In an Unprecedented Move, Universal is Sending Cinemas a Patched Version of Cats

Cats, Tom Hooper’s memetic hazard of a musical, is receiving unprecedented treatment from its distributors at Universal. As shared by the Hollywood Reporter, the company is sending cinemas an updated version of the Ozymandias-like monument to hubris and toxoplasmosis. This new version of the film, according to a memo sent to thousands of cinemas on Friday – the film’s release day – will include “some improved visual effects.” Read More >>

Cats Review: I Have Seen Sights No Human Should See

I have been processing this movie for the last 24 hours trying to understand anything as terrifying and visceral a trainwreck as Cats. You have to see Cats. Read More >>

You Probably Didn’t Realise How Much Work Went Into De-Aging Will Smith for Gemini Man

Gemini Man is a film that has been in the works for at least 12 years, having been stuck in development hell for until production on this current version began in 2017. The reason it took so long to get made was because the idea of having an actor face off against a younger clone was deemed to difficult to accomplish - the technology just wasn't right to realistically take an actor and make him look younger. Read More >>

How Detective Pikachu Built Its Adorable Star

For visual effects house MPC, Pikachu stood as the ultimate thesis for its approach to designing the world of Pokémon for Detective Pikachu. Gizmodo recently spoke to MPC VFX supervisor Pete Dionne about his work on Detective Pikachu, and the particular challenges behind bringing the most vital Pokémon to life. Read More >>

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My Brain Refuses to Believe This Short Film Wasn’t Computer-Generated

Camille Boyer and cinematographer Nik Mirus worked with a Montreal-based agency called Caravane to create a surreal short film called Club Palace. It looks like a computer animation student’s final-year project, but in reality it was all filmed using real-life miniatures and clever practical effects. Read More >>

A French Artist Says He Received a National ID Card Using a Computer-Generated Headshot

With a stunt that will probably see France initiating changes to its National ID card programe, an artist named Raphaël Fabre submitted a photorealistic computer-generated image of himself—and he says it was approved without question. Read More >>

There Were Way More CG Actors in Logan Than You Realised

The ideal of digital doubles—a CG recreation of an actor’s face being used over footage of a real stunt performer—is hardly new in cinema. But the work done on seamlessly integrating them into Logan is nothing short of amazing. Read More >>

How The Man in the High Castle Brought Hitler’s Future Germany to Life

One of the best things about The Man in the High Castle TV show is how thorough the world-building is. It’s not just 1960s America, co-occupied by the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany, either—season two showed us the disturbing grandeur of what Berlin could have looked like had the Nazis won World War II, by creating a monumental building Hitler himself had envisioned. Read More >>

Watching Random Things Get Done to This CGI Human Head Gets Really Weird Really Quickly

I can’t even begin to explain what the hell is going on in this clip made by Steve Smith and Jerry Paper for Adult Swim, because holy mother it gets weird. All I can tell you is that there’s a digital human head (or at least, like, the skin, eyeballs, and teeth of a human head) being put through tests that get crazier as time goes on. Read More >>

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Rogue One: Digging Up the Dead in the Uncanny Valley

To tell the story of the Death Star without Grand Moff Tarkin would have been an almost impossible task. An iconic character, Darth Vader’s best mate loomed large in A New Hope, and with Rogue One effectively turning the original in to the second half of a two-part story, his absence would have created a noticeable hole in this part of the tale. Sadly, the equally-iconic Peter Cushing died in 1994, so short of resurrecting the great man, Tarkin’s presence was not an option – or so the causal Star Wars fan might have thought. Read More >>

Let’s All Laugh at How Garbage CGI Was in the ’90s

Even if there is too much CGI in movies these days (and there is), let’s be thankful that the CGI we’re bombarded with looks good. Or, at least, it looks so much better than the utter crap computers spat out back in the ‘90s. God, that era of CGI was awful. Read More >>

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Why Jurassic Park’s Visual Effects Still Look Amazing Today

Jurassic Park still holds up. It’s an excellent film that’s still fun to watch, the dinosaurs are still scary as hell, and the visual effects still look spectacular. How is that possible? Even though Jurassic Park changed the way films use visual effects, the restraint it used with its own effects is what has made it stand the test of time. Read More >>

Watch 30 Years of Pixar in One Emotional Supercut

Pixar’s Finding Dory is out at the end of the month, and it’s pretty damn good. Burger Fiction took the opportunity to look back at the history of the beloved animation studio’s groundbreaking work from 1984 to the present. Read More >>

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Otherworldly Animation Makes These Motion Captured Dance Moves Even More Amazing

New York studio Method Design was tasked with creating something for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ annual awards show. They decided to make a dance party. Read More >>

10 Cool Special Effects Movie Scenes That Didn’t Use CGI

It’s always nice to know that not everything in movies is done with computers and CG and green screens. Almost all of it is, of course, but! There are still some directors using practical effects in some action movies and those scenes always look awesome. Here are ten of ‘em. Read More >>