You Can Apparently Fool Tesla’s Autopilot With An Orange

There is more to this orange than meets the eye. Or, at least there was. Read More >>

This Kickstarter Wants You to Use Emojis Instead of Hand Gestures While You Drive

Successfully funded via Kickstarter last month, CarWink is a tool designed to make it easier for drivers to communicate with other road users. We all know how important hand gestures can be when driving — a wave to say 'thanks' when someone lets you pull out, or, you know, a middle finger or loose shake of a fist if someone cuts you up. Read More >>

CES 2018: Here’s the Latest EV Startup Trying to Take Down Tesla

It’s not often you get to see the birth of the new car brand, but with Tesla’s recent success (and the backing of deep-pocketed investors in China), newly formed Future Mobility Corp. is giving things a go with its new electric car brand Byton. Read More >>

Lyft is Offering Autonomous Car Rides for CES Attendees

The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas at the end of this week, bringing with it a host of new announcements and washing machines that are revealed with the same level of showmanship as a flagship smartphone. It's also a place for companies to show off their developing technology to the world, and for Lyft that means bundling people into self-driving cars. Read More >>

Insurance Boss Claims the UK Doesn’t Have the Infrastructure for Widespread Electric Car Adoption

In the future all automobiles won't be running on fossil fuels. They'll be running on electricity of some kind, and we know this because the government has already told us new petrol cars will be banned after 2040. But according to the head of insurance company Axa, the UK doesn't have the infrastructure to support them. Read More >>

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The Explosive Charge Inside an Airbag Is Terrifying

I realise that airbags have saved countless lives since they were introduced in the early ‘70s, but that doesn’t make the idea of having a giant pillow explode in your face any less terrifying. Especially after watching the explosive mechanism that fills an airbag in just 0.03 seconds detonate in super slow motion. Read More >>

An AI Accurately Guessed Race and Voting Patterns by Counting Cars on Google Street View

A robust, timely census is vital to democracy. Censuses sketch the changing face of a nation by charting both political and demographic shifts, including changes in wealth and neighbourhood transitions. Most crucially, they influence how resources and political power are doled out: in the US, cities use census data to set budgets and the Constitution mandates a national census to apportion congressional seats. But taking a census is both expensive and slow—the annual American Community Survey (ACS) represents data collected over a five-year period, creating one hell of a lag. A team of Stanford AI researchers believe we can use computer vision to speed up the process, a radical approach to a centuries-old practice. Read More >>

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Self Parking Cars are Being Legalised in the UK

With all the talk of the distant future where all cars drive themselves while we mere mortals watch videos on our phones, it's easy to forget that cars can do a bunch of cool things by themselves already. Parking is one of them, but it's been pointed out that this is technically illegal under current legislation. So the government is actually doing something about it. Read More >>

Land Rover Now Does a Very Posh £50k Van

If you have a business based around selling very expensive items to rich people in parts of town with quite high kerbs, here's a thing for you to put on expenses -- the latest van version of the current Land Rover Discovery. Read More >>

The Grand Tour Fails to Capture the True Misery of Car Ownership

I've got a car. I have never had fun in it on a Swiss mountain. I worry about it all the time and it costs me £800 a year to have things I can't see and aren't sure even exist fixed. There are these tubes that the brakes use somehow, for example, and they always need to be new and they alone cost £400 plus VAT plus labour, and I never get to keep the old ones. Read More >>

Police Force Starts Naming Drunk-Driving Accused Online

Lincolnshire Police thinks that perhaps the drink-drivers it catches aren't feeling shamed enough by their crimes, so it's taking its shaming to the next level by outing them on the internet as soon as they've been charged. Read More >>

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Who Replaced The American as The Grand Tour’s Resident Racing Driver?

Aside from the overreliance on scripting everything, The Grand Tour seems to have taken criticism of its format to heart. It swapped the painfully dull 'Celebrity Brain Crash' segment for a proper feature, and they ditched The American as the resident racing driver - since all he seemed to be able to do was drive cars and make shitty comments about them. Read More >>

Electric Cars Could Escape Bridge Tolls – Until They Become Popular

Loads of old people who make decisions within the UK city of Southampton's council department could make a monumental change to the nation's road rules next week, when they rule on whether or not to allow electric cars free passage over a toll bridge. Read More >>

McLaren’s Senna is a £750k Brutalist Orange Mess

Many suffering video game developers are going to have nightmares sticking this new beast from Mclaren into the racing games of the future, as it has more open vents and ridged valleys and inlets than a partially constructed Death Star. They'll have to make a new Xbox to render it all. Read More >>

Where is The Grand Tour Season 2 Test Track?

Amazon released the first episode of second series of The Grand Tour this morning, and there are a bunch of changes that have been made since last year. We already know about the revamped celebrity segment and the tour tent that isn't touring, but now that the episode is out we know there's a brand new test track. Read More >>