Gina Rodriguez and Tracy Morgan Are Starring in a New Animated Scooby-Doo Movie

Whip out the Scooby Snacks, because our favorite mystery-solving dog is coming back to the big screen, reports the Hollywood Reporter. For the first time since 2004, Scooby-Doo will be getting a theatrical release with a new animated movie, featuring a star-studded voice cast and appearances from other characters in the, er, extended Hanna-Barbera universe. Because that’s how everything works now. Read More >>

The Looney Tunes Are Set to Invade All Your Screens With a Brand New Series

It’s been a while since the Looney Tunes have actually starred in a good old-fashioned TV show about their madcap antics, but Warner Bros. has a plan to change that in 2019. Read More >>

The Future of Rick and Morty is in Limbo, According to Dan Harmon

In spite of the more extreme elements of Rick and Morty’s saucy fanbase, the Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland-created scifi parody remains a pretty entertaining watch. But after three stellar, wildly popular seasons, its future is uncertain. Read More >>

BBC Tackles Underrepresentation of Women in Pretend CG Land

The BBC's in-home babysitting service known as CBeebies is about to be hit by a new wave of female-led cartoons, with the broadcaster admitting that much of its animated output has previously been skewed towards Male Character Fixing Infrastructure type scenarios. Read More >>

YouTube Says It Will Crack Down on All Those Creepy Videos Targeted at or Featuring Kids

Google, along with fellow tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter has drawn increasing scrutiny this year over concerns that its “concentrated authority resembles the divine right of kings,” as the New York Times put it. In recent months, it’s faced stumbling blocks when it returned misinformation and conspiracy theories during crises like mass shootings and became embroiled in the ever-expanding Russian electoral interference scandal. But one particularly disturbing note concerned Google subsidiary YouTube and its YouTube Kids section, which everyone seems to have recently realised was promoting weird-ass, creepy content to children via algorithmically suggested videos and a seeming lack of moderation. Read More >>

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Butch Hartman Draws Up Some Cool Ideas for Pixar TV Spinoffs

Someone get Pixar President Edwin Catmull on the phone. Fairly Oddparentscreator Butch Hartman’s got some awesome ideas on how to bring some of Disney Pixar’s most popular movies to television. Read More >>

Remembering Leo Baxendale, Creator of Minnie The Minx & The Bash St Kids

A part of our childhoods has died with the news that Leo Baxendale, creator of the Bash St Kids and Minnie The Minx, has completed the last panel of his life. Read More >>

This Guy’s Tattoos Come to Life When He Spins Around

If you’re going to endure all the pain of getting a tattoo, you probably want to ensure that whatever’s being permanently etched on your body is unique and original. So instead of a heart with a dagger through it, why not get a series of animated figures that turn you into a living zoetrope? Read More >>

It Took Four Months to Recreate the TMNT Cartoon’s Intro Using Super Nintendo’s Mario Paint

The Super Nintendo is best remembered as defining the 16-bit era of video gaming, although many of us spent countless hours playing with Mario Paint instead. But that pales in comparison to the over four months Mike Matei spent recreating the opening to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ animated series using only the SNES’ beloved animation game. Read More >>

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This Is the Guy Who Sang the Original Pokémon Theme Song

Even if you’ve been obsessed with playing Pokémon Go the past few weeks, you probably have no idea who Jason Paige is. But if you grew up watching the animated series, you definitely know his voice. He sang the epic theme song for the English-language version of the Pokémon cartoon. Think the resurgence in popularity is doing Paige favours? Think again. Read More >>

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Why Batman: The Animated Series is the Best Batman Ever

What’s your favourite version of Batman? Tim Burton’s? Christopher Nolan’s? Maybe your answer should be that Batman: The Animated Series actually has the best Batman. Hear me out. Read More >>

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The Evolution of Wolverine in Movies and TV

Wait, there was a Wolverine on screen before Hugh Jackman? No one is really sure. Hugh Jackman’s dominance of the character makes this video from Burger Fiction seem like a look into how well he’s aged, plus how buff he’s become.But we also get to see the cartoon character we all loved as a kid, along with parodies of Jackman’s Wolverine. Read More >>

The Beano’s Numskulls Respond to Pixar’s Inside Out

The latest Disney Pixar blockbuster hit cinemas this week. Inside Out tells the tale of what goes on inside the head of a young girl, with each of her emotions represented by different characters. Read More >>

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Celebrate Bugs Bunny’s 75th Birthday With This 1944 Short About the Year 2000

Unofficially, Bugs Bunny turned 75 this week. It’s unofficial because Warner Bros doesn’t recognise birthdays of fictional characters. But that’s no reason we can’t celebrate! And what better way than looking at Bugs Bunny predictions for the year 2000? Read More >>