2016’s X Factor Winner Won’t Get a Physical CD for the Mantelpiece

Whatever dirge-like power ballad the winner of this year's X Factor ends up pumping out for the sub-Adele market this Christmas won't be arriving on CD, as the talent competition has decided it's time to go digital only for its annual promotional attack on the pop charts. Read More >>

This CD DJ Deck Doesn’t Play CDs

You're looking at Pioneer's new XDJ-1000 DJ deck. What's special about it? It's the first deck of its kinds to, err, not play CDs. Read More >>

6,000 Used CDs Never Looked So Pretty

One person's rubbish is another visionary person's community art project. In this clever and beautiful repurposing of old CDs, Ignatov Architects created Mirror Culture, a shimmery entrance to the public park in Varna, Bulgaria. Read More >>

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Microwaving a CD Is as Beautiful as It Is Absolutely Lethal

When you microwave a CD, something amazing happens. Lightning, plasma, and fire emanating from that once-perfect plastic disc. Problem is you're just as likely to blow up your microwave and yourself, as you are to see anything cool, so don't do this at home. OK? Just feast your eyes on this little lot. [Twitter via Sunday via Kotaku] Read More >>

Optical Drive Cartel Suspected of Keeping Prices High

Despite the fact that optical drives are probably on the way out, the European Commission has announced that it suspects thirteen manufacturers of being involved in a five-year bid-rigging cartel in an attempt to keep prices artificially elevated. Read More >>

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Will the Audio CD Be Killed Off By Music Labels in 2012?

According to music folk at Side-Line, the audio CD is set to be abandoned by the end of 2012 by the major record labels. CDs as we know they will be replaced with digital downloads-only, leaving retailers like HMV out in the cold. Read More >>