Spoilt Instagram Generation Fat Cats are Developing Diabetes

Vets are seeing a massive rise in cases of diabetes among cats in the UK, as a generation of the furry social media content generators falls victim to the same obesity crisis as their owners. Read More >>

Turn Doodles Into Furry Cat Monsters With Machine Learning Algorithm

If you’re a miserable drawer, have no fear — a new website takes your doodles and, using a machine learning algorithm, turns them into cats. Or nightmares. Read More >>

cats in space
The Secret History of the First Cat in Space

On 18th October 18th 1963, the Centre national d’études in France was set to send a small cat named Félix into space. After lagging behind its Soviet and American competitors, France was eager to stake its claim in the space race — with cats, for some reason. But on launch day, the mischievous little beast went missing — and an accidental heroine stepped in to take his place. Her name was Félicette. Read More >>

Freak Bird Flu Outbreak Prompts NYC to Quarantine All 500 Shelter Cats

It’s difficult to explain exactly how it happened, but 386 New York City shelter cats have contracted a rare avian flu that had never before been seen in cats, and had not been seen in any animals at all in over ten years. Read More >>

London Has a Cat Video Festival on Tonight

The Catnip Festival takes place in London tonight, where a selection of DJs will be playing songs to people who like to wear fancy dress and have an interest in cat videos. Has anyone got a direct line for someone at ISIS? Read More >>

Bored and Irrelevant, Julian Assange Plays Kitty Cat Dress-Up

After getting his internet privileges taken away by the Ecuadoran government in October, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is evidently bored. Currently in exile and facing rape charges in Europe, without internet, Assange has found a better way to pass the time: playing dress-up with his kitty cat. Read More >>

‘Music for Cats’ Tears up the Human Charts

An album full of music designed especially for the stupid pointy ears of cats is currently sitting at number 38 in the iTunes charts, with animal lovers reporting great success and high levels of engagement from the listening felines. Read More >>

ISIS Issues Fatwa Against Cats

As if ISIS weren't already bad enough, the Jihadist group has issued a decree against the internet's mascot: Cats. Read More >>

Cats are Happier and Healthier When You Make Them Work for Their Food

Many cats are kept indoors for various reasons, but because they’re natural foragers this can lead to a host of behavioural and health problems. New research shows that food puzzles are effective at staving off many of these problems. Read More >>

iPhone Glitch Transforms Cats Into Caterpillars 

Digital photography is reliable, consistent, and increasingly easy to use. But when it fucks up, it really fucks up. Read More >>

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Why Are Movie Cat Deaths Funny But Dog Deaths Are Sad?

It always sucks when a pet dies in real life. But in movies? It depends on what kind of pet. Read More >>

Embrace Your Inner Crazy Cat Person With This Kitty-Carrying Hoodie

Inspired by marsupials like kangaroos, Unihabitat’s new Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie comes with an oversized pocket on the front and dangling pom-poms for entertaining a kitty. It’s sure to take you one dangerous step closer to becoming the crazy cat person you’re always mocking. Read More >>

A Clip-On Motorised Cat Tail is Your First Step to Becoming a Furry

For just under £25 ThinkGeek will now sell you an animatronic cat tail, powered by four AA batteries, that will contentedly swish back and forth as it hangs from the back of your trousers. You can pretend you’re buying it for cosplay reasons, or maybe for a Halloween costume, but deep down you know it’s really your first tentative step towards becoming a 'furry'. Read More >>

This Video Shows Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Back on a Big Cat

We’ve all seen the videos of people who keep tigers or panthers as pets in their homes, or of these animals playing, and it’s easy to forget that these large animals are some of the most deadly predators out there. Read More >>

Licki Brush Lets You Tongue Your Cat Without the Fear of Furballs

Wouldn’t it be cool to be a cat? You’d be able to act like the world’s biggest arsehole without any sort of punishment. Knocking lamps off tables, pissing in shoes and scratching the shit out of just about anyone. Great, great, double-great. Read More >>