Chinese Authorities Crack Down on Winnie the Pooh

There's trouble for Pooh in the 2.37 billion acre brownfield industrial wood that is China, as authorities have launched a fresh clampdown on sharing of images of the bear on social media. Read More >>

Credit Card-Checking Porn Site Age Gates are Nearly Here

The government really is going to try to limit internet porn by forcing sites to check the age of users, with web sites made to install age-verification tools to check viewers are over the age of 18 or face a £250,000 fine. Read More >>

LiveJournal’s Goat Mascot Is Back to Protest the Site’s Russian Censorship

The Russian-owned blog community LiveJournal previously banned “political solicitation,” part of a decade-long effort to censor Russians who were using the platform to criticise the government. Now, LiveJournal’s former comic artist has returned from an eight-year absence... bringing back LiveJournal’s “Frank the Goat” one more time to protest the site’s abuses from the inside. Read More >>

Russian-Owned LiveJournal Bans Political Talk, Adds Risk of Spying

LiveJournal, a blog community that’s hosted a lot of science fiction authors and fans (including George RR Martin), has officially banned “political solicitation”— which can mean anything that criticises the Russian government, as well as pro-LGBTQ discussions. There are also concerns users can be subject to Russian spying. Read More >>

Twitter’s ‘Sensitive Accounts’ Feature Is Already a Perplexing Mess

Twitter claimed in a blog post last week that it will be “introducing additional updates that leverage our technology to reduce abusive content.” Today, what appears to be a limited rollout of one such feature—the involuntary walling off of certain accounts behind an opt-in prompt—has the platform’s users angry and confused. Read More >>

the grand tour
Censorship Reportedly Saw Over Half of The Grand Tour Episode 4 Cut in India

The fourth episode of The Grand Tour was reportedly cut by half in India, due to heavy censorship. Read More >>

Now the Government Can Choose What Porn You Watch

A new national censor, most likely the BBFC seeing as it has form in this area, is expected to be appointed by the government, and put in charge of policing the weird porn ban it thinks is going to make a difference to society. Read More >>

Facebook Reportedly Built a Censorship Tool for China

Facebook is building a censorship tool so that the company can return to the Chinese market in a move that has angered employees and caused some to leave, The New York Times reports. Facebook was banned from China in 2009. Read More >>

north korea
Kim Jong Un Gets New Mean Nickname After Chinese Censors Block Fat Jokes

An attempt at silencing critics of North Korea instead showcased the adaptability of written Chinese when internet users in China found a clever workaround for a banned nickname for Kim Jong Un. Read More >>

Facebook Censors Palestinian Journalists for No Reason

Over the weekend, Facebook scrambled to make things right after mistakenly locking out administrators from two of the most widely read Palestinian news outlets. Read More >>

Surprise, Donald Trump Has No Idea How Internet Censorship Works

Back in December, Donald Trump suggested fighting terrorism online by “closing the internet in some way”, openly mocking potential First Amendment concerns. Since then, the alleged computer user seems to have changed his mind, joining Ted Cruz’s bizarre crusade for an American takeover of the internet’s address book in the name of freedom of speech. Read More >>

Facebook Admits Pulitzer-Winning Photograph Is Not Child Pornography

You probably recognise Nick Ut’s infamous 1972 photograph of charred Vietnamese children running away from the site of a napalm incendiary bomb detonated by the South Vietnamese Air Force in Trang Bang. Earlier this week, however, Facebook effectively banned the Pulitzer-winning photograph from its own site. Now the site is backtracking as quickly as it can. Read More >>

Former Twitter CEO Reportedly Secretly Forced Censorship Of Abusive Tweets During Obama Q&A

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo secretly ordered employees to create an algorithm to filter out abusive and hateful language during a company-sponsored Q&A with President Obama in 2015 according to a Buzzfeed report. Read More >>

China Now Punishes News Outlets For Using Social Media 

In another move to censor and control the media, the Cyberspace Administration of China has moved to crack down on news reports that use information on social media. The Chinese government says this is an attempt to stop the spread of false news, but it’s could certainly be seen as another move by the government to control public opinion. Read More >>

The Australian Government Censored a Global Climate Report

It’s no secret that the Great Barrier Reef is in the midst of a mass die-off, nor that scientists believe the coral bleaching event is related to climate change. But apparently, Australia couldn’t bear the thought of putting these inconvenient facts together on paper. The country’s Department of Environment censored a major global climate report just before publication this week. Read More >>