Land Rover Builds a Retro Infotainment Hub With Knobs and Dials For Ageing Classics

IF you have an old Land Rover or Jaguar and IF money is no object and IF you would like a new radio and satnav, THEN Land Rover's classic team has a really quite impressive solution. It's building retro-futuristic entertainment devices to slot into ancient old vehicles, bringing knobs and dials and a 3.5-inch touchscreen to the world of rotary fans and sliding vents. Read More >>

Jenson Button Put 551 Miles on His McLaren P1

Former F1 driver Jenson Button has decided to wave goodbye to one of the most celebrated pieces within his car collection, with his costly and extremely bespoke McLaren P1 now listed for sale. Read More >>

Would a Green Number Plate Get You Excited About a Renault Zoe?

The government has come up with a plan to get the sales figures of electric cars to match up with the hype of the supposed future of driving, with the idea of introducing special green number plates for EVs being floated. Read More >>

Don’t Buy a Car, Buy a Pickup!

Even if you don’t drive you’ll know that potholes here in the UK are a big, big problem. And, it’s a problem that’s getting worse, thanks to a lack of investment and a ‘patch it up’ mentality rather than a cohesive plan for revitalising Britain’s road network that includes over 24,000 miles of surfaces that need repairing. Read More >>

Police Are Going to Start Testing Drivers’ Eyesight by the Side of the Road

If you get pulled over by the police, generally speaking they'll make sure the car you're driving is yours, that you have got a valid licence, and in some cases they'll test to make sure you're not too drunk to be legally driving. Now, though, they may be checking to see if your eyesight is good enough, because if it's not they'll be taking your driving licence off you. Read More >>

Marvel At This Drivable Bugatti Chiron Built From a Million Pieces of Lego Technic and 2,304 Electric Toy Motors

Just as Gizmodo UK's resident Lego enthusiast Tom predicted last week, Lego really did build a proper car out of Technic. Read More >>

Land Rover Wonders if Autonomous Cars Need Fake Eyes

Jaguar Land Rover has had an idea that's either the future of self-driving cars or today's attempt at getting in the news. We can't tell, but it sounds like a good idea, with the carmaker saying that it is testing autonomous cars with moving fake eyes to reassure pedestrians. Read More >>

Scottish Car Manufacturing Restarts for Tall People Having a Midlife Crisis

This lovely car here is the Raptor RR, a vehicle best described as being a bit like a Caterham but longer, so it can fit tall people in. You also need to have a garage to keep it in for 363 days of the year and have up to £44,000 to spend on what is basically a massive toy to be at least the third car in the household. Read More >>

Russian Company Yandex Offers Europe’s First Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service

Taxis with drivers are so last year. The awkward conversations about the weather and if they've had a busy day? Nobody has time for that! And if you happen to be in Innopolis in Russia, you can avoid it: Yandex has just launched a driverless taxi service in the city, the first of its kind in Europe. Well, almost - there's still a safety driver in the front passenger seat to make sure everything runs smoothly. Who knows whether it's customary to make polite small-talk with them. Read More >>

Land Rover Develops Spill-Resistant Bowls and Pet Showers for Dogs of the Nouveau Riche

Jaguar Land Rover has been doing a bit of thinking about what the owners of its cars really need, and the team has come up with some pet-based solutions that could keep your favourite animal friend Instagram-ready at all times, including an integrated Land Rover branded dog shower. Read More >>

A Few London Roads Live the No Petrol Engines Dream

A handful of streets in London are about to get slightly less grimy and stinky, thanks to two local green-leaning councils banning petrol and diesel-engined vehicles entirely. Read More >>

Aston Martin Restarts DB5 Production for the Nauseatingly Rich

If you have so much money that you are launching your own space tourism programme as a way of spending it all, here's a nice little toy you can give your model wife enough money to buy you for Christmas. A new Aston Martin DB5, in full Bond spec. Read More >>

International Uber Rival Launches in South Wales

There's a new alternative to Uber up and running in some of the more densely urbanised valleys of South Wales, with Indian cab-hailing app Ola now launched in Cardiff, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan. Read More >>

Even Autotrader is Getting in on Madonna’s Birthday Celebrations

You're probably reading this while listening to some Madonna songs, as it's her 60th birthday today and everyone's posting their favourite Madonna songs all over the place. We're still working on the right answer to that question, as it's currently down to either Hung Up, Vogue or Like a Prayer, having just eliminated Get into the Groove. While we decide on that, here's something from Autotrader's oft-overlooked blog to read -- they've found one of Madonna's old cars for sale. Read More >>

The UK Loves Electric Cars, But it’s One of the Worst Countries for Charging Infrastructure

Electric cars are pretty popular in this country, especially amongst the youth who are least resistant to switching from a petrol pump to a plug socket. But echoing what we've heard before, it seems the UK isn't really ready to handle a steep uptake in electrical vehicles. Or at least it's not if a new report is to be believed. Read More >>