Ironic Cereal Cafe to Get Ironic Musical Treatment

London's Cereal Cafe, the centre of the ironic universe, is about to do something even more ironic, with plans afoot to make a stage musical production about the idea someone had of charging money for an individual bowl of cornflakes. Read More >>

Breakfast Declares War on Tennis

Special K, the type of breakfast flakes, is angry with tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis and is taking him to court. The problem lies with Kokkinakis' use of the term "Special K" in his merchandising, a phrase that's been long associated with the allegedly healthier variety of processed early morning grain. Read More >>

Even Weetabix Is Leaving The UK

In a devastating blow to the league of oldsters trying to bring back some sort of imaginary 'golden age' to the UK, British-as-fish-and-chips breakfast cereal Weetabix is jumping ship to the US. Read More >>

Kellogg’s Celebrates the Queen’s Reign With Limited Edition “Queen Flakes”

Somehow, someone at Kellogg's found out that the Queen likes eating a custom blend of Special K and Corn Flakes for her breakfast, so it's saved her the job of manually mixing the two together by creating its own bespoke flake mashup. Read More >>

Usher’s New Song is a Download at the Bottom of a Box of Cheerios

Remember for a second that Usher is a dad. Bearing that in mind, let's move onto the news that the R&B singer is giving away a new song at the bottom of Honey Nut Cheerios boxes sold exclusively at US supermarket chain Walmart. Taylor Swift, you still looking for post-Spotify ideas? Read More >>

Sugar Puffs are No More as Cereal Maker Changes Name for Healthier Image

It's Choco Krispies 2.0. Cereal maker Halo Foods is to change the name of Sugar Puffs to "Honey Monster Puffs" in an attempt to make its sweet breakfast food more appealing to health conscious parents. Because we all know there's no sugar in honey, right? Read More >>

Breakfast Cereal, Made By a Gun, in Slow-Motion

It might seem unlikely, but once upon a time the cereal you tiredly shove into your face every morning came out of a gun. But it was a very special kind of gun: a puffing gun. Read More >>

Study the Physical Properties Floating In Your Breakfast

There's so much noise about breakfast lately. Apparently, eating a morning meal makes you more focused, healthier and generally superhuman. It might seem like a lot of hype, but Andong He, a geologist at Yale, actually found a research topic in a bowl of cereal. So keep knocking that oatmeal back. Read More >>

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The Best (and Worst!) Boozy Cereal Recipes

Throughout the ages, some of man’s greatest discoveries have come about through circumstance and accident. Christopher Columbus was speculatively sailing west from Spain in search of a trade route to the East Indies when he ‘discovered’ that there was a little something in his way. When I discovered the beauty of combining cereals and alcohol, I was busy nursing a hangover on an otherwise unremarkable weekday morning during my first year at University. Read More >>

You Shouldn’t Put Water on Your Cereal, Says Science

Researchers from Pontificia University Católica in Santiago, Chile, have determined with cold hard science that milk is definitively superior to water, as far as cereal liquids go. Read More >>