Cats Really Do Bond With Their Humans, Study Finds

It’s a widely held assumption, even by some cat owners, that domestic felines don’t get much socially from being our pets. But a new study out Monday is the latest to suggest that many cats form healthy bonds with their humans, in much the same way as dogs and human babies do. Read More >>

To Pet Owners, a Dog’s Whimpering Sounds Just as Sad as an Infant’s Cry

Devoted pet owners are often said to treat their furry friends like children. A new study out Thursday seems to show that’s not too far from the truth. The study found, among other things, that pet owners rated the sounds of a dog whimpering to be sad as cries coming from a human baby. Read More >>

The First Cats Trailer Will Haunt Your Nightmares Tonight

Yeah, yeah, we did this headline today already. But... you’re not prepared. Trust me, You are not prepared. Read More >>

Goose Claims He Could Defeat Thanos in This Totally Serious Captain Marvel Video

We all know that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) could totally kick Thanos’ ass, but what about her cat? Marvel has released a Q&A with Reggie, the feline who played Goose in Captain Marvel, asking what goodies he stole from the set and what Avenger he wants to team up with. Surprise: It’s not Carol. Read More >>

Amateur Lion Keeper Allowed to Keep His Big Cat Pets

A Nottinghamshire man has been told he may continue to operate an extremely small and private big cat zoo of his own creation, with the local council planning team narrowly approving an application to continue to be in charge of his wild beasts. Read More >>

Basepaws Review: Cat DNA Test is Far From Purrfect

Human DNA testing is big business now, with companies like 23 & Me, Ancestry and MyHeritage all competing for a slice of your genome. Given how obsessed us Brits are with our pets, it was only a matter of time before someone started offering DNA kits for them too. Read More >>

Cat Food Gave Pets and Owners Bovine TB

Around 50 pet cats and two of their human keepers were infected with bovine tuberculosis late last year, prompting a recall of one particular brand of supposedly healthy "natural" cat food. Read More >>

An Action Scene in John Wick 3 Was Almost Derailed By an Army of Cats

Considering John Wick’s origins in its protagonist’s love of his dog, it makes sense that the sequel’s biggest nemesis would be a bunch of cats. Read More >>

Do Cats Know Their Own Names?

Plenty of cat owners will happily tell you their felines are capable of responding to their own names, but the scientific jury remains ambivalent on the matter. A fascinating new experiment suggests this might actually be true for some cats, and it’s a capacity very much tied to the social environment in which the cat lives. Read More >>

London is Getting a Cat Festival

Everyone on the internet loves cats, so it's no doubt good news for Londoners that a major cat festival is coming to the Tobacco Dock in East London this May. Read More >>

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Pixar’s Emotional New Short Will Make a Pet Lover Out of You

Those of us who have them know that pets are basically like best friends who are guaranteed to never desert you, and will always do their best to make you feel better when times are rough. That’s a big part of what makes it difficult to see people who abuse animals. Read More >>

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CES 2019: Smart Cat Treadmill Has Laser Lights To Make Lazy Moggies Run

We're always down for a bit of crazy cat tech, and Korean company Pet Ding have fulfilled the brief perfectly with their Little Cat smart treadmill. Read More >>

The World’s First Home Cat DNA Test Will Be At CES

It's nearly time for the massive annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) tech tradeshow out in Las Vegas, and already the news is pouring in thick and fast. Read More >>

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The Best Pet Tech You Need This Christmas

Pets are part of the family, which means though they might not understand what Christmas is, they still deserve an exciting treat under the tree. Some of our choices here are more for you than them, but if a chilled out owner means more cuddle time, that works for everyone. Here's our pick of the pet tech for 2018. Read More >>

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New Charity Campaign Asks Landlords To Let People Have Cats, FFS

A new campaign from Cats Protection is asking the landlords of the UK to consider allowing their tenants to have just a tiny bit of joy in their lives. Read More >>