Indecisive People Rejoice: There’s an iPhone Case That’s Also an Android Phone

Have you ever been using your iPhone and found yourself wishing it was heavier and more prone to viruses? Well, have we got a gadget for you. In the same way that Reese’s Peanut Butter cups brought together too disparate worlds, the Eye Smart iPhone Case crams a whole other phone on your phone. Read More >>

Edward Snowden’s Making iPhone Cases Now

A concept mobile phone case that alerts the user to when its signals are transmitting data that could potentially be monitored by our authoritarian leaders has been revealed, with celebrity data sharer Edward 'USB Stick Fingers' Snowden taking part of the credit for its inception. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Kodi Moves into Hardware With Posh Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi

The maker of the Kodi media toolbox -- previously known to the older generation of streaming nerds as XBMC, and to their forefathers as Xbox Media Centre -- has launched its first piece of hardware. Of a sort. It's a case. A Kodi case designed to house a Raspberry Pi 3 and turn it into a proper nice little box you can put on any vacant bit of shelving below your main TV. Read More >>

“Connected Sleeve” is an Actually Nice-looking External Battery

This Connected Sleeve wants to solve the problem that is depressingly utilitarian external phone batteries. It's a battery, inside a case, one that wirelessly charges your phone as soon as you pop it in. Read More >>

The Future of Television Will be Accessorised

This thing has been given the rather grand name of Survivor Play for Siri Remote, a posh way of saying it's a silicone case to protect Apple TV's new touch control remote from damage when you throw it at a wall in a rage due to being shit at games. Read More >>

This iPhone 6 Case Will Probably Get You Arrested

People in America might want to avoid buying the Peneric Gun Pistol case for the iPhone 6, unless they fancy getting gunned down by enthusiastic police within seconds of checking for new notifications. Read More >>

HTC’s Nexus 9 May Come With Optional Keyboard

The rumour that HTC is signed on to make the next Nexus tablet appears to have firmed up overnight, with new images showing an official keyboard case for the supposed 8-inch or 9-inch Android showcase. Read More >>

LG’s Sticking Games on its QuickCircle Case Window

The round fun porthole in the LG QuickCircle case is being jazzed up substantially, with LG announcing a plan to create bespoke games to be played on its case-hole. Just in case you find the current-gen lock screens too boring. Read More >>

Alleged iPhone 6 Production Backside Captured on Video

Here's a video of a person handling what may be the final backside of the iPhone 6. The alleged final production case matches the design seen in the masses of previous leaks, so... could well be it. Read More >>

LG’s G3 QuickCase Hints at Onboard Health Monitoring Features

Hooray, we finally get to see the... oh. For some curious reason LG has decided to announce the case for the LG G3 before showing the world the actual contents, with the LG G3 QuickCircle case apparently quite a stand-out piece of work worthy of its own little unveiling event. Read More >>

xbox one
Two AA Batteries Included in Xbox One Box! PS4 Crushed!

This is it. It's over. Microsoft has won the next-generation home console battle. Official Microsoft man-mouthpiece Major Nelson has announced that there was "one more thing" he didn't mention in his unboxing video -- two AA batteries for the controller. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One is Designed to be Left Turned on for Ten Years

There's a reason Xbox One comes in that whopping great 1980s VCR style case, and it's not because some one in authority at Microsoft went mad. It's for cooling, to help keep it quiet and reliable, and so you can leave it switched on constantly for the next ten years. Read More >>

Who Wants a Concrete iPhone Skin?

You can get all manner of weird and wonderful iPhone cases, but if you want something more industrial, maybe you'd like one made out of concrete. Wait, what? Read More >>

The Only Case I Would Consider Using With an iPhone

No, you don't need a damn case for your iPhone 5—but if you have butterfingers and you must use a case, this seems to me like the only acceptable one. The SurfacePad is not only simple and elegant—complementing the iPhone's design rather than turning it into an ugly hulk or a clear-plastic-wrapped granny sofa—but also has function. And it protects your screen too, unlike 99 per cent of the offensively horrible covers out there. Read More >>