This Device Was the iPod of the 1970s (Sort Of)

When it was first released, the iPod flew off shelves with the promise of storing 1,000 songs. Thirty years prior, fitting that much music in a single piece of consumer equipment was unheard of — except in the case of the Panasonic RS-296US. Read More >>

Eminem’s Re-Releasing The Slim Shady LP On Cassette

Are you ready to party like it's [find out what year this came out in on Wikipedia]? Great. Then you'll be needing the reissued copy of Eminem's The Slim Shady LP, which has, for some reason, been put back out again on cassette tape format. Read More >>

The Best Christmas Gadget I Ever Received

When I was a kid, I'm not sure how old, I got a little red Panasonic RQ-44A cassette player for Christmas. I learned about design, music, and even audio engineering on it. I still kind of miss it. Read More >>