A Melted Duck Has Driven Japanese Twitter Users Completely Bonkers

It’s hot in Japan. Hot enough to melt a dashboard rubber duck into a forlorn pool of gooey plastic. And hot enough to make thousands of people intent on proving or disproving the authenticity of a now-viral tweet. Read More >>

Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Has a Bumper Car Style Stop/Go Superpedal

The next version of the Nissan Leaf is going to come with quite a fancy innovation in the form of its e-Pedal option -- an all-in-one power and braking control that Nissan says should be good for 90 per cent of your driving day. Read More >>

Mercedes Recall Wants 3m Diesel Cars Back for an OS Update

The software handling the emissions of Mercedes cars needs a tweak, they say, so 3m of the cars sold across Europe need to go back to the garage to have someone plug something in, swear a few times, glance at a calendar of a lady, and refresh the cars' software. Read More >>

Scientists Discover How Diesel Could Pollute Less Than Petrol

Diesel cars fitted with modern particle filters and catalysts emit fewer carbon emissions than their petrol counterparts, new research suggests. Read More >>

Ford Will Let You Know Before An Ambulance Is Screaming Past You

The emergency services have by far the toughest job on our roads: they need to navigate through a minefield of traffic, at speed — and that's before they get to the scene of whatever accident they're attending. New Ford tech helps regular drivers know when a police car, ambulance or fire engine is coming up behind them, so they can pull over more quickly and safely and help save lives. Read More >>

The Kids Don’t Dream of a Driving Licence Any More

Stats that record the number of young people that are putting their phones down for long enough to learn how to drive show that car ownership fantasies are on the decline, with nearly 20 per cent fewer 17-to-25-year-olds taking their driving tests now than a decade ago. Read More >>

Renewable Whisky Sludge Biofuel Powers Unmodded Car

A new form of biofuel has been successfully tested in the UK, with an unmodified petrol-engined vehicle having a bit of a drive with no ill effects after consuming a tank full of biobutanol. Read More >>

top gear
You Can Own Top Gear’s Reasonably Priced Car For An Even More Reasonable Price

Top Gear changed the reasonably-priced car segment to the reasonably fast car recently, but before steak-punchgate the show was well known for putting A-list celebrities in their modestly crap car and sending them around the track to get a power lap time. You can now own one such vehicle if you're mad and want a car with a horrible automotive history. Read More >>

All Volvo Cars Will Be Electric Or Hybrid From 2019

Car maker Volvo has today announced that from 2019, all of the cars it makes will be either electric or hybrid, in what could one day be considered a significant moment in the battle against climate change. Read More >>

This Autonomous Van Could Soon Be Delivering Your Shopping

Back in February, we took a tour around the futuristic warehouse operated by Ocado - a company that styles itself as a technology company that just happens to sell groceries. It was hugely impressive, as the shuffling of your shopping is almost entirely automated by using a huge network of conveyor belts - and the process is being constantly optimised to squeeze out as much efficiency as possible. Read More >>

Elon Musk Announces Tesla Model 3 Will Start Delivery On Friday

When he’s not waxing poetic about floors and digging giant holes in the ground, Elon Musk runs an electric car company. Late Sunday night, he tweeted the biggest news yet in Tesla’s short history. The Model 3, a more affordable Tesla, will roll off the assembly line on Friday. Read More >>

Spot the Supercar from the Crash Debris

This mangled pile of burnt bits is all that's left of a supercar that hit a house in Wiltshire and came off worse. But what did it used to be? Who uses orange like that? Which company puts on that type of wheels? And has anyone checked to see if Richard Hammond has tweeted anything today? Read More >>

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance Startup Hopes to Launch This Year

The chance to pay for your car insurance only when you actually do a bit of driving should come to the UK market later this year, as insurance startup By Miles prepares to launch its pay-per-mile products. Read More >>

One Day, Your Car Horn Might Be A Quack

Beep beep. South Korean researchers say that the new car horn they've developed is equally effective at alerting anyone within audible distance, while being less painful for the delicate ears of motorists and nearby pedestrians. Oh, and it sounds like a duck's quack. Read More >>

Aston Martin’s All-Electric RapidE Is Finally Official

Two years ago, Aston Martin teased a road-going all-electric version of its inimitable grand tourer called the RapidE. Based on the four-door Rapide, the RapidE will swap a 6.0-litre V12 for an all-electric powertrain, and it'll enter production in 2019. Any more information is sketchy, but if you're that especially cashed-up greenie who's always wanted an electric Aston Martin, this is the first one ever. Read More >>