Lazy Modern People Can Have Pre-Carved Pumpkins Delivered

People lazy enough to have all their food delivered still vaguely warm and ready to cram into their mouths in gaps between heaving sobs may now skip another tedious part of modern life, as food-bringer Deliveroo is to sell a small number of ready-carved pumpkins – helping people who can't be bothered to at least look like they were, at some point in the recent past, a little bit bothered. Read More >>

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My Brain Can’t Handle This Guy Carving a Pencil on the End of a Pencil on the End of a Pencil

There is little to no practical use for Bobby Duke’s latest endeavor, aside from proving to the world, and himself, that he could carve a smaller pencil on the end of a regular pencil, and then an even smaller pencil on the end of that one. It’s the pencil version of Inception but it’s much easier to follow. Read More >>

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Watch This Talented Carver Turn a Lincoln Penny Into a Morbid Masterpiece

Michelangelo’s David is undoubtedly a masterpiece, but would the artist have been as adept with a chisel were he working on a tiny copper penny instead of a giant slab of marble? Using a magnifying scope, artist Shaun Hughes managed to skillfully turn Lincoln’s head into a remarkably detailed skull. Read More >>

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NASA Carves Pumpkins Better Than You Ever Could

Put a man on the Moon? Sure. Establish a continuously orbiting zero-gravity laboratory? Easy. Parachute a rover onto Mars? Ain't no thang. Okay, fine NASA, but can you carve a pumpkin? Read More >>

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Watch the Beautiful, Intricate Handiwork of Scrimshaw

Scrimshaw is a traditional art developed by 18th-century sailors on whaling ships. To pass the time during journeys that could last years, sailors took to hand-carving intricate, flowering designs in the cast-off teeth or bones of the whales they hunted. Whaling has long been outlawed, but scrimshaw lives on in the hands of masters like Brian Kiracofe. Read More >>

Artist Carves Bowling Balls Into Unreadable Tomes

You might not think a bowling ball could be recycled into anything other than an implement of destruction. But Los Angeles-based artist Eddy Sykes turns them into timeless pieces of art suitable for sitting on the shelves of any library. Read More >>

When Humble Car Tires Become Delicate Works of Art

When your stable of art projects includes feces and tattooed pigs, using tires as your canvas is no real surprise. Read More >>