Royal Mint Counts All the 50p Coins so You Don’t Have to

Collecting 50p pieces seems to be cool with the kids these days, seeing as 50p is about all the underpaid youth can afford to set aside for rainy days and flat deposits and so on. But which 50p is the rarest of them all? The Royal Mint has blown the doors off this perennial tabloid clickbait favourite by literally listing the mintage numbers throughout the entire lifetime of the 50p. Read More >>

Google’s Now Letting Users Pay for Android Apps With Cash

While credit and debit cards are rampant in the UK and the United States, it’s not necessarily the case in other countries where cash is still king. At this year’s Google I/O developer conference, the tech giant announced it’s adding more payment methods to its Google Play store, including cash and bank transfers. Read More >>

What Even Is Cash Anymore?

Laundry days are the worst. Not because I hate doing laundry – I love warm, fluffy, clean clothes – but because I need cold hard cash to use the machines at my local 24-hour laundromat. Legitimately, I’ve sat here for 20 minutes trying to think of anything besides laundry that I regularly use actual cash for. I got nada. Read More >>

1,300 Free Cash Machines Have Closed in the UK in the Last Six Months

Between January and July this year, the number of free cash machines dropped from 54,500 to 53,200. Around 250 ATMS a month have been closed from areas that are no longer seen as cost-effective to operate them in. Read More >>

Tesco Tests Cashless Checkouts and Mobile Self-Scanning

Tesco is using an innovation hotbed within its Welwyn Garden City headquarters to test a wholly cashless shopping experience, with staff who shop at the in-house mini Tesco Express using their mobiles to scan their own shopping, and simply walking out with it to leave the apps and passwords and clever things to handle payment in the background. Read More >>

Country People Can’t be Bothered With Your Urban Digital Banking Obsessions

People who live in the rural masses of the UK aren't so bothered about banking apps, according to the Financial Conduct Authority, which says that just 23 per cent of country folk bother to do their banking through a smartphone – whereas 45 per cent of their clean-shod urban counterparts do. Read More >>

Card Paying Overtakes Cash for the First Time

The number of payments made via debit card have overtaken cash transactions in the UK at last, with the new wave of just-working contactless debit card systems helping to make paying for stuff without using money more commonplace than ever. Read More >>

Parents Start Gender Pay Gap Early By Paying Boys More For Doing Little Jobs

Little girls are being told their efforts are worth less than those of boys before they've even entered the workplace and been told what to wear by a man, as gender pay disparity appears to begin at home; where little boys are routinely paid more than little girls by parents for doing household chores and behaving themselves. Read More >>

Australia Bans Cash For All Purchases Over £5,500 Starting July 2019

Australia’s Liberal Party government has announced that it will soon be illegal to purchase anything over $10,000 AUD (£5,500) with cash. The government says it’s, “encouraging the transition to a digital society,” and cracking down on tax evasion. But not everyone is happy with the move. Read More >>

Lake District Opts Out of Currency Union

A whole new bunch of bank notes are about to launch in the UK on May 1st, and these are going to be even harder to shift in a London Caffe Nero than a Scottish tenner – they're for the Lake District only. Read More >>

1p and 2p Coins Saved From the Smelter… For Now

The opinion maelstrom that formed when the possibility of our precious money being changed has been calmed by the government, which says there's no current plan to remove the 1p and 2p from circulation so can everyone stop crying and hoarding the things even more than usual. Read More >>

Liverpool’s Own Digital Currency Keeps Banks Out of the Loop

Local currency expert Colu is trying to kick the banks out of small communities and businesses across the country, with its app-only digital currency popping up all over the place -- and in the form of the hyperlocal Local Pound Liverpool. Read More >>

Amid Chaos, We’re About to Get a Whole New Kind of Bitcoin

Less than a week ago, headlines declared that a market-shaking fork in Bitcoin had been averted. But the people backing a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash have now announced that the expected compromise between warring factions is dead. Next week, the huge Bitcoin fork will begin and here’s what it’s all about. Read More >>

That £100 Note in Your Pocket May be Worth £300

A super-rare bank note from the Napoleonic era has been discovered in the UK, with the £100 note expected to fetch up to £300 at auction. Which is a bit rubbish, actually, as when it was produced in 1814 it would've been worth the equivalent of around £3,500 in today's money. Read More >>

Penny Dreadful: How George Osborne Wanted To Get Rid Of The One Pence Piece

Can you imagine living without the one and two pence piece? Sure you can, because they're a massive pain in the arse and we'd all be better if they just went away. Well, former Chancellor George Osborne had a plan to withdraw the two coins entirely, but it was nixed at the last minute by David Cameron who feared the symbolism of the Tories getting rid of the coins. Read More >>