I’ll Believe Apple Is Killing Anti-Encryption Tools When They Actually Do It

Among the blizzard of news bits from Apple’s WWDC, a much-anticipated feature has returned to the beta for iOS 12: a mode for keeping law enforcement snoopers out of your phone. The feature has come and gone in the past, but it’s looking more real and better than ever this time around. Still, I’ll believe it when it’s actually live. Read More >>

It Looks Like Apple’s Tool That Stops Police From Hacking Your iPhone Isn’t Coming to iOS 11.4

Security researchers at a password-recovery firm claimed to have found an encryption feature in the beta of iOS 11.4 that would definitely make your device more secure and might even prevent authorities to use the cracking tools that have cropped up recently. Sadly, it appears the tool will not be included in the final release, as was previously reported—and it may have never been there at all. Read More >>

Phone-Cracking Firm Cellebrite Claims It Can Unlock Latest iPhones

Cellebrite, a law enforcement vendor that helps officials get into locked and encrypted devices, has claimed that it can unlock Apple’s newest phones and operating system, Forbes reports. Read More >>

The Company Helping Unlock the San Bernardino iPhone Has a Long History of Selling Gear to US Police 

The company reportedly helping the FBI access the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone data isn’t a household name in the US, but its data-extraction tools are all over the country. Cellebrite has been quietly helping US law enforcement bulk up its arsenal of surveillance gear for years. Read More >>