Fast and Furious Live is Coming to an Arena Near You and It’s Just as Crazy as It Sounds

After eight Fast & Furious films, you're understandably a little bored of them. You enjoy the high-octane thrills, sure, but simply watching the action unfold on a flat TV screen isn't enough. You want to be there. You want the action to be real, right in front of your face. You want your eyebrows to get singed as a car's nitrous oxide spurts out of its exhaust into your general direction. Read More >>

Roads Department Gamifies Throwing Rubbish Out of the Car

Lazy people who throw rubbish out of car windows are in for a treat should they drive around certain spots in the north of England, as the roads department is testing a thrilling new type of bin. It's like a big old ship's funnel, into which drivers-by are encouraged to casually throw their rubbish. Read More >>

Ford Funded That Weirdo in a Car Seat Costume Who Pretended to be a Self-Driving Car

At first, it seemed to be a quirky prank—a man was driving around town dressed up like a car seat and convincing people his car had no one at the wheel. Then we learned that it was all a shadowy research project by Virginia Tech. And now we know that Ford was behind the whole thing and it’s all for science. Read More >>

Renault’s Car of the Future is Also a Spare Room for Your House

Renault has released a load of concept images of a car it calls the Symbioz, an all-electric (obviously), self-driving (obviously), connected vehicle (obviously), that when it's not being driven is designed to be hung out in like tent, small caravan or a little loft room (randomly). Read More >>

China Wants to Ban Sales and Production of Fossil Fuel-Powered Cars

China announced plans to end sales of all fossil fuel-powered cars. Bloomberg reported over the weekend that Xin Guobin, vice-minister of the Industry and Information Technology Ministry, is finalising a timetable for ending production and sales of gas-powered cars while stepping up incentives for hybrid and electric cars, though no exact deadline has been announced. China has long pushed for electric cars (called ‘New Energy Vehicles’ in the country) introducing tax breaks for new buyers and planning 100,000 new charging stations in 2017 alone. Read More >>

Car Drivers Should Start Doing the Dutch Reacharound

Campaign group Cycling UK is pressuring the UK government to copy another thing the Dutch do, suggesting that changing the Highway Code and driving test to incorporate the Dutch car door opening technique could save lives on the road. Specifically, it could save the lives of pedal and motor cyclists who are hefted off their bikes when car doors are opened by drivers on the traffic side of the vehicle. Read More >>

5 Things We Learnt About ProPilot Park From Backseat Driving the New Nissan Leaf

Last week, Giz UK went to Tokyo for the launch of the brand new Nissan Leaf. It's an interesting time for electric vehicles, with Tesla heating up the market and all the big manufacturers eyeing a piece of the pie. Read More >>

New Uber Rival Taxify Suspends London Operations After Three Days

International ride-hailing provider Taxify has been forced to stop its operations in London, at the behest of TfL. And it only started taking bookings from the public on Tuesday. Read More >>

TfL is Investigating London’s Latest Uber Rival

There are probably a few dozen methods of transport you can choose from in London, and a number of them are different apps you can use to find someone you can pay to drive you around. Stuff like Uber, Kabbee, Hailo, MyTaxi, and so on. As of a few days ago there's a new one on the scene called Taxify, and it's already potentially finding itself in hot water with Transport for London. Read More >>

Every Jaguar Car From 2020 Will Be Electric

Big news from the fancy car industry this morning, as Jaguar has announced that from 2020 all of its cars will be fully electrified or hybrids. Take that, petrol! Read More >>

Full Electric Cars Sales Rocket to… 476 in a Month

That new Nissan Leaf has got a lot of work to do, as sales figures for pure, full electric car sales in the UK show that they're not exactly capturing the public's imagination yet. Read More >>

Chipping Norton Poshos Say No to Clarkson’s Tent of Banter

Residents of the Cotswolds town of Chipping Norton have come out against Jeremy Clarkson's vehicular circus, with plans to erect his Grand Tour marquee of middle-age not going down so well with the locals. Read More >>

electric cars
Nissan Leaf 2018: Tokyo Launch Unveils Sleek Design, Better Range & Self-Parking

The Nissan Leaf - the world's most popular all-electric car - got a major upgrade at a bustling event in Yokohama, Japan this morning. We elbowed our way through the massive crowd of excitable dudes in suits to bring you the latest about one of the most promising mainstream EVs yet. Read More >>

App Marketing Stunt Gets DIY Coder Actual Job With Jaguar

Back at the beginning of the summer, something weird involving Jaguar Land Rover, the band Gorillaz, and an coding app was launched. "Try our coding puzzle app," they said, "it could get you a job." And for one fortunate man, it just has. Read More >>

BMW Shows Off Full Electric Mini Designs

We now know what the UK-built electric Mini is going to look like, courtesy of brand custodian BMW. It's a Mini, of course, but with glowly swooshy bits to tell everyone it's got the posh new kind of motor and a battery inside that'd keep a smartphone operational for a decade. Read More >>