Scientists Can Make Aerogel From Waste Paper

Aerogel is usually the preserve of expensive laboratory experiments — but what if you could make it from litter? Now, a team of researchers has developed a technique to turn scrap paper into a incredibly light, highly insulating super material. Read More >>

7 Incredible Uses for Nanocellulose

The world's hottest new supermaterial isn't as fancy as you might think; in fact, it's produced by feeding wood pulp to algae. The result, nanocellulose, is amazingly light, super-strong, and conducts electricity. Unsurprisingly, that versatility lends it to plenty of fantastic possible applications. Here are some of the most exciting. Read More >>

Sony Ditches Coke For Recycled Paper Battery

Sony's been working on "bio batteries" for a while now. It kicked off using the glucose from sugary drinks or juice, but now the Japanese electronics giant is taking a more eco-friendly route with its recycled paper battery. Read More >>