Lego’s Next Big Car is a 3,696 Piece Lamborghini Sián

Lego has released a lot of cars over the years, but it's always the Technic creations that seem to impress the most - especially the Bugatti Chiron. That car was a 1:8 scale miniaturized replica of the car itself, replicating all the features that made it what it was (except the driving part, obviously). Now Lego has announced it has a successor - the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. Read More >>

James Dyson Dropped £500 Million of His Own Cash on Failed Electric Car

In October 2019 Dyson halted work on its electric car project. The Dyson car, referred to internally as 'N526', was an SUV that aimed to challenge Tesla in the EV market. Seven months after the car was canned we have now seen pictures of it for the first time thanks to an exclusive interview James Dyson gave to the Sunday Times Rich list. He also revealed that and he laid down £500 million of his own money to try and get the project off the ground. Read More >>

Morrisons Brings Back the Sub-£1 Litre of Petrol

Your illicit, non-essential drive around the block is about to get cheaper thanks to the plummet in global oil prices, which has enabled supermarket Morrisons to be the first to cut the price of a litre of fuel to less than £1. Read More >>

electric scooters
E-Scooter Legalisation Fast-Tracked and Could be Done by June

There could soon be an enormous sweet spot where electric scooters are legalised and the roads of our towns and cities remain largely empty of cars, as the government's looking to fast-track the legalisation of e-scooters to meet lockdown-emergence transport strategies. Read More >>

flying cars
The Flying Pinto Was the Worst Idea in Flying Car History

What happens when you combine a car like the Ford Pinto with a plane like the Cessna 337? Nothing good, it turns out. Read More >>

A Lego Lamborghini is Probably the Only One You’ll Ever be Able to Afford

Lamborghinis are expensive cars, which means they're only really within reach of the super rich and people who race cars for a living (though those aren't mutually exclusive). So the ordinary folks can only dream about being able to buy such a luxurious and eye-wateringly expensive car for themselves. Thankfully the Lego Company is set to make those dreams come true, sort of, with a Lego Technic Lamborghini coming later this year. Read More >>

April Car Sales Plummet to Basically Several

Registering new car sales in April was really quite easy for everyone involved in the process, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown. The month saw just 4,321 new vehicles registered, a staggering drop of around 97 per cent from the numbers sold in April of 2019. Read More >>

Jay Leno Releases Unseen Footage Of Elon Musk And The First Tesla Roadster From 2008

2008 was a different time for Elon Musk. He hadn't met Grimes yet, didn't go on weird Twitter rants and hadn't publicly called anyone a 'Pedo Guy. It was also the year that he unleashed his first Tesla vehicle on the world - the Roadster. Jay Leno has reminded us of this after publishing unseen footage of an interview with Musk at the time. Read More >>

Jaguar Land Rover Aims for May 18 Factory Restart

Jaguar Land Rover is hopeful that people may be in a space mentally and financially to consider leasing an enormous Range Rover again soon, as it's to restart some of its factories in the UK and beyond on May 18. Read More >>

It’s Complain-About-Petrol-Prices-Amid-an-Oil-Crash Time of the Decade

The trade in raw crude oil saw some unprecedented price action earlier in the week, when the price for a barrel of one particular type of unrefined oil sold in US markets fell into negative territory; and it was technically possible to "buy" oil for bizarre prices such as minus $40 a barrel. As in, they paid to have it taken off them. Read More >>

Car Insurers Pressured to Give Partial Refunds for Our Rusting Hulks

Insurance giant Admiral is the first of its kin to hit the Coronavirus Good Guys list over the thorny issue of what to do about car insurance, as it is beginning the process of handing over £25 refunds to people sadly watching their cars seize up outside, perhaps daring to sit in them and reminisce about listening to a favourite song via Bluetooth while driving to the shops on a sunny day. Read More >>

London Council to Deploy Emergency Buckets of Flowers to Slow Drivers

Here's a tentative addition to the positive Covid-19 developments list we're all imagining in our heads, as one London council is planning to temporarily obstruct certain "rat run" roads to better protect pedestrians and cyclists from drivers emboldened into speeding by the empty locked-down roads. Read More >>

Lego Technic Top Gear Rally Car: A Nifty But Expensive RC

In December, Lego released the first Top Gear tie-in Lego set: a Technic app-controlled rally car. It's not exactly an iconic piece of Top Gear's history; it's a generic rally car emblazoned with Top Gear and 'Stig' branding. It's not a car that's been featured in the series, if that's important. But it is a pretty nice-looking car that packs in plenty of detail. Better yet, it has two motors powering it, meaning you can send it drifting around the legs of your dining room table. Well, almost. Read More >>

UK New Car Sales Nearly Halved in March

Registrations of new cars in the UK for March reached predictably apocalyptic and generational lows, as you don't really need a lease on a new SUV when you're not even supposed to be walking to the newsagent for a Mars bar and a milkshake. Registrations of all new cars plummeted 44 per cent year on year, with diesels suffering an unimaginable 62 per cent fall in deliveries. Read More >>

Fast and Furious Joins the Lego Family With Dom’s Dodge Charger

Lego has always been a family-friendly toy and now it’s getting friendly with a franchise that’s all about family: Fast and Furious. Read More >>