Brits Are the Most Technologically Sophisticated TV Watchers in the World

The UK has the dubious honour of being labelled the ‘most advanced TV-watching nation’ in the world. Ofcom says we’re absolutely killing it, with more people using tablets and catch-up services to get their fix of Peep Show and Masterchef here than in the rest of Europe, the US, Japan or Australia. Suck on that, world. Read More >>

EE TV Updates With Companion Screen, Social Sharing and Mobile Stream Grabbing

EE TV, the on-demand, catch-up, streaming, smartphone, tablet and actual live TV TV system is getting a large update later this month, one, inevitably, themed around enhanced personalisation options that line up potential shows for all of the device's separate users. Read More >>

Flash New Sky Home Screen Rolls Out Today

Satellite TV subscribers who do their tellying through a relatively modern Sky+HD box will see Sky's all-new home screen layout appear today, with the refreshed EPG and its focus on on-demand services rolling out right now. Read More >>

A Redesigned BBC iPlayer Launches Today

The BBC has today announced the launch of a revamped iPlayer catch-up service, rolling out today. Read More >>

On-Demand Stuff Gets a Promotion in Sky’s Forthcoming EPG Update

Satellite TV king BSkyB has revealed a completely overhauled EPG, one that'll bring on-demand and older content to the main page of the boxes of its subscribers, seeing as we're all too busy on Twitter to watch anything live these days. Read More >>

New Sky+HD Boxes Now Have Wi-Fi as Standard

Both models of Sky+HD box distributed in the UK from now on will have Wi-Fi built into the box, with both the standard unit and the 2TB whopper now able to hook into your home network without the need to shove wires under the carpet. Read More >>

Sky Wins Friends by Apologising for Crappy Android App

Sky's held up its hands and admitted to being a bit slack when it comes to integrating its Sky Go system and Android, with the boss of product design and development at Sky stepping up and taking responsibility for the mess. Read More >>

Samsung Bags Bafflingly Irritating Exclusive on ITV Player Android App

For some utterly bizarre reason, probably to do with an enormous amount of Korean Won hitting ITV's bank account, Samsung and ITV have joined up to make the updated ITV Player Android app a Samsung exclusive -- meaning you need a Samsung phone or tablet to install it. Read More >>

4oD for Android
Channel 4’s Got a Brand New 4oD Android App

Want to watch the likes of Shameless, Peep Show, or even Grand Designs on your Android of choice? Well now you can, and without having to mess around with a web app, either. Download the official 4oD app from Google Play and stream shows, via Wi-Fi only, to your hearts content. Well, if you're not rooted that is.

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Virgin Media’s Web/Streaming/Catch-Up/App TV Service Now Live

Virgin Media's Virgin TV Anywhere portal is now live, letting Virgin subscribers access content through desktop and mobile web sites or an app. The app option is for iOS only at the moment, so Android users will have to make do with the mobile site for now. Read More >>

BBC iPlayer Content Now Playing Nicely With Sky+ Boxes

BBC's iPlayer content is now available in homes running one of satellite broadcaster Sky's Sky+ boxes, with Sky claiming around 6.7million households can now catch up on the latest miserable events in EastEnders through their Sky boxes. Read More >>

Windows Phone Catching Up With iPlayer “Within Weeks”

The wide, wide reach of the BBC's iPlayer service is about to expand a little further, with a Windows Phone version of the app about to launch for UK users very soon. Read More >>

Would You Watch MTV for £2 a Day?

Because that's the big idea of MTV UK's new streaming service, which gives users a pay-as-you-go option when it comes to watching its range of intellectually stimulating documentary programming about the history of World War II. Read More >>

Now You Can Grab Sky Anytime+ on Any Connection

Sky’s continuing full speed with its push to release its content from its satellite lock-in. Sky Anytime+, which lets you stream Sky’s TV roster plus on-demand catch-up from the likes of the BBC, can now be pulled down across any internet connection as predicted, not just Sky’s own-broadband service. Read More >>

IPlayer Catching Up With Xbox 360 Next Week?

Microsoft's about to get closer to offering the full set of catch-up TV services on Xbox 360, with rumours suggesting a version of the BBC's iPlayer will appear on the console next week. Read More >>