Hackers Snag £1.52 Million From Cash Machines Without Using Credit Card

Earlier this week, Taiwanese hackers tricked cash machines into unloading piles of cash—more than $2 million (£1.52 million), in fact—without using a credit card. Instead of using a stolen credit card like most cash machine thieves, these masked robbers used a computer program and walked away with piles of cash in a backpack. Read More >>

Global Cash Machine Skimming Attacks Are in Decline – But More Lucrative Than Ever

In the last decade, cash-machine skimmers have risen from fictional threat to very real crime. Now, the European ATM Security Team has announced that the total number of skimming attacks around the world is falling – but the total gains made by crooks continues to rise. Read More >>

What Happens When Criminals Take the Concept of Cashpoint Hacking Literally

Cash-machine skimmers are becoming ever-more advanced, but for some criminals old habits die hard. This is what happens when crooks take the idea of autobank hacking a little too literally. Read More >>

You’d Never Spot This Razor-Thin Cash Machine Skimmer

The constant drive for miniaturisation doesn't just apply to consumer electronics: the crooks are at it, too. And when it comes to card skimmers, this tiny thing is pretty much impossible to spot. Read More >>

The Future of PIN Could Involve Colour and Shape Buttons

The PIN system is an ageing and not entirely secure technique, especially when it comes to ATMs. But a new system that uses colour and shapes may go at least some way to solving the problem. Read More >>

Cash Machine Notspots in the UK’s Poorest Areas Add to the Misery of Poverty

300,000 of the UK's poorest people don't have access to a free ATM, meaning the banks and cash machine operators are heaping small amounts of extra misery on those who have no choice but to pay should they want to withdraw their cash locally. Read More >>