Massive Drone Carries CNN Employee Into the Sky for a Ludicrous Ad

Casey Neistat was a vlogger. Now, he lives among the clouds. Read More >>

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This Filmmaker Reviews Google Glass Using Google Glass

By this stage, Google Glass has been around in the US in its kinda-beta kinda-on-sale format for a solid 18 months, and the internet is awash with more reviews than you can probably tolerate. But it's still interesting to see wizard filmmaker Casey Neistat's opinion on everyone's favourite face computer, especially when the entire thing is filmed with Glass itself. Read More >>

The Reality of the iPhone Line is a Black Market Nightmare

This week, people camped outside Apple stores for days anticipating the iPhone 6. But those line-waiters weren't all frenzied Apple fans high on the joy of being among the first iPhone 6 owners: As filmmaker Casey Neistat portrays it, many of those at the very front of the line were buying the new iPhone to immediately resell it on the black market. Read More >>

Are There More Calories in Food Than What’s Listed in the Nutrition Facts? (Yes)

Our friend Casey Neistat made a wonderful documentary for the New York Times, he went and compared the actual calories of food to what's listed on the nutrition facts. And guess what? More times than not, food had more calories than what was advertised. Read More >>

How Not To Suck at Instragram

Cool it with the hashtags, don't post obsessively, and follow the rapper Rick Ross — according to a new short movie from filmmaker Casey Neistat, these are the rules of the road on the old Instagram highway. Read More >>

How to Make Your Own Beats By Dre Headphones (Except They’ll Actually Sound Good)

So Beats By Dre headphones sound kind of terrible. Minus "kind of." But they sure are pretty. Film maker and Renaissance man Casey Neistat took it upon himself to turn an actually decent set of cans into beautiful black and red doppelgangers. And he made a how to video. Read More >>

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Your Next Party Trick: Turn Water into Whiskey

Filmmaker Casey Neistat shows a neat trick that can turn a shot full of water into a shot filled with whiskey all through... magic? Sleight of hand? Devil's work? Destiny? No. DENSITY. Read More >>