A War Is On to Destroy the Fall Armyworm in Africa

A coalition of officials met in Zimbabwe this month to discuss a little pest that has become a big problem. The fall armyworm has spread through Africa over the course of the last year and it has had devastating effects on crops. Experts fear that globalisation and climate change are setting the caterpillar up to spread into Europe as well. Read More >>

Coding Caterpillar Tipped as Top Toy for Christmas 2016

You know you're getting old when even Fisher Price is doing things about coding. This Christmas, the toymaker is hoping that its Codeapillar might cash in on today's early learning app development push, as it's a toy that requires a small amount of something approximating coding to get it to move through mazes. Read More >>

Caterpillar’s New S60 is the First Smartphone With FLIR Thermal Imaging Built Right In

Once strictly an extremely expensive tool used only by law enforcement and the military, thermal cameras are now accessible to anyone with a smartphone and a £200 accessory. But starting with Caterpillar’s new rugged S60, thermal imaging sensors are starting to be built right into smartphones. Read More >>

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Working Tank Treads Keep This Caterpillar Digger For Kids From Getting Stuck

Adding to the already lengthy list of ‘things I wish I had when I was a kid’ this Caterpillar digger has an articulated scooping arm connected to a base with working tank treads that guarantees it won’t get mired in mud while your kid slowly but surely destroys your perfectly manicured lawn. Read More >>

You’ll Desperately Want To Climb Inside This Aliens Power Loader Figure

Like lightsabers and time-travelling DeLoreans, the Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader -- or Power Loader for short -- in Aliens is one of those props that ended up being the real star of the movie. After all, who wouldn't be excited to come to work every day if it involved piloting a robotic exoskeleton? Read More >>

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Man Trapped in Mud Scooped Out By Caterpillar Machine

Ah, Russia, you never-ending source of amusement and absurdity you, please never change. Take this man, who somehow sunk himself into the mud up to his waist and then couldn't get out—until the man with the caterpillar decided to scoop him out, complete with all the mud around him. [Thanks Karl!] Read More >>