Man Jailed for Suspected Cheating on Driving Test

A man from Guildford has been jailed for the crime of wearing a Bluetooth earpiece while taking the theory element of his driving test. The inference being that the spoken parts of the test could be heard by an outsider, who'd then feed the examinee the correct answers. Jesus, just buy the bloody Highway Code book. Read More >>

Government Bungs Land Rover a £500m Promise to Guarantee EV Production

The government is vaguely state-aiding Jaguar Land Rover's ambitions to build its future EVs in the UK, and is to guarantee a loan of £500m in order to reassure investors and the buyers of its middle-aged-people-carriers that the carmaker is not going anywhere. Especially not down any drains or being sold to Sports Direct. Read More >>

This Time Next Year We’ll Be in a Crowd-Funded Three-Wheeler EV, Rodney

Electric car fans around the world are racing to back the latest quirky EV, say the makers of the Nobe 100, and that must be true as the crowd-funding campaign is currently sitting on a target of £64. Read More >>

Mini Electric Revealed Ahead of 2020 Launch

After years of concepts and design misdirection, BMW has finally revealed the final retail form of its pure electric Mini. And it's going to be called the Mini Electric with a corresponding yellow E hidden on the bodywork detailing, lest you forget and try to flood it with petrol in the Asda car park. Read More >>

At Least One (1) Car Company Agrees to Keep Manufacturing in the UK For a While

Jaguar Land Rover has a little bit of good news for the UK's besieged car manufacturing industry: it isn't abandoning the country. It will, to coin a phrase, remain. JLR is to build at least one of its future all-electric vehicles at its Castle Bromwich facility, safeguarding thousands of skilled jobs in the area. Read More >>

Kia Sells a Magic Pocket to Stop Your Car Getting Hacked Away

Kia thinks its owners are worried about having their wireless car keys hacked and their beloved Ceeds driven away while they sleep off the spaghetti and wine, and has launched its own branded take on the signal-blocking Faraday pouch. Read More >>

Apple’s Project Titan Dreamed Up a Car With Retractable Bumpers

Apple’s Project Titan car has long been shrouded in mystery – most of what we know about it comes in the form of patents that trickle out into the public every few months. The latest patent, released this morning and originally filed in November 2016, shows Apple at one point imagined an extendable, somewhat inflatable, bumper. Read More >>

self driving cars
Apple Buys Self-Driving Car Startup in Sign It’s Not Through With Autonomous Vehicles

Apple appeared to be pulling back from the autonomous car business when it dismissed some 200 employees from its Project Titan initiative in January 2019. But it would appear that it’s shifting gears in a big way with news on Tuesday that it has acquired startup “in what appears to be part of a renewed effort by the iPhone and Mac maker to branch out into self-driving cars,” per the San Francisco Chronicle. Read More >>

The Next Big Lego Leak is a Technic Land Rover Defender

There are lots of Lego cars out there for you to build, and Lego clearly feels there aren't enough. So there are more on the way, and the next one that's going to hit the shelves of your local Lego store looks to be a Technic version of the Land Rover Defender. Read More >>

Nissan Demos an All-Electric Ice Cream Van

There's to be no more gassing kids as they queue for a £4 Feast in Nissan's dream of the near future, as it's using today -- a day that people whose job is to be on the internet all the time are calling Clean Air Day – to demonstrate a concept all-electric ice cream van. Read More >>

People Shout Abuse When You Drive a Rolls Royce, But Now You Can’t Hear Them

Driving a Rolls Royce is not for shy, retiring types. Nope, if you're a shrinking violet then the attention you’ll get behind the wheel of something like this, the Rolls Royce Phantom, will come as a shock. In the five days we had it we got the lot: there were two-fingered salutes, middle-digits right, left and centre and moonies too. Mostly though there were scowls, mainly from middle-aged women in silly little nondescript cars, closely followed by middle-aged men driving much the same. Read More >>

New Top Gear May Feature Traumatic Scenes of Male Hugging

The new presenters of the BBC's Top Gear are warning that some established viewers may find the new series a bit hard to stomach, as the members of the refreshed presenting line up say they get along so well they often resort to hugging each other. Read More >>

Home-Charging Electric Car Daisychainers Risk Electrocution/Fire Etc.

Electric car owners are taking risks. As well as basing their hopes, dreams and personalities on an emerging transport format, they can also be guilty of potentially dangerous practises when it comes to home charging their lovely, blue-accented new vehicles. Read More >>

There May Soon be a Nationwide App for Car Parking Spaces

A little tech thing with potentially amazing consequences is about to kick in in some council offices around the country, with a handful of our regional administrators offering their car parking data in one unified "parking language" format. This could mean it'll be possible to browse available car parking spaces in towns you're nowhere near. How exciting does that sound? I know. I know. Yes, I know. I know. Read More >>