No, a Study Didn’t Just Prove That Mobile Phones Cause Brain Cancer

Yet another study claiming to show a connection between cancer and mobile phones—this time from the UK—is making the rounds. But plenty of scientists are saying the new paper is misleading. Read More >>

Your Grandparents Will Love This Rotary Mobile

Tired of teaching your older family members how to use their smartphones every time you visit? Just do what YouTube’s Mr. Volt did and build a custom mobile phone out of aluminium, brass, and wood with a working rotary dial that’s reminiscent of the ancient landline phones introduced back in the 1920s. Read More >>

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What it Was Like to Work at the Birthplace of Mobile Phones and Lasers

A semi-rural New Jersey community about 45 miles outside of New York City seems like an unlikely home for the most important breakthroughs in telecommunications of the 20th century. But that’s exactly what happened at Bell Labs’ Holmdel facility in the 1960s. Read More >>

Super-Private Blackphone Sells Out on Day One

Paranoid? Or just privacy conscious? Well, the Blackphone is an Android handset that promises to keep your secrets safe, and they went on sale today for $629 (£369) – and promptly sold out. Read More >>

Google’s Project Ara Lego-For-Phones System is Launching in January of 2015

Google has gone into more detail about its bonkers Project Ara modular mobile system, using a specific developers conference for the hardware format to update us on its plans for letting us clonk together our dream phones out of various components. Read More >>

Should People be Allowed to Make Phone Calls on Planes?

There's been debate for years about whether people should be allowed to use their phones on planes. And with safety concerns diminishing, we've collectively moved on to other grievances: namely how annoying it will be to listen to five different phone conversations at once while trapped in a small, airborne pod. Read More >>

Motorola Wants to Make Your Phone Modular

Motorola has announced that its new research and development team, called Project Ara, is developing an "open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones". In other words, it wants your phone to come in bits. Read More >>

HTC One Teardown: Even Harder to Fix Than the iPhone

The HTC One is hands-down the most beautiful Android phone we've ever seen, so it should come as no surprise that it doesn't come apart nicely. The folks over at iFixit gave it a shot and had One hell of a time getting the guts out so you won't have to. And you shouldn't try; it's a nightmare. Read More >>

Mobile Phone Prison Keeps Distracting Apps on Lockdown

A plastic prison for cellphones might only seem useful for parents who want to make sure their kids are doing homework instead of texting friends. But just think how much work you could get done without easy access to Twitter, Facebook, and Words With Friends. This novelty item could vastly improve the nation's productivity. Read More >>

Is This the Worst Gadget of the Year So Far?

There's still over four and a half months left in 2012, but Brando's new Retro Mobile MP3 Player could very well have already clinched the title of the year's worst gadget. It's a crappy AM/FM radio and MP3 player whose only redeeming feature is that it's shaped like a retro cellphone. Read More >>

Nano-SIMs Given Official Approval to Replace Micro-SIMs in Cellphones

Remember nano-SIM cards? The ones which make micro-SIMs look gargantuan and are so small that it's almost like what's the point? Well they've just been approved by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, which means at some point in the future, they'll likely be in your smartphone. Read More >>

Bone Conducting Ski Goggles: Say It With Your Skull

Microphones can't discriminate what they hear, which can lead to noisy conversations if you're careening down a snowy hill. But by picking up the vibrations in your skull while you talk, Buhel's new SpeakGoggle G33s promise to clearly decipher every word. Read More >>

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HTC Titan II: Your Favourite Gargantuan Windows Phone, But With a Titanic 16-Megapixel Camera

It just came out. The Titan, I mean. But here's the Titan II. Which is more titanic than before, with a gigantic 16-megapixel camera. Holy god. Read More >>

Nobody Asked for Smaller ‘Nano-SIM’ Cards, But They’re Coming Anyways

Data, reception, battery, screen, CPU, weight, size. These are the phone specs I'm concerned about. Smaller SIM cards? Not so much. But Giesecke & Devrient, one of the original SIM manufactuers, thinks we need a nano-SIM that's 30 per cent smaller. Great? Read More >>

HTC’s Impending Big ‘Ol Rezound Leaks

We're going to see it in the flesh when it's announced a little later today, but if you need some leaked shots to tide you over, behold: the HTC Rezound, via PocketNow. That screen's rather large! Read More >>