Vandals Prefer Keying Cute Little Cars

It's not the loud, fat, urban tractors that suffer the most rage on the roads, it's actually the cute little cars that endure the greatest amount of vandalism by having their sides scratched and their wing mirrors bent too far the wrong way by angry passers-by. Read More >>

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Lego Top Gear Is Now Canon In Disney’s Cars Universe

The Stig is one of the most famous racing drivers in the world, and nobody has even seen his face. He's so famous in fact that it's just been confirmed Top Gear's tame racing driver actually exists within the world of Disney's Cars - or at least in a Lego version. Read More >>

Sweden Just Opened the World’s First Car-Charging Road

Electric cars are fast growing in popularity, but there are still people out there who worry about the infrastructure required to recharge them - particularly the recharge time. While the technology and amount of infrastructure has vastly improved, there are still people out there who have grand ideas about recharging cars as they drive. That idea is one step closer to reality now that Sweden has actually opened up a road capable of recharging EVs that are on the move. Read More >>

French Company DriiveMe is Bringing £1 Car Rentals to the UK

DriiveMe is a car rental service that's been very popular in France and Spain, with over 900,000 users taking advantage of a system that lets them hire a a car for just €1 along pre-set routes. Now that service is coming to the UK, letting us British people hire a car or van for just £1. Read More >>

What the Hell is Spotify Announcing This Time?

Spotify’s announcing something on April 24th in New York, and we’re not exactly sure what it is. We do, however, have a few ideas: recent developments suggest the company’s going full speed ahead in its quest to replace the humble car radio and your favourite shock jock with its own streaming service, no matter how decrepit your vehicle. Read More >>

Mercedes Takes on Uber, Launching Ride Sharing Service ViaVan in London

Uber may still be allowed to operate in London until its appeal against TfL's effective-ban gets through the court system, but that doesn't mean there isn't a void that needs filling. A void that other transportation companies are quite happy to fill, and the latest is the Mercedes-backed ridesharing service ViaVan. Read More >>

Born Again? Where Old Electric Car Batteries Don’t Go to Die

Japanese car companies dream up fantastic ideas if you’re looking for something brilliant, but borderline bonkers that’ll grab the headlines. Driving a full-size real-life remote control GTR, Nissan’s mindblowing sports rocket ship, for example, might seem like a ludicrous concept but we got a chance to do just that late last year. And, it works. The car is unmanned, loaded with tech and capable of going full out. The only difference is you’re not in the car itself. Read More >>

US Uber Driver Accidentally Turns Onto Pedestrian Staircase, and Down He Goes

An Uber car took an ill-advised turn in San Francisco, California on Monday and ended up stuck on a concrete staircase with nowhere to go outside a Safeway supermarket. Read More >>

The Classic Mini Has Had an All-Electric Overhaul

While it's hardly uncommon for car-makers to re-release classic cars with powered by combustion engines, the electric car business hasn't really capitalised on nostalgia. There are many reasons for that, but that didn't mean it was never going to happen. Case in point: BMW has developed an all-electric version of the classic Mini. Read More >>

Software Engineer Claims BMW Automatic Door Chopped Off His Thumb

A software engineer in Long Island, New York, claims the automatic door on his BMW X5 chopped off his right thumb, and now he is suing the luxury auto manufacturer. Read More >>

MIT Developed a Way For Cars To See Through Fog When Human Drivers Can’t

Bad weather can make driving extremely dangerous, no matter who’s behind the wheel. But when it comes to dense fog, which makes it all but impossible for human drivers to see more than a few feet ahead of a vehicle, MIT researchers say they have developed a new imaging system that could eventually let autonomous cars see right through the obstruction. Read More >>

Ford’s Been Playing With Parking Sensors to Help People Find Empty Parking Spaces

There's nothing worse than being stuck inside a busy car park, driving around in circles looking for the couple of empty parking spaces that you know are hiding somewhere. It's one of those first world problems that we all have to suffer at one time or another, and Ford is working on a system that it thinks could solve the issue once and for all. Read More >>

Salisbury Would Rather be Associated With Free Parking Than Nerve Agent

The town of Salisbury has been in the news recently for rather unfortunate reasons to do with an international scandal surrounding the apparent poisoning of a spy using a nerve agent, but it's all going to be OK as the council has a plan to make everyone happy to go there again — free parking. Read More >>

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Watch in Horror as a £200,000 Ferrari Gets Crushed by Police

If you've spent a lot of money on a car, one of the last things you want to do is have it confiscated by police. The absolute last thing you want to happen is have the police confiscate your pride and joy and proceed to have it crushed - which is what happened to a £200,000 Ferrari Spider owned by Birmingham millionaire Zahid Khan. Read More >>

The New Nissan Leaf Proves Range Anxiety Is Bullshit

One day, 2018 might be looked back upon as the year that everything changed for cars. Every car maker is now hard at work building electric vehicles to replace their carbon-spewing predecessors. Tesla’s Roadster has literally been launched into space. And perhaps most importantly: Nissan has released a new version of the Leaf, a vehicle which might represent an unarguable move into the mainstream for EVs. Read More >>