If You Can’t Afford a Real 1967 Ford Mustang There’s Always This Lego Version

Despite the less than subtle messages in the Lego movies, sometimes it’s totally okay to follow your highly-sophisticated interlocking brick system’s building instructions. Case in point: Lego’s new Creator Expert series 1960s-era Ford Mustang model which does a remarkably good job at recreating the curves of a now-iconic muscle car. Read More >>

Citroen Reveals a Tiny EV for Commuting From Your Doorstep to Your Real Car

Citroen's reworking of its ancient Ami can't really be described as a car, even though it does lots of car things like having wheels in each corner and a roof and the ability to move under its own power. The Ami One concept is limited to just 28mph, so its quirky shell need not be tested under usual car safety rules, as it would surely crumple like the foil tray of a mince pie. Read More >>

Thieves Steal Exhaust Pipes Off Cars Now

Data recording crimes against cars seems to suggest there's a new type of attack on our rolling armchairs underway, with criminals now sawing off lumps of exhaust pipe to sell on for scrap. Read More >>

This 1920s Concept for a Drive-Through Supermarket Completely Failed

Today, getting your groceries delivered to your house is old news. But there once was a time when the most futuristic thing in food shopping was the car. Specifically, drive-in shopping like these stores from the 1920s. Read More >>

autonomous vehicles
Turns Out Driverless Cars Can’t Coexist With Cyclists

The Dutch government has run into a major problem with its plans for driverless cars: they can't seem to get along with bikes. And there are quite a few bikes in the Netherlands. Read More >>

New Top Gear Presenter Continues Tradition of Crashing

Professional cricketer and amateur driver Andrew Flintoff has already given his new Top Gear colleagues something to endlessly guffaw about, as he managed to crash a pickup truck while filming a racing sequence for the next series of the car show. Read More >>

Prince Philip Gives Up Licence, Can Still Fang It On Royal Grounds

Last month the Duke of Edinburgh rolled his Land Rover after reportedly being "dazzled by the sun" at an intersection. There was backlash against the royal when it was discovered that he wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, which also involved another car. Read More >>

Uber Poll Data Claims 7% of People Got Engaged in the Back of What is Basically a Stranger’s Car

We journalists get sent a lot of random stuff, and much of it feels like complete bullshit. Like the bullshit survey that claims 84 people named their pets 'Yoshi'. The latest to pop into my inbox are the results of another data poll from Uber. It's all about valentine's day and romance, and included is a bizarre stat claiming seven per cent of people ended up getting engaged in the middle of an Uber journey. Read More >>

Government Admits Nissan Was Offered A Massive Brexit Handout

Nissangate continues with the news that as previously suspected, the government had offered Nissan a huge pile of cash to manufacture its new car in the UK. Read More >>

top gear
Blind Driver Takes 5th Place On Top Gear Test Track

An NHS doctor has managed the fifth-fastest time on the Top Gear test track despite not being able to see. Read More >>

Nissan Confirms New Model Won’t Be Made In The UK Anymore

As was widely rumoured on Saturday, Nissan has confirmed that its new model of the X-Trail SUV will be manufactured in Japan, rather than in Sunderland as originally planned. Read More >>

Nissan ‘To Cancel Manufacturing New Model In The UK’

It looks like Nissan is about to cancel investment in its Sunderland manufacturing plant, where it had promised to build the new model of X-Trail SUV. Read More >>

Mystery of Blocked Key Fobs at Car Park ‘Likely’ Solved, Canadian Ministry Says

Residents of the prairie town Carstairs, Alberta, may finally be able to visit their local co-operative shop without fear of key fobs malfunctioning, cars failing to start, or alarms going off seemingly without reason. The issue appears to have been solved, officials say. Read More >>

A Mysterious Force is Blocking Car Key Fobs in This Small Canadian Town

For weeks, customers of a shop in the small town of Carstairs, Alberta, have been plagued by a mysterious something that has hindered them from driving their cars. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Green Broadband Cabinets Could Become EV Charging Points

When it can take anything between 30 and 60 minutes to fast charge an electric car battery, it's fair to say we there's no such thing as too many charging points. The only issue is getting them installed quickly and efficiently in places where people can access them. Well Virgin Media may have a solution, and has decided to test the possibility of adding EV charging stations to its green broadband cabinets. Read More >>