Norwich Drone Enthusiast Buzzed by Police for Illegal Flight

A drone pilot who went a bit too close to a scheduled ancient monument in a highly populated urban centre has been given a talking-at by local police, after the flier accidentally grassed himself up by posting footage of his flight online. Read More >>

Spanish Castle Gets the ‘Ecce Homo’ Restoration of Shame

The phenomenon of ruining old things in a well-meaning manner has spread to a castle in the town of Cádiz, Spain, where the local castle appears to have been restored by someone with extreme brutalist architectural leanings. Read More >>

Soon You Can Sleep in This Fake Bavarian Castle in the Middle of China

China loves to counterfeit, and architecture is no exception. So it was no surprise when a massive, massive German-style castle popped up in the seaside city of Dalian. It's exciting, however, that Starwood Hotels has announced that it will open a giant hotel inside of it. Read More >>

10 Incredible DIY Castles Built by Just One Single Person

You know the saying "a man's home is his castle?" Some folks out there take it very seriously — so much that they've set out to build their own medieval fortresses. Our colleagues from Gizmodo en Español collected some of the most fascinating castles, all with one thing in common: they've been built by the genius and patience of just one single person. Read More >>