or 5G — is still a little way off providing your phone with data. But at Mobile World Congress, US telecoms provider Verizon has announced that it at least already testing the technology. Read More >>

New eSIM Will Finally Let You Connect Your Smartwatch to 3G Networks Without a Phone

The traditional SIM card is dying. The GSMA, which represents carriers and mobile companies around the world, has announced a new eSIM specification for smartwatches, fitness trackers, and tablets, which allows users to remotely activate a SIM embedded in those devices. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Building a Tool to Ease the Move From iOS to Android 

Apple already has a tool that makes it easier to move to iOS, but it may someday have one to help you leave it too. At least that’s according to a report from The Telegraph, which suggests that pressure from European carriers may force Apple to develop a “simple tool” to ease the switch. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Making its Own SIM Card to Provide Contract-less Cellular Data

It seems Microsoft is developing its own SIM cards that will allow Windows 10 devices to access a range of different cellular data networks without the need for a contract. Read More >>

Nokia Testing Tech That Promises Faster Mobile Data

Nokia Networks has announced that it’s going to test out pCell, a new mobile data system which embraces large quantities of mobile devices to actually speed up data provision. Read More >>

Watch BAE’s Builders Slot Together Nearly 40,000 Tonnes of Aircraft Carrier

The social media intern working for defence contractor BAE Systems has been busy filming proceedings up in Rosyth, with the latest video charting the assembly of future aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales and showing the front and rear sections of the ship being slotted together. Read More >>

Project Fi: Google’s Own Phone Network is Here – But We May Never See it in the UK

Google’s Project FI is the company’s long-rumoured wireless carrier service for mobile devices. But far from a traditional plan, Google’s might be the most flexible out there—while also saving you a bundle of money. Read More >>

Watch This Carrier Drone Lets Another Craft Take Off From It

As if launching one drone alone wasn't good enough, hobbyists at Flite Test have decided that a drone carrier is totally a necessity in the UAV world. Yep, this video shows one drone take off from the back of another. Read More >>

Take Your UK Price Plan to the US, India, and More for £5 Per Day With Vodafone WorldTraveller

Vodafone has expanded its roaming scheme beyond Europe to a number of global destinations. Read More >>

Finally, an LTE Chip Which Will Work Anywhere in the World

Qualcomm has announced something that will make travellers everywhere very happy: a new radio chipset that can support every LTE network in the world. Read More >>

Facebook Is Launching a Numberless “Social Calling” Service

Tech Crunch is reporting that Facebook is teaming up with carriers to provide a "social calling" service. Initially striking up a deal with Orange France, it seems the service will allow friends to make voice calls without knowing each other's numbers. Read More >>

You Don’t See Two Supercarriers Side-By-Side Every Day

These are America's USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS John C. Stennis, two of the ten nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft supercarriers in service with the United States Navy. They've just been deployed to the Strait of Hormuz as tension is mounting in the area. Read More >>