​Samsung Galaxy Camera 2: The Android Franken-Camera Gets Better Brains

It's been more than a year since Samsung released its Android powered Galaxy Camera. And despite our initial skepticism, we were actually impressed that the merger of a mobile device and point-and-shoot camera was so well executed. The weird thing was wonderful, and according to Samsung, it sold pretty well! Which is why the Galaxy Camera 2 is only a lightly modified version of the earlier success. Read More >>

Sony guts
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A Look Deep — F’Real Deep — Inside Sony’s Hottest New Gadgets

This is not how Sony makes its gadgets. But this video of a Sony engineer expertly assembling a Cybershot RX1, the Xperia Z phone, and an HD camcorder is an awesome look inside these devices. Read More >>

How Intel Will Build the Holodeck

Mooly Eden steps out of the world of transistors and microprocessors for a moment. "If you want a simple explanation of what we're doing, just look to Asimov," the head of Intel's Perceptual Computing push says, explaining. "Or Star Trek, Star Wars, and Avatar. The ideas have been in science fiction for years, and now they're becoming fact." Read More >>

Sony’s UK Boss Says They “Might Consider” 4K Phones

The idea of 4K TVs still boggle my mind (and eyes), but 4K phones? Do we even need them? According to a comment last week by Qualcomm's VP of Product Management, Raj Talluri, we will see phones with resolutions higher than 1080p one day, and speaking to Sony's UK Managing Director Pierre Perron, that's something Sony would back -- if enough people showed interest, that is. Read More >>

How To Navigate an Insanely Massive Trade Show Like CES

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest conventions on the planet. And as this infographic illustrates, CES veterans have figured out specific strategies to navigating the show's 3,000+ booths and 1.87 million square feet of exhibits. Read More >>

Next-Gen Processors: What Can We Expect?

CES 2013 was the exact point where processors became more than just geekdom. For decades, Intel's ruled the roost with a near-monopoly on processors. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, though, the field was blown wide open, and now there's a whole bunch of companies competing to put a slice of their finest silicon into your lucky hands. Here's what's going to be powering 2013's most lustworthy devices. Read More >>

Kogan Agora Phone
Kogan Agora Smartphone Hands-On: Being Cheap Has Never Felt So Good

Kogan used the annual CES trade show to make a bit of noise last week, arriving in Sin City to drop his latest smartphone offering: the Kogan Agora. At £119, this thing is probably the best deal you're likely to get on any Android smartphone for some time. Read More >>

These (Nearly) Naked Women Were Selling Phones (or Something) at CES

Some Chinese company decided that having regular booth babes at their CES shack wasn't enough. Instead, they used naked women in some sort of artsy-fartsy installation that was supposed to illustrate the advantages of whatever products they were selling. Read More >>

Tim Tebow’s Press Conference Sucked, or Why the Celebrity Headphone Trend Is Idiotic

At the end of December, a PR agency representing Tim Tebow's new signature line of Soul brand headphones—model number SL300, £225 retail—emailed us to invite us to a CES event at which Tebow himself would be showcasing his headphones and "speaking with the media." The event was total bullshit. Just like celebrity headphones. Read More >>

I Watched LG’s Incredible 3D Video Wall Too Long, and Now I Can’t Enjoy Real Life

Over the last few days, I've spent hours churning out posts in front of the "world's largest 3D video wall" at the back of LG's CES booth. Every neuron in my body is exhausted. I may never feel emotion again. Read More >>

Gorgeous, Bizarre Wooden Speakers Livestream the Sounds of a Japanese Forest

JVC Kenwood has released a set of bewildering wireless wooden speakers in Japan. Looking more like just a speaker frame, the pair vibrate to produce sounds, which unfortunately means their bass performance is non-existent. Read More >>

Asus Claims the Title of World’s Smallest Wi-Fi Router

Amongst all of its Windows 8 PCs and tablet announcements at CES, Asus also quietly revealed what it's boasting as the world's smallest Wi-Fi router. And with a form factor only slightly larger than a well-equipped flash drive, the WL-330NUL Pocket Router is the perfect accessory for minimalist road warriors. Read More >>

Turn Your iPad Into a DJ Station With Two Turntables and Some Suction Cups

iPad docks featuring a set of compact turntables for DJs who like to travel light are nothing new. But ION Audio has come up with a small collection of suction-cuppable accessories that turn the iPad itself into a pair of decks and a mixer on the cheap. Read More >>

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Quick to Cheer Self-Driving Cars

One of the clear automotive technology trends at CES this year is cars that drive themselves. From Audi to Lexus to Ford, the world's largest car companies are beginning to follow Google's lead in an effort to produce cars smart enough to drive themselves. Read More >>

The Most Awesomest Televisions at CES 2013

2013 is shaping up to be a huge year for huge televisions. Almost every major manufacturer is rolling out gigantic sets and packing them with four times the resolution of current TVs. One curved display is even redefining what constitutes a "flat screen" TV, period. Here's what to watch in 2013. Read More >>