Turkish Court Throws Out Erdogan’s Wikipedia Ban

Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled 10-6 on Thursday that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government violated civil liberties with its April 2017 ban on access to Wikipedia, the Associated Press reports. Read More >>

Indian Authorities Order Internet Shutdowns Amid Mass Protests, Outrage Over Citizenship Law

Indian authorities have shut down internet access across much of the nation amid widespread protests against prime minister and far-right supremacist Narendra Modi and his government’s new law designed to bar Muslims from gaining citizenship. Read More >>

Russia Blocks Shutterstock Website Over Photos of Russian Flag in Dog Poo

The Russian government has blocked the stock photography website Shutterstock, according to the English-language news site Meduza. Russia’s media regulator, Roskomnadzor, explained that Shutterstock was blocked for “insulting state symbols”, a likely reference to photos on the site showing miniature Russian flags planted in dog poo. Read More >>

Iran’s Internet Has Been Shut Off For 4 Days and No One Knows When It’s Coming Back

The government of Iran shut off the internet for virtually everyone in the country on Saturday as protests over fuel prices turned violent. The internet in Iran has now been inaccessible to the general population of 81 million for almost four days, and it’s not clear when the government will turn it back on. Read More >>

Google Stamps Out Political Speech Among Staff With New Workplace Guidelines

Google is fed up with employees expressing political opinions. Read More >>

Russian Man Who Tried to Burn Down Offices of Internet Regulator Reportedly Gets Probation

Earlier this month, a court in Russia’s Ulyanovsk Region sentenced a man to one and a half years’ probation after he reportedly tried not one, not two, but three times to burn down the regional offices of national internet regulator Roskomnadzor, with Interfax reporting (via TorrentFreak) that one local said he had done so to seek revenge over blocking of piracy sites. Read More >>

The White House Readies Draft of Executive Order That Could Break the Internet

It appears the Trump administration is drafting an executive order that has the potential to radically change how the content posted on social networks are governed, stripping crucial protections from tech companies and inserting much more government oversight. This is being done under the guise of a popular political talking point claiming that social media networks are censoring conservatives. Read More >>

Google Exec Tells US Senate That Project Dragonfly Has Been “Terminated”

On Tuesday, Google vice president of public policy Karan Bhatia told members of the Senate Judiciary that the company’s Project Dragonfly—a search engine for the Chinese market that was widely reported to involve huge concessions to state censors and protested by its own staff—has been “terminated” and employees working on it have been reassigned, per BuzzFeed News. Read More >>

Who Has the Most Censored Internet?

Certain platforms might take down your homemade pornography, or censor your conspiracist podcast, but here the internet is a fairly open place. As long as what you’re peddling isn’t actively illegal—or as long as you’re not peddling illegal wares too flagrantly—you’re free to set up shop elsewhere. Read More >>

Internet Shutdowns Are Now Just Another Weapon in the Dictator’s Arsenal

Last month, two high-ranking Ethiopian officials were murdered in an attempted coup. The consequences of the murders quickly rippled out into cyberspace, a bloody illustration of the diverging lines between the internet and the physical world. Read More >>

China Censors Audio Content That Is Horny or Nihilistic

Content with even a hint of sexual suggestion is not long for the internet in China—even ASMR videos have been wiped from the nation’s video streaming services. And on Friday, over two dozen audio apps were censored by China’s central internet regulator. Read More >>

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Knitting Website Ravelry Bans Users Who Publicly Support Donald Trump

Ravelry, a knitting and crocheting community with over 8 million registered members, announced over the weekend that it was banning support of the Trump regime. Anyone expressing support for President Donald Trump on the website will be banned, but project data for those users will not be deleted. Read More >>

China Has Arrested 20 People For Running an Erotic Livestreaming Site

Porn is hard to come by in China, as the country’s dedicated anti-porn task force continues to push for a more sanitised web, free from even ASMR videos. There are still those taking the risk to maintain horny corners of the web, but Chinese authorities have arrested the last two main suspects who were running a porn livestreaming platform, totalling at 20 arrests. Read More >>

China’s New Video Game Rules Officially Ban Blood, Corpses, Mahjong, and Poker

In late-December, the Chinese government ended a nine-month freeze on approving new video games after a major government re-organisation shifted the approval process to the propaganda-focused State Administration of Press and Publication. We now have official details on the new restrictions and requirements for games entering that lucrative market, and it doesn’t look good for Mortal Kombat 11. Read More >>