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A Look Deep — F’Real Deep — Inside Sony’s Hottest New Gadgets

This is not how Sony makes its gadgets. But this video of a Sony engineer expertly assembling a Cybershot RX1, the Xperia Z phone, and an HD camcorder is an awesome look inside these devices. Read More >>

The Coolest Cameras at CES 2013

Camera manufacturers announced so many awesome cameras this fall. We honestly weren't expecting much from them at CES this year. But some big manufacturers delivered the gear anyway. Here are four amazing new shooters that all surprised the megapixels out of us. Read More >>

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Quick to Cheer Self-Driving Cars

One of the clear automotive technology trends at CES this year is cars that drive themselves. From Audi to Lexus to Ford, the world's largest car companies are beginning to follow Google's lead in an effort to produce cars smart enough to drive themselves. Read More >>

The Most Awesomest Televisions at CES 2013

2013 is shaping up to be a huge year for huge televisions. Almost every major manufacturer is rolling out gigantic sets and packing them with four times the resolution of current TVs. One curved display is even redefining what constitutes a "flat screen" TV, period. Here's what to watch in 2013. Read More >>

This Is the Most Badass PC Case

Need to protect your PC from earthquakes and catastrophic clumsiness? Not opposed to ridiculous design? In-Win's D-Frame PC case might be up your alley. This little monster is so ugly it wraps back around to awesome. Read More >>

Sennheiser Orpheus
Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 First Listen: So This Is What £10,000 Headphones Sound Like

In the early '90s, Sennheiser gave its engineers a mission: make the best headphones ever, irrespective of price. They came up with the Orpheus HE90. Only 300 were made, and they were initially sold for £10,000. Today, they sell for upwards of £18,500 on eBay. Read More >>

Archos Titanium Hands-On: For £99 This Tablet Gets the Job Done

You may remember the rumours of a £65 Nexus 7 that were popping up a few months back. That never came to pass, but it looks like Archos is trying its hands at that pricepoint now with the new line of Titanium tablets, including a £99 7-incher. And it feels...OK. Read More >>

Really? That’s How You’re Going to Lure People Into Your Booth?

The enticing plate of stale gummy bears is supposed to interest you in visiting a booth that sells Chinese iPhone cases. Or something. Read More >>

Do Not Visit This Booth if You Have a Hangover

Don't go into the Audi booth without sunglasses. It's an entire squint-inducing tunnel of light. Read More >>

Ubuntu Mobile
Ubuntu Mobile Hands-Off: Stripped Down and Sleek

The world of mobile OSes is totally dominated by Android and iOS, but that hasn't kept Ubuntu from trying to sneak in. And finding a way into already dominated markets is kind of Ubuntu's strong suit. Read More >>

Samsung’s New Exynos Processor: Your Next Phone’s Gonna Be Fast

Samsung's Exynos processors have powered a lot of the faster devices out there, from the Galaxy S II, which was way ahead of everyone in terms of speed, to the newer Nexus 10. Now the Exynos 5 Octa Processor is here. Wait, octa? As in eight cores? Read More >>

Panasonic 4K tablet
Panasonic 4K Tablet Hands-On: Unbelievable Tiny Details Make Windows 8 Lag Like Hell

The pixels on Panasonic's new 20-inch 4K tablet are so itty bitty that I couldn't even see them when I pressed my eye almost to the tablet's touch screen. The viewing angles for the tablet were excellent. But they're going to have to up the power of this baby's guts if you really want to take advantage of its potential. Read More >>

Look At This Wicked Technics-Inspired Motorcycle

In case you haven't picked up on it by now: Anything goes at CES. But at least this collaboration between Technics and custom bike builder Roland Sands is easy on the eyes and ears. Inspired by the Technics DH1-1200 and SL-1200MK2 turntables, Sands reworked a Harley Davidson Iron 883 and I'd say he nailed it. I don't like Harleys at all but I am a fan of Sands, so I'd be down with this ride. And if you're wondering who that Billy Ray Cyrus-lookalike in the video is, it's Andy Bell of Nitro Circus fame. [Roland Sands] Read More >>

The Top 15 CES 2013 Celebrity Shills

At CES, the gadgets are supposed to be the star of the the show, but companies looking for an edge often turn to real-world stars to attract the maximum amount of attention to their products. This year in Las Vegas, everyone from Tim Tebow and Snooki to Carrot Top and Kelly LeBrock (yes, of Weird Science fame) will be shilling new gear. Here's our list of the celebs (and tech) to see at CES 2013. Read More >>

Fitbit Flex Hands On: The King’s Reign Might Be Over

We just got a few minutes with Fitbit's new Flex activity tracker. From the look of it, it's basically just reengineered the One, made it smaller, taken out the altimeter and shoved it into a wristband. Double tap the band and a stream of five tiny LEDs notify you of how many goals you've reached for the day. So if you've only hit two of your five goals, then only two LEDs will light up. The band itself seems a bit chintzy but is infinitely adjustable for any size wrist. Read More >>