Viva Lost Vegas: How Kickstarter Ensured That CES Left The Building

Does CES, that enormous, relentlessly covered tech showpiece that pops up in the Vegas desert every January, really mean anything any more to the average tech lover on the street other than a year’s worth of second-tier tech stories to swamp the world in three days? It's only a partly rhetorical question. I mean, how many things have you seen at CES this year that had you genuinely clamouring to buy them, rather than just going, "Oooh look at that"? We tried and actually struggled. Have you even been following CES? Our comparative site stats breakdown suggests: not particularly. Read More >>

The 21 Gadgets From CES 2015 We Actually Want

As you may have noticed, it was CES this week, that eternal springboard for the year's gadgetry that vaults a random collection of up-and-coming inventions into our faces and asks us to remember to buy them at a much later date when all the lovely companies have decided when they can actually make them for. Read More >>

Vivo Air Hands On: A Crazy Thin, Crazy Light, Crazy Cheap Smartphone

Apple likes to "Air" things. Macbook Air, iPad Air, and so on. But if Cupertino were going to Air the iPhone, it might look something like this. One key difference? This phone will be sold for $200 (UK pricing and availability TBC), off contract; a price that no Apple phone will ever be sold for as new. Read More >>

The Clip-On Clockety Turns Your iPhone Into a Projection Alarm Clock

When you wake up exhausted in the morning wondering if it's time to get up and go to work, the last thing you really want is your smartphone's bright display blinding you while you check the time. So the snap-on Clockety turns your iPhone into a projection alarm clock, displaying the time on your bedroom ceiling with a quick tap on your device. Read More >>

A Smart 9-Volt Battery Adds Phone Notifications to Any Smoke Detector

There are plenty of smart smoke detectors on the market that connect to your home's Wi-Fi network to provide smartphone notifications when there's trouble, but they're an expensive upgrade to the dumb smoke detector you've (hopefully) already got watching over your home. The Roost promises pretty much the same functionality as those smart alternatives, but on the cheap, upgrading only the 9-volt battery your smoke or carbon monoxide detector already relies on. Read More >>

This is a Super-Powered Gaming PC, Not a Flux Capacitor

There are gaming PCs...and then there's the CyberPower Fang Trinity. While CES 2015 has proved that the Steam Machine revolution is still simply treading water, CyberPower's mad X-Wing-like gaming PC has been turning heads. The days of the black-box gaming tower are numbered. Read More >>

Onkyo Set to Make Iron Maiden Heavy Metal Headphones

Onkyo and metal mascot Eddie -- the most unlikely tech partnership of all time? The audio firm has just signed up to make licensed Iron Maiden headphones. No word on specs, release or pricing yet, but they're sure to make Ed Sheeran fans run to the hills. [Maiden Audio / @funnmagazine] Read More >>

3D TV is Dead. Let’s Hope Smart TV is Next

Two or three years ago at CES, this post probably would've been about some 3D TV equipped with dorky glasses, maybe a smart set that's more like a rusty Swiss army knife for home entertainment. This year, things are different. 3D is now a spectre of CES past. With any luck, smart TVs are next on the chopping block. Read More >>

Intel’s Curie Module Will Turn Everything You Wear Into a Smart Device 

Here at Intel's big CES keynote, CEO Brian Krzanich is announcing Intel's new Curie Module, a tiny little device that will let you turn things you already own into smart devices. It's a little button-sized hardware module, powered by Intel's teeny tiny Quark technology, and it adds a brain to anything you attach it to. Read More >>

Harman’s New Headphones Listen to Your Ears

At CES, Harman just announced a bold-looking new set of AKG headphones designed by Quincy Jones. The involvement of a musician who's won 27 Grammys isn't what's most impressive, though. Harman says the AKG N90Q are "the world's first headphone with personalised sound". Read More >>

Dell’s New XPS 13 Hands On: A Sleek, Slick, Rock Solid Laptop Dreamboat

On paper, Dell's new XPS 13 seems impossibly good for the $800 (UK price TBC) starter price. It leaves you thinking "what's the catch?" I just saw it in person, and to be honest I couldn't find it. This thing seems fantastic. Read More >>

Driving a BMW Remotely Via Smartwatch Feels Preposterously Dangerous

The BMW i3 is a lovely hunk of car-shaped metal, the kind of vehicle you would save up for years to buy, and then polish with maniacal vigour. Hold on there, sir. Do you really want to drive this masterpiece of engineering with a Samsung Gear S smartwatch? Read More >>