Watch 10,000 Zombies Fall Into a Gigantic Spinning Blender in This Gory Real-Time CG Demo

The same team who brought the world Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, which allowed for large-scale simulations like pitting 300 Jedi against 60,000 medieval soldiers, is back with a new open world RPG called The Black Masses. The new game features record-setting crowd rendering, as well as hyper-realistic character damage, as this stomach-turning demo reveals. Read More >>

Sony Apologises for CG Rabbit’s Food Allergy Shaming

There's a film version of Peter Rabbit about to hit the cinemas and it's already going down badly with a certain subset of US audiences, with parents reacting with horror to a sequence where the CG animals torture one of the woodland friends' human accomplices by purposefully triggering his allergy. Read More >>

BBC Tackles Underrepresentation of Women in Pretend CG Land

The BBC's in-home babysitting service known as CBeebies is about to be hit by a new wave of female-led cartoons, with the broadcaster admitting that much of its animated output has previously been skewed towards Male Character Fixing Infrastructure type scenarios. Read More >>

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This Freaky CG Title Sequence is So Beautiful I Can’t Stop Watching

Forget the uncanny valley and not-quite-perfect CG humans freaking you out, this title sequence for London’s recent OFFF digital arts festival will make you so uncomfortable you’ll want to burn your laptop. But at the same time the animation is so beautiful you might find yourself watching it two or three times instead. Read More >>

Latest Dennis the Menace Makeover Turns Him into a Generic Pixar Teen

It's time for the previous generation to get angry about minor tweaks to something they stopped giving a toss about 30 years ago, as the makers of the Beano have revealed a massive reworking of lead bad boy Dennis the Menace. Read More >>

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We Finally Figured Out How To Make Realistic CG Mud

Jurassic Park had just six minutes of computer-generated dinosaurs in it, compared to modern blockbusters which can have thousands of shots requiring complex visual effects. It’s no surprise that animators are eager to embrace any shortcut they can—which is why realistic-looking CG mud could be a game changer. Read More >>

You Can Stop Worrying, Disney Figured Out How to Make Perfect CG Sugar

So far 2016 has been a wild ride, but there’s one less thing to keep you awake at night, terrified about the future, now that Disney Research has finally found a way to render convincing computer-generated sugar that looks and moves just like the real thing. Phew! Read More >>

Researchers Can Create Perfect CG Dentures Using Just a Video of Your Teeth

As we work towards crossing the uncanny valley so that computer-generated humans don’t look like horrific plastic mannequins, every last facial feature needs to be recreated perfectly. That even includes teeth, which can now be digitised using nothing but a video of someone smiling. Read More >>

Adobe’s Experimental New App Adds a New Dimension to Photoshop

You may not realise it, but many of the gadget photos you see in ads and on websites are actually faked using computer graphics. It’s the easiest way to ensure the lighting, angle, shadows, and details are all absolutely perfect. And now Adobe has created a new tool, code-named Project Felix, that makes it easy for designers to flawlessly fake a product shot. Read More >>

Antique Photos Were Used to Make This Convincing Footage That Looks 85 Years Old

Instead of rebuilding cities like New York, Boston, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. like a CG dinosaur, Alexey Zakharov used a technique where he sliced up antique photos and then carefully animated the various elements, like people, cars, and buildings, to give the appearance of actual moving footage. Read More >>

Watch North Korea Destroy the South in This State-Sponsored Special Effects Blockbuster

We've all imagined destroying entire nations after being made to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory at the house of someone who erroneously insists it's good, but most of us lack the budget, resources and self-destructive streak to actually attempt it for real. North Korea also lacks the skills and balls to launch a war on its enemies (at time of writing), but it's done the next best thing -- created a CG advert of it happening as some sort of vague online threat. Read More >>

10 of the Worst CGI Moments in Big Budget Movies

Movie CG gets better every year, and that’s bad news for the blockbusters of yesteryear which have a tendency to age really, really poorly. Read More >>

Let Your Eyes Feast Upon the Visual Treats in this Stunning CGI Highlight Reel

The Association of Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques might not have the most exciting name, but every year Siggraph draws the most talented programmers, engineers, and artists to its conference to show off their brilliant CG creations and developments. Read More >>

‘Playmobil: The Movie’ is Happening. So Here are Some Ideas For it

Hot on the heels of the international success of The Lego Movie comes another plastic toy set made real, with Playmobil: Robbers, Thieves & Rebels set to enter production. Read More >>

A Graphics Breakthrough Makes Perfect CGI Skin

You might not understand all of the technical details behind the computer graphics research being revealed at Siggraph 2015 this week, but come next year when the CG characters in movies and video games start to look indistinguishable from real humans, you’ll know who to thank. Read More >>