Jaw of 330-Million-Year-Old Shark Found in Kentucky Cave

Sharks typically don’t come to mind when you think about landlocked Kentucky, but as fossil evidence from the state’s Mammoth Cave National Park shows, this place was once chock-full of the carnivorous fishes. Read More >>

Archaeologists Are Learning More About Who and What Lived in This Famous Siberian Cave

For thousands of years, Siberia’s Denisova Cave was home to various bands of Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans. But as new research shows, animals occupied this cave more frequently than not, showcasing the pains, perils, and complexities of palaeolithic life. Read More >>

Treasure Trove of Ice Age Animal Remains Found in Submerged Mexican Cave

Bones from an extinct short-faced bear and a wolf-life carnivore are among the many fascinating remains pulled from a submerged cave in Mexico. The discoveries provide a glimpse into the kinds of animals that lived in Central America during the last Ice Age. Read More >>

All 12 Boys and Coach Rescued From Thai Cave

An 18-day ordeal in which the Wild Boars football team was trapped inside a flooded cave complex in northern Thailand has finally come to an end, with the twelfth team member and the coach exiting the cave earlier today. Read More >>

elon musk
Alert: Elon Now in Cave

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who this weekend announced he had directed a team of engineers to build a “tiny, kid-size submarine” (really more of an air-filled metal box) to help extract the 12 boys and coach of Thai soccer team Wild Boars stranded in the flooded Tham Luang cave complex for weeks, is apparently on site in northern Thailand. Read More >>

Eight Boys Have Now Been Rescued From the Flooded Thai Cave Complex

Rescue teams working in northern Thailand have pulled four more boys from the Tham Luang Nang Non cave complex, raising the total number of rescued boys to eight. Read More >>

New Translucent Spider Discovered Living in Muddy Cave in America

Scientists have discovered a new species of sheet-weaving spider, and it only dwells in one cave in the US state of Indiana. As its name suggests, this spider spins flat, tightly-woven, horizontal webs. There are thousands of species of sheet-weavers, and you’ve probably walked through one of their webs by accident some point. Read More >>

Nottingham Building Site Reveals New Underground Caves

All Nottinghamsters like me are aware of the network of around 700 caves under the city, but occasionally a bit of construction work uncovers some new ones – and that's just happened on the site of Nottingham Trent Uni's latest build. Read More >>

Inside California’s Crystal Ice Cave

One of the most unique environments on earth exists in a seldom-visited corner of northern California. Lava Beds National Monument is home to over 700 caves, some of which are full of rare ice formations or play home to solitary biomes like this fern cave. They also allowed a tribe of Indians to make one of the last stands against the American government. Here’s how you can visit. Read More >>

Laser Mapping Reveals a Hidden Cavern the Size of Four Great Pyramids

In an age where every square mile of Earth's surface is so easily photographed and surveilled, to be a true explorer — to see what no human has ever seen before — one has to descend into the bowels of the Earth. Armed with high-tech lasers scanners, cave explorers are slowly mapping that underground world. And now they've found the world's largest cave chamber, equivalent in size to four Great Pyramids carved-out underground. Read More >>

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What it Takes to Shoot Jaw-Dropping Photos Inside Giant Caves

Photographer Chris Higgins has been fascinated by caves ever since he was a kid. When he found that words weren't enough to describe the beauty of what he saw in the caves he explored, he began photographing them. Now, he shoots heart-stopping underground images, and the guys from JOBY followed along to see how much hard work that takes. Read More >>

This Diver is Cradling a 12,000-Year-Old Skull in an Underwater Cave

Inside a cave so deep and dark it's called Hoyo Negro, or Spanish for "black hole," divers are transporting a 12,000-year-old skull for 3D scanning. The skull belongs to one of the oldest and most complete skeletons ever found in the Americas. Lucky for us, the expedition was documented with an entire set of stunning photos. Read More >>

Inside the DIY World of Mapping Caves With Radio

Underground, where this is no GPS and certainly no Wi-Fi, mapping caves requires a different kind of technical ingenuity. Thus, there is cave radio. To learn about the DIY world of cave radio and underground exploration, Gizmodo picked the brain of Stanley Sides, tinkerer and former president of the Cave Research Foundation. Read More >>