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Sex Tech Was at CES, But CES Seemed Nervous About It

I was pretty tired by the time I rolled up to Crave’s CES booth at the Sands Expo. It was a cute booth. There was a 1961 Airstream trailer set up with neon lights that invited you to “Own Your Pleasure.” Above was an Instagram-worthy sign detailing Crave’s Pleasure Manifesto, full of sex-positive aphorisms about how ‘pleasure is not selfish’ and that ‘if we talk about pleasure outside of the sheets, we can bring it out of the shadows.’ There were also other cheeky signs and stickers. “According to my new fitness smartwatch, I’ve masturbated for 4 miles,” one read. Another said, “Count your orgasms, not your calories.” Read More >>

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The Saddest Booth at CES 2020 (and Other Show Floor Highlights)

Another CES and has come and gone, bringing us highlights like colour e-ink, a new type of Impossible Meat, and more foldable screen devices than we know what to do with. But before we close the book on CES 2020 for good, we’d like give a shout out to some of the oddities, stunts and observations from the show floor which, after all, are the real heart and soul of CES. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: L’Oreal’s Newest Skincare Gadget is Even Cooler in Person

Sometimes things sound good on paper but don’t live up your expectations. When I wrote up the L’Oreal announcement for its upcoming skincare personification gadget Perso, I was stoked and a little nervous that seeing it up close and personal would be a disappointment. After all, that’s generally how things go at events like CES. But this time, I was pleasantly surprised. Read More >>

CES 2020: Quibi Is Either a Clever Gimmick or the Future of Entertainment

Quibi is either going to be brilliant and influential to how we consume media, or we’re going to watch Hollywood and Silicon Valley shit the bed in a way that's just not common in 2020. Read More >>

CES 2020: ASICS’s New Smart Shoes Roasted My Running Form

Despite putting in a lot of hours pounding the pavement, I have never been the fastest runner. It’s not for lack of trying! I do fartleks, interval runs, tempo runs – you name it. I read an absurd number of articles about proper running form, and hyper-obsess over minute differences workout-to-workout from running watches and my UA Hovr Infinite shoes. But after running with ASICS’s Glideride trainers and EvoRide smart shoes at CES, I have a much better idea of what the hell I’m doing wrong. Read More >>

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CES 2020: This VR Massage Chair Will ‘Esqape’ With Your Life Savings

Massage chairs at CES are a staple. Every year, you can spot a half dozen massage chair makers scattered across the show floor. For the most part, they’re your average massage chair. Every once in a while, they look like Optimus Prime. And sometimes, they come with an Oculus headset. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: Your Earbuds May Soon Be Able to Track Your Blood Pressure

Over the past few years, it’s clear that wearable makers are setting their sights beyond heart rate tracking. More smartwatches and fitness trackers sport SpO2 sensors, for example, as a means of either monitoring for sleep apnea or keeping tabs on stress. But if there’s one ailment most wearable companies are stumped by, it’s blood pressure. After a few years of hinting at it, Valencell, a well-known wearables components-maker, now says it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing blood-pressure monitoring earbuds. Read More >>

CES 2020: WTF Is an Artificial Human and Where Did They Come From?

Neon is the name of the company and also the name of its only product – if you can call it that. I’m told a Neon is a living entity, but it doesn’t have a physical body. I’m told a Neon is computationally created, but it’s not an AI assistant. So what the fuck is Neon and what is all this talk about artificial humans? Read More >>

CES 2020: The RetroN Jr. Lets You Play All Your Tiny Game Boy Games on Your Giant HDTV

Now that ThinkGeek is no more, Hyperkin will be carrying the “April Fool’s Day prank turned real” torch and turning the RetroN Jr. – a gag product it originally introduced on 1 April 2017 – into a legitimate way to enjoy classic Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance titles on a big screen TV. Read More >>

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CES 2020: This Tablet-Based Streaming Search Engine Gives You Binging Superpowers

There are too many streaming platforms. The worst part of subscribing to so many services is having to memorise what shows are on what network and which platform. Is it the world’s most pressing problem? Hell no. That said, I was pretty impressed this CES by Dabby, a tablet-based streaming service search engine and subscription manager. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: A Quick Look At Intel’s Foldable Laptop Prototype

2019 was the year of the foldable phone. At least in theory. Read More >>

CES 2020: It’s Not CES Without Yet Another Million Fossil Smartwatches

Look, it’s not a tech trade show if you aren’t bombarded with a small army of Fossil smartwatches. The wearable hype may have died down at CES since its heyday in 2014, but you can always count on Fossil and its umbrella of trendy designer brands to bring more smartwatches than you know how to write about. Read More >>

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CES 2020: Foldable Phones and PCs Are Just Tablets

I will admit I’m partially to blame. I’ve edited a lot of Gizmodo stories about the new category of devices that look like a laptop or phone when closed, but open up into impressive-looking tablets. In the course of editing those stories, I have furthered the characterisation of these devices as folding phones and PCs. The companies call them that, and we reporters refer to them as such for the sake of accuracy. Read More >>

ces 2020
Ivanka Trump to CES: College is Overrated

Presidential daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump took to the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Tuesday afternoon to opine on “The Future of Work,” a keynote choice that confounded many attendees who pointed out that she has no background in tech. It turns out that the future of work, at least according to her, in large part revolves around not going to college. Read More >>

CES 2020: Soon Linksys Wifi Will Be Able to Detect Every Breath You Take

When we went and checked out Linksys’ motion-sensing wifi feature last month, we were more impressed with the potential of the technology than its actual capabilities at launch. But at CES 2020 the company gave us a glimpse of Linksys Aware’s future, and we’re now far more optimistic about the technology’s potential to be a genuine game-changer for the smart home. Read More >>