The History of Wireless Everything

Halfway between Brooklyn and Montauk, a steel cupola propped up on wooden legs once looked out over the Long Island Sound and beyond the horizon. Built in the first years of the 20th century, Wardenclyffe Tower served as the centrepiece of a real-life mad scientist’s laboratory. Lever pulling, lightning bolts, maniacal laughter—this is where that sort of thing was supposed to happen. And it almost did. Read More >>

These Self-Assembling Phones Are Refreshingly Low Tech

MIT’s self-assembly lab has created mobile phones that build themselves, in a manner of speaking. There’s no fancy nano- or bio- technology involved, nothing theoretical or suggestive of a near-future Singularity. It’s devilishly simple, because the whole project boils down to throwing phone parts into a rock tumbler. Read More >>

Can the NSA Really Send a Drone to Bomb Your Phone?

The world woke up Monday morning to yet more unsettling news about how the NSA is spying on people. This time, though, the repercussions are deadly. Read More >>

Want to Avoid the NSA? Use a Mobile Phone

Holy crap, the latest NSA report is actually good news—sort of. Despite what you've heard in the past nine months, the NSA only collects information on 20 per cent or fewer US calls. Why? Because they're having a hard time figuring out how to tap mobile phones. Read More >>

Report: Samsung Is Planning a Klutz-Proof Version of the Galaxy S4

Rugged phones are nice, but they are almost invariably crap. According the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is making a move to kick that trend with an upcoming waterproof, dustproof Galaxy S4. Read More >>

Why Your Mobile Phone Doesn’t Have a Dial Tone

In addition to the long curly cords, and the part where they are permanently attached to a wall, old-fashioned landlines have something else that we've lost in the cell phone revolution: a dial tone. What happened to that thing? Read More >>

LG’s 5.5-Inch Optimus Pro Has a 1080p IPS Screen (Hands On)

PPI might not matter much, but LG's new Optimus Pro, which we've seen in Korean form, has a 1080p screen, and it's pretty damn gorgeous. Read More >>

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These are the Bacteria Lurking on Your Phone

Sure, your phone might look clean, but it isn't really. In fact, it's covered in bacteria—and this image shows how horrible they are. Read More >>

Vertu’s New Android: Handmade in England, Dog Ugly, and £7,000

Vertu, the purveyors of luxury cell phones, has announced its latest waste of money. Called the Ti, it's handmade in England and can be yours for the princely sum of £7,000. Read More >>

Samsung’s New Galaxy Grand Doesn’t Quite Live Up to Its Name

Samsung's latest addition to its Galaxy line-up — the Grand — has just been announced. Sadly, it's clear that it doesn't exactly live up to its name. Read More >>

A Land of High Tech Wonder? Japanese Tech Myths Debunked

We all know Japan is losing its technological edge to the likes of Apple and Samsung, but people still think of the country as a tech mecca. Sure, they may have invented the Walkman, and their toilets really do play music, but after living there for eight months, I was surprised to learn the UK is actually ahead of Japan in some technological areas. Here's a quick run-down of debunked Japanese tech myths, to boost your pub-trivia skills at the very least:

The World’s Biggest Egg Hunt Kicks Off In London

Seen any massive painted eggs on your travels within London this morning? No me neither, but today marks the start of The Big Egg Hunt, which partners fancy egg-jewellers Fabergé with Action for Children and the Elephant Family for the world’s biggest (only?) egg hunt. It’s not even Easter yet, but keep your eyes peeled, there’s £100,000 to be won. Read More >>

More From Panasonic Including a Lumix Smartphone Is On the Way

We saw Panasonic unveil its Eluga yesterday, and although it’s a looker (see above), we were a tad disappointed by its weakish specs. But it seems that’s just the first of a range of Euro-centric smartphones headed our way including a Lumix-branded and more premium models, which we’ll see at MWC next week. Read More >>

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Using a Mobile Phone in North Korea Is Now a War Crime

How could living in North Korea be worse? Hmm. Maybe if your dinner caught on fire every night, or clothes were made out of a cactus, or if using a phone potentially earned you the death penalty. Sounds about right! Read More >>

Yes, Prisoners Carry iPhones in Their Arses

If you think the mobile phone explosion of recent years has somehow been kept at bay by prison walls, you would be greatly mistaken. Technology, like water, permeates every crack. Today on Lockdown, we're talking phones in jail. Read More >>