Here Are Some Turkish Bears Caught on CCTV Taste-Testing Honey

A beekeeper in Turkey’s Black Sea-adjacent province of Trabzon, frustrated that local bears kept on stealing and consuming his precious honey, apparently set up a nighttime taste test for the purposes of determining which products the bears prefer, per numerous reports in Turkish media over the past week. Read More >>

Nothing to See Here, Just Someone or Something With a TV for a Head Leaving TVs on Porches at Night

In the dead of night this weekend, someone or something left dozens of ageing TVs on the porches and lawns of homes in Virginia, USA. Read More >>

US Home CCTV Video Shows Woman in Broken Arm Restraints Ringing Doorbell in Dead of Night 

Montgomery County, Texas police are investigating an eerie incident captured on a home surveillance system in which an unknown, partially dressed woman in what appeared to be severed hand restraints rang local residential doorbells late at night. Read More >>

Facial Recognition Still Doesn’t Work Like it Does in Films

Computers still aren't very good at recognising faces, according to research, which says that police use of facial recognition software is a massive waste of money and effort, and routinely results in randoms being plucked out of photographic databases. Read More >>

£2m up for Grabs in Government’s Anti-Terror Hackathon

The three-word brief summarising the government's new anti-terror competition is that it wants your methods of "improving crowd resilience" by whatever means necessary, as it looks to add yet more Orwellian colour to today's society by monitoring people and attempting to pinpoint potential troublemakers and neutralise them. Read More >>

Drunk Man Apologises for Trying to Enter Wrong House

A man who terrified an elderly lady by appearing to be trying to break into her home at 7:30am on a Sunday morning has apologised, telling her it was all a bit of a drunken mistake as he'd got the houses mixed up. Read More >>

Slow-motion Court Replays Make Crime Look Worse

Researchers looking into the use of slow-motion replays of violent crimes caught on CCTV say the practise may be making the crimes appear worse than they really were, thanks to the way slow-motion clips appear to drag out the attack and let viewers see more intent than may have been there in the first place. Read More >>

All the Ways FindFace Could be Used for Bad, Bad Things

New app FindFace claims it might be of use in perfectly innocent scenarios like trying to find the Facebook profile of the guy/girl you took a secret photo of on the bus, but we find that hard to believe. It has "Pulled Following Scandal" written all over it. Read More >>

An Artful Reminder That Surveillance is Becoming Second Nature 

From far enough away, this installation by the Czech artist Jakub Geltner almost looks like a flock of seagulls preening at the end of a jetty. Almost. Read More >>

Home CCTV is NOT the Answer to All Crime

Met Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe believes we're nowhere near peak CCTV saturation point yet, suggesting homes and businesses should stick more of them, inside, outside, and everywhere, to capture images of crime. Read More >>

Police are Tracking Tube Sex Attackers Using Facial Recognition Software

Figures show that the number of sex attacks on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway rose by 39 per cent last year, with 429 assaults in 2013/14 compared to 327 in 2012/13. To tackle the problem police have not only increased the number of undercover officers, they are also using sophisticated facial recognition software to help identify the culprits. Read More >>

Sochi Official: Our Shower Surveillance Footage Says Hotels are Fine

By now, you've surely heard the horror stories about how the Sochi Olympic village is a hellscape of stray dogs, weird toilets, and unfinished accommodations. Well, according to a Russian official, everything's cool! And he has the surreptitious surveillance footage to prove it. Read More >>

Spanish Artist installs 150 CCTV Cameras on Building

On the side of a building in Madrid, the Spanish artist SpY recently installed 150 CCTV cameras with, in the artist's words, "the intention of not watching over anything." It kind of makes us long for the days when CCTV was the most threatening symbol of the surveillance state. [SpY] Read More >>

Lamborghini Chopped in Half in Bizarre Road Accident

A rich man's £250k Lamborghini Aventador is no more, after what appears to have been a relatively minor road accident led to the car slicing itself in half. Read More >>