Casio Is Reviving an ’80s Musical Calculator So You Can Play the Star Wars Theme While Doing Your Taxes

For a short while, listening to popular songs played on old-school calculators was a fun YouTube distraction. Fads come and go a lot faster on the internet, however, which is unfortunate for Casio. It’s releasing an updated version of a popular ‘80s calculator that plays music and a video game—but maybe a few weeks too late? Read More >>

Casio’s £33,000 Printer Can Turn Paper Into Faux Leather, Wood, and Alligator Skin

As a rule, we rarely post news about printers here on Gizmodo because, as a rule, they’re mind-numbingly boring. But Casio’s new Mofrel system does something truly innovative: it can add 3D textures to your printouts, turning flat paper into faux leather, stone, wood, and even simulate embossed stitched fabrics. Read More >>

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Casio’s Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive the Outdoors Longer Than You

The first thing people think of when they hear the name Casio is digital watches. You probably grew up with a cheap Casio on your wrist, but the company’s first Android Wear offering is instead engineered to be tough enough for outdoor enthusiasts who need more than just notifications of Facebook likes. Read More >>

Casio G-Shock GBA-400 Review: Not Quite a Smartwatch, But Still Pretty Smart

Smartwatches are everywhere at the moment, and the trend for intelligent wearables shows no signs of slowing, with Google's Android Wear system hitting the market on multiple timepieces and Apple's preparing its own iOS-based effort for next year. Read More >>

Casio Taps the 1980s for Its Retro Line of Smart (Looking) Watches

Not many people would consider a gold digital watch a classy way to spruce up an outfit, but back in the 1980s they were cutting-edge technology and high style – and if rocked right can still own your arm now. So Casio is bringing back a small collection of its swankiest designs in gold and silver for all you hipsters looking to complement your spats. Read More >>

Casio’s Latest Bluetooth Watch Puts Song Recognition on Your Wrist

As far as smartwatches go, Casio has been taking a relatively simplistic approach with its Bluetooth-equipped timepieces, happy to use its smartphone connection to provide notifications and brief previews of incoming messages and emails. The new GBA-400 goes a bit further, though, by telling you what song is playing right there on its display. Read More >>

Casio’s Sporty Bluetooth Watch Lets You Glimpse Your Fitness App Stats

Smartwatches might seem like a recent fad, but countless companies have been trying to improve your wearable electronics for well over a decade. Including Casio, who were one of the first to integrate a Bluetooth connection into its watches letting it mirror notifications from your smartphone. And the company's latest model, the STB-1000, is even designed to double as a fitness tracker, piggybacking on your smartphone's existing motion sensors. Read More >>

30 Years of G-Shock Celebrated, With Titanium MR-G and Other Limited Edition Watches

The idea to create "the toughest watch in the world" came to Japanese creator Kikuo Ibe, when he dropped and broke a precious watch given to him by his father. The first G-Shocks were developed in the 80s, and 30 years on they're tougher and smarter than ever. One item in particular, "the ultimate G-Shock", has been developed to celebrate the anniversary, the MR-G. Read More >>

Casio’s Kickstand Point-and-Shoot Is the Ultimate Self-Shooter

Casio's not always the first name you think of when you're shopping for a digital camera, but occasionally the company comes up with a neat feature that might have you reconsidering that Nikon or Canon. Such is the case with its new Exilim EX-ZR1000, which makes it extra easy with not only a flip around LCD display, but also a built-in stand keeping it propped up in either portrait or landscape modes. Read More >>

Casio’s Tablet Appeals to the Pen-and-Paper Crowd

With a touchscreen keyboard and interface, the iPad has made great strides in pushing printing and writing towards extinction. But Casio sees a different future with its new Paper Writer tablets. A future where hand-written notes and tablets live side-by-side in perfect harmony. Read More >>

Casio’s Camera App Lets You Share Messages Via Flashing Disco Lights

A while ago Casio came up with a new approach to sharing data and messages on a mobile device. Instead of a wireless data connection, it uses the camera to read and decode a multi-coloured flashing light, not unlike morse code. Read More >>

A WDTV Live Streaming Box Is Your Anti-Jubilee-Entertainment-Centre Deal of the Day

If you haven't been invited to a Jubilee street party over the next couple of days, you might want to take solace bystaying indoors with the curtains closed and watching the festivities on the telly. But let's be honest, you'd probably be better off watching something else instead. Read More >>

10 Watches That Tell The Time Stylishly, and Won’t Cost an Arm (Or a Leg)

Wondering what time it is? Don't have a watch because the current economy sucks? Well don't let that get you down -- take a peek at these watches that look good; don't cost the world, and will make you feel awesome every single time you look at them. Read More >>

G-Shock’s £500 RAF Watch Lacks Shiny Hardware to Avoid Being Spotted by Enemies

After the Royal Air Force gave G-Shock the skinny on the various functions it needs from a watch, the "Gravity Defier" GW-A1000RAF-1AER was born. We sat down with Flight Lieutenant Nathan Jones to discuss his involvement on the project, and find out why he deemed compasses, torches and locator beacons surplus to an RAF pilot's requirements. Read More >>

Hands-On With the Bluetooth G-Shock GB-6900

Giz UK got its grubby mitts on the G-Shock GB-6900 at Baselworld 2012 watch fair, the super-tough digital watch that features a low-power Bluetooth 4.0 chip for two-way communication with a smartphone. It hasn't been released in Europe yet, and according to the G-Shock Research and Development team, I was the first person from the UK to try it on. Read More >>