ces 2016
All the Coolest Tech From CES 2016

Even before we trekked out to the desert for the Consumer Electronics Show, we had a good idea that CES would be flush with smart cars, televisions, virtual reality, and a bunch of weirdness. We were right! But as always, there were some surprises in store. Read More >>

Shopping List
The Best Tech From CES That You Can Order Right Now

This week saw the annual Consumer Electronics Show hit Las Vegas, and with it came an awful lot of new shiny new tech for the world to enjoy. Some of that tech will never see the light of day, some of it won't be in your hands for many months, but a small selection of the stuff on show is already available to order right now. Read More >>

ces 2016
Getting Weird With Google’s Project Tango Tech

Yesterday, Lenovo announced it would release the first consumer device using Google’s Project Tango technology. What is this technology good for? I’m glad you asked. Read More >>

Air Hogs Connect Lets You Play Video Games By Piloting a Toy Drone in Real Life

To make the drone in Spin Master’s new Air Hogs Connect mobile game fly as realistically as possible, players pilot a real-life toy quadcopter while clever augmented reality tricks translate their manoeuvres to the action and missions in the game. Read More >>

ces 2016
The New Nikon D5 Shooting at 12 FPS Is the Most Satisfying Sound You’ll Ever Hear

Revealed this past week at CES 2016, Nikon’s D5 is the company’s new flagship DSLR with a 20.3-megapixel full-frame sensor, and a hefty $6,500/£4,476 price tag. But watching this video of the camera’s new 12 frames-per-second, 153-point autofocus system in action will still make you lust for one. Read More >>

ces 2016
Lenovo is Making a Consumer Device Using Google’s Crazy Project Tango Tech

Lenovo and Google have been working together for a year to find a mainstream use for Google’s experimental Project Tango technology. Today we’re getting information about the very first Google Tango device for consumers. They’re actually gonna do it. This is very ambitious. Read More >>

ces 2016
Ford’s Autonomous Research Vehicle Is Actually Really Impressive

I’m not what you would call a “car guy,” but upon strolling up to Ford’s flashy new autonomous research vehicle today, I found myself nodding my head with great satisfaction like, “huh, this shit’s really gonna work!” Read More >>

ces 2016
Police Raid Hoverboard Booth at CES

Two US federal marshals raided the booth of a Chinese hoverboard company at CES in Las Vegas yesterday. The badged law enforcement agents collected all of the company’s one-wheeled “Trotter” electric skateboards, as well as all related marketing materials. It was dramatic. Read More >>

The Weirdest CES Gadgets of All Time (That Never Came Out)

The tech industry is riddled with vapourware — those products that get a big public announcement, but never actually find their way to the shops. And it’s always been this way. Just ask investors who were throwing tons of money at airship companies at the turn of the 20th century. Read More >>

ces 2016
See the New Huawei Mate 8 in All its Shiny Glory

Huawei has launched its latest smartphone, the Mate 8. Although it boasts a 6-inch display and unique sleek design, the true focus is on power, efficiency and battery life. Read More >>

ces 2016
Is This the Autonomous Flying Taxi of Our Dreams?

Is the world of autonomous single-passenger drones just over the horizon? Will you be commuting like George Jetson next year? At CES Chinese company called EHang made a splashy announcement promising just that. But consider us sceptical. Read More >>

ces 2016
It Looks Like Intel Made a PC-on-a-Stick That Doesn’t Suck

Last year, Intel’s £170 Windows PC dongle launched amid much happiness and optimism about easy living-room computing. Then, we tried it, and it sucked. But with new years come new processors, and possibly a gadget you might want to buy. Read More >>

ces 2016
A Smart Home Connected Febreze Dispenser Makes Me Appreciate My Dumb Home

For $49/£35, if you pre-order at CES, Procter & Gamble will sell you what is probably one of the least essential smart home devices announced at the show this year: a wi-fi connected scent dispenser that lets you make any room smell like a Yankee Candle store right from your phone or tablet. Read More >>

virtual reality
How Does This GIF Make You Feel About the Future?

I’m enthusiastic about the prospects for virtual reality. The virtual reality roller coaster, however, makes me feel conflicted. Read More >>