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Coke Energy Made Me Realise Other Energy Drinks Taste Like Crap

I’ll admit I’m a sucker when it comes to weird and wild junk food flavors. When I’m travelling and stumble into a new flavour of Doritos, KitKats or other trash I can’t get at home, I just have to try it. So a couple of months ago when I was in Japan and saw a can with a familiar logo and the words Coke Energy written on the side, naturally I was curious. Read More >>

sex tech
Sex Tech Was at CES, But CES Seemed Nervous About It

I was pretty tired by the time I rolled up to Crave’s CES booth at the Sands Expo. It was a cute booth. There was a 1961 Airstream trailer set up with neon lights that invited you to “Own Your Pleasure.” Above was an Instagram-worthy sign detailing Crave’s Pleasure Manifesto, full of sex-positive aphorisms about how ‘pleasure is not selfish’ and that ‘if we talk about pleasure outside of the sheets, we can bring it out of the shadows.’ There were also other cheeky signs and stickers. “According to my new fitness smartwatch, I’ve masturbated for 4 miles,” one read. Another said, “Count your orgasms, not your calories.” Read More >>

Bum Plaster ‘Doesn’t Hurt’ to Remove, Bandage Maker Promises

Last week at CES 2020, whilst surveying the state of sex tech at the show, I stumbled upon a humble wearable prototype for premature ejaculation. The ‘device’ was the brainchild of Morari Medical, and I maturely dubbed it the bum plaster in a write-up. CES has since ended, but lo, this morning I opened up my inbox to see an email from the bum plaster’s CEO and Founder Jeff Bennett. Read More >>

ces 2020
The Saddest Booth at CES 2020 (and Other Show Floor Highlights)

Another CES and has come and gone, bringing us highlights like colour e-ink, a new type of Impossible Meat, and more foldable screen devices than we know what to do with. But before we close the book on CES 2020 for good, we’d like give a shout out to some of the oddities, stunts and observations from the show floor which, after all, are the real heart and soul of CES. Read More >>

ces 2020
The Weirdest and the Worst of CES 2020

The tiniest tech companies and the largest tech companies, and plenty of in between sized tech companies descend on Las Vegas the first full week in January every single year. Their goal is to excite us with new products or advertise plenty of existing ones. In some cases their goal is just go get us to murmur the name of their company in confusion. Read More >>

The Very Best Gadgets We Saw at CES 2020

CES is finally done, and over 150,000 people have fled Vegas for less light-saturated locales. We walked the show floor and went to every secret hotel meeting we could to find the best gadgets coming out of CES this year. Read More >>

Samsung Saved Its Best New TV Tech for the Wrong Damn TVs

Samsungs’s new line of 8K televisions for 2020 takes a pretty incredible new approach to sounds. With additional speakers built into the TV set, including two that face up towards the ceiling, Samsung is able to get incredible, almost surround-sound-like sound stage, in a TV about as thick as your thumb. The problem is it only works on Samsung’s best, and most expensive, televisions. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: Sony Just Made Tesla Look Like The Boring Company

One of the biggest surprises of CES 2020 was Sony unveiling an electric concept car in a mic drop power move. Read More >>

Samsung Flips the Script on Its Naming Process With the Galaxy S11 Too

After pulling the old switcheroo with the Galaxy Fold 2's name, Samsung continues the trend by renaming the Galaxy S11. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: This VR Massage Chair is Not a Sex Thing

Massage chairs are nothing new at CES. Every year they sit there, tempting exhausted flesh vessels to slide into their mechanical embrace. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: L’Oreal’s Newest Skincare Gadget is Even Cooler in Person

Sometimes things sound good on paper but don’t live up your expectations. When I wrote up the L’Oreal announcement for its upcoming skincare personification gadget Perso, I was stoked and a little nervous that seeing it up close and personal would be a disappointment. After all, that’s generally how things go at events like CES. But this time, I was pleasantly surprised. Read More >>

Samsung Reveals the Name of Its Upcoming Clamshell Phone and It’s Not Galaxy Fold 2

The Galaxy Fold 2 is being scrapped in favour of a more fun name - the Galaxy Bloom. Read More >>

CES 2020: Quibi Is Either a Clever Gimmick or the Future of Entertainment

Quibi is either going to be brilliant and influential to how we consume media, or we’re going to watch Hollywood and Silicon Valley shit the bed in a way that's just not common in 2020. Read More >>

Google Teases Feature That Allows Assistant to Read Webpages to You in Dozens of Languages

Google has unveiled a potentially helpful new feature that will allow Google Assistant to read websites back to the user as well as translate them to more than three dozen languages. Read More >>

CES 2020: ASICS’s New Smart Shoes Roasted My Running Form

Despite putting in a lot of hours pounding the pavement, I have never been the fastest runner. It’s not for lack of trying! I do fartleks, interval runs, tempo runs – you name it. I read an absurd number of articles about proper running form, and hyper-obsess over minute differences workout-to-workout from running watches and my UA Hovr Infinite shoes. But after running with ASICS’s Glideride trainers and EvoRide smart shoes at CES, I have a much better idea of what the hell I’m doing wrong. Read More >>