Laser Mapping Reveals a Hidden Cavern the Size of Four Great Pyramids

In an age where every square mile of Earth's surface is so easily photographed and surveilled, to be a true explorer — to see what no human has ever seen before — one has to descend into the bowels of the Earth. Armed with high-tech lasers scanners, cave explorers are slowly mapping that underground world. And now they've found the world's largest cave chamber, equivalent in size to four Great Pyramids carved-out underground. Read More >>

Inside the DIY World of Mapping Caves With Radio

Underground, where this is no GPS and certainly no Wi-Fi, mapping caves requires a different kind of technical ingenuity. Thus, there is cave radio. To learn about the DIY world of cave radio and underground exploration, Gizmodo picked the brain of Stanley Sides, tinkerer and former president of the Cave Research Foundation. Read More >>